Japan PS Vita Preoders sold out in 24h


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10 Responses

  1. flayer says:

    the price is already insane, i mean PS3s are cheaper. but im sure that once all the hype dies down the price will with it. unlike apple, who lowers the price of their ipods like $5 in 10 years.

  2. eternity says:

    Wow. That’s pretty amazing.
    I didn’t think that the Vita would sell very well because I thought it just had “too many features”.
    I mean, I don’t need a touch screen AND a trackpad, but I guess that’s only me.
    But yeah, there probably will be insane prices on eBay.

  3. sandeshnep says:

    does this mean that you were trying to order the ps vita!? 🙂

  4. Ah-Chai says:

    Wow…. O_O”
    And what’s better is that the games are also apparently region-free (FINALLY).
    GG. Wonder what percent of the preorders are going to be sold on eBay. LOL.

  5. chris369 says:

    gee, i wonder if i could get one someday, and @wololo I hope you keep us update with the info (sorry if you don´t understand my english, it´s been months since i stopped practicing :P)

  6. JuNyA8971 says:

    Hello and long time no see!! Haven`t been on the PSP scene for very long time! @Wololo-How you been? Be nice to see ya and have some beers! lol

    I went ahead pre-ordered me a WiFi PSP Vita and so look forward to it. It has a lot of features but the main game for this handheld was to make it MORE than a gaming device and I feel Sony made a good choice in changing the concept with this model. As for the touch screen and track pad, I feel these were good additions in which will broaden game play on this device. When I get mine I will fool around with it a couple and and maybe write up a review on it.

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