Japan PS Vita Preoders sold out in 24h

If you were hoping to preorder a PSVita in Japan, then you’re probably out of luck already. And if you’ve tried, you know what I’m talking about…Preorder units on major retailers got sold out within a few hours on Saturday. So even if you were lucky enough to actually reach the sites without a timeout, you could probably not even buy the device.

When the PS3 came out, I remember seeing scenes of old Japanese guys paying homeless people and students to wait in line in stores, and buy as many PS3s as they could, in order to resell them for twice the price. Are we going to see preorders for insane prices popping up on ebay?

  1. flayer’s avatar

    the price is already insane, i mean PS3s are cheaper. but im sure that once all the hype dies down the price will with it. unlike apple, who lowers the price of their ipods like $5 in 10 years.


    1. dude.sup’s avatar

      dude thats cause every 1 buys ipods and every 1 going to buy the ngp!


  2. eternity’s avatar

    Wow. That’s pretty amazing.
    I didn’t think that the Vita would sell very well because I thought it just had “too many features”.
    I mean, I don’t need a touch screen AND a trackpad, but I guess that’s only me.
    But yeah, there probably will be insane prices on eBay.


  3. sandeshnep’s avatar

    does this mean that you were trying to order the ps vita!? :)


    1. wololo’s avatar

      I was monitoring some retailer websites for other reasons, including curiosity :)


  4. Ah-Chai’s avatar

    Wow…. O_O”
    And what’s better is that the games are also apparently region-free (FINALLY).
    GG. Wonder what percent of the preorders are going to be sold on eBay. LOL.


  5. chris369’s avatar

    gee, i wonder if i could get one someday, and @wololo I hope you keep us update with the info (sorry if you don´t understand my english, it´s been months since i stopped practicing :P)


  6. JuNyA8971’s avatar

    Hello and long time no see!! Haven`t been on the PSP scene for very long time! @Wololo-How you been? Be nice to see ya and have some beers! lol

    I went ahead pre-ordered me a WiFi PSP Vita and so look forward to it. It has a lot of features but the main game for this handheld was to make it MORE than a gaming device and I feel Sony made a good choice in changing the concept with this model. As for the touch screen and track pad, I feel these were good additions in which will broaden game play on this device. When I get mine I will fool around with it a couple and and maybe write up a review on it.



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