Is DJGodman (only) a faker?

There’s one thing me and the mods at don’t like, it’s fakers, people who pretend to be hackers, but are just tricking gullible people.

There’s one thing we hate even more, it’s GPL infringement.

In the early days of the PSP scene, devs were sharing their work only to a close circle of fellow coders. Knowledge on how to compile and code for the PSP was difficult to get, and people had to prove they were worth the trust in order to access some of the most critical knowledge of the PSP scene. Custom Firmwares, in particular, were entirely closed source, difficult to reverse engineer, and difficult to fake (except a few hexedits or youtube videos using basic plugins that changed the firmware name or number, easily debunked)

But the scene has evolved since those days, and open source code has become the norm for many psp projects. One of these projects is the famous Pro CFW, licensed under the GPL.

Our forums have recently been spammed by posts about a  “Custom Firmware” named 6.XX GOD, created by faker DJGodman. More than a fake, let’s say that it is an “extended” version of CFW Pro, with additional plugins. None of these plugins have been created by DJGodman, mind you, but his application seems to be a nice compilation of the Pro CFW + a bunch of plugins. Why not… some people might like an “all in one” solution, all of these tools are free to use, most of them are open source and under the GPL, so it’s ok to use them…

… except DJGodman is the kind of person who thinks that adding 10 lines of C in a 100’000 line codebase is enough to claim all ownership to the software, and change the license from GPL to closed-source Creative commons.

Of course that’s not the way it works, and after repeated unmet demands to respect the license of Pro CFW, our friend DJGodman earned a nice ban from our forums.

The story could have stopped here, but he thought it would be funny to create several accounts on our forums, and come back with new versions of his “Custom Firmware”. DJGodman didn’t understand the basic idea of respecting devs, and when we told him “please respect the GPL license and publish the entire source code”, he misunderstood that with “please hide as much as you can the fact that you stole source code from dozens of psp devs”.

This is how the Pro Inferno Driver (an advanced iso driver created by Pro CFW devs) magically became the “GODriver” in DJGodman’s version, and how all credits in the firmware were replaced by bullsh*t such as “I, DJGodman, created all of this”. He even pushed the insult to our intelligence by claiming on our forums that all Pro code had been removed from his project (hint: nobody can code a new CFW overnight).

Now, I couldn’t care less if it wasn’t for the repeated personal attacks from that individual to me and other devs, which is funny but gets boring very quickly.

So I decided to dig into “6.XX GOD”…

The readme itself gives strong hints that something’s fishy. The license is under Creative Commons, but that “CFW” includes GPL code such as Codestation’s prxshot, or some1′s Kernel exploit for 6.39/6.60. That’s already a good sign we’re looking at some stolen code.

The faker took care of replacing all strings mentioning Pro CFW with strings mentioning his name instead, so a quick look into the code’s strings doesn’t show anything, but as we unpack the zipped files in the Eboot, we start to see interesting stuff…

No need for me to go further, there’s stolen code from Pro CFW here. Actually, 99% of the code in 6.XX GOD is a direct copy of Pro CFW.

I trust DJGodman when he says this is not a hexedit. He actually recompiled Pro CFW and probably even added some of his own code there. So, there’s genuine work in there, and people might be tempted to try his CFW…but given the quality of his support forums (the CFW section has 10 posts, including 5 that are fake accounts recommending users to download a virus, claiming it is a psp hack), I’d label this “CFW” as a huge piece of cr*p, and I  suggest you to stick with Pro CFW :)

Welcome to the scene. Talented devs like Virtuous Flame and Coldbird share their work to the entire community, and this is how a lowlife dev-wannabe thanks them, by repackaging their work and claiming all ownership.

In conclusion, here’s a personal message to DJGodman and his followers: it seems you do have some programming skills, I’ve rarely seen such an elaborate fake (thanks to the fact that CFW Pro is open source), you should try to contribute for real to the scene, instead of packaging Pro CFW and a few plugins into an Eboot and claim it’s a new CFW.

And a final note: you didn’t get banned from our forums because we don’t like your CFW. You got banned because you’ve been disrespecting the psp underground community, continuously.


  1. XenDJ’s avatar

    my PSP-3006 have a 6.20 GOD II Firmware and i want to upgrade to 6.60 Pro C2, but i can’t update it..
    First, i tried to do official firmware upgrade, and it says data is corrupted (this 6.20 GOD II Firmware have prevent my psp from updating maybe?)
    so anyone can tell me how to update from 6.20 GOD II to 6.60 Pro C2?
    P.S: PSP Ident show me if i have TA-095 motherboard, but it dont show me the version number (v1 or v2) and t show me if i have Bright 3004 (04g) Motherboard type (this making me more confused o.O) so any ideas?
    Really Big Thanks in advance.. I want to try CXMB so badly.. :D


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