Wagic Mod contest, and the winner is…

We recently organized a Mod contest for Wagic 0.16. It took me a while to take the decision. First of all, the 3 entries are all awesome, and I’m hoping they won’t stop here, but will keep being updated.

Now that this is said, let me say that my winner is Entertherat’s thicker than water, and I will contact the author asap to send him the 100$ prize.

About the reasons behind my choice, again, all 3 entries are awesome, but I felt “Temple of Wololo”, despite being an awesome concept, was probably fairly easy to code, and the addition to Knights and Dragons is simply great (and I sure hope we develop this game even more), but I was biased as I created it initially. Finally, the original music in Thicker than water is what sold me. I’m personally not an artist, and I get impressed when I see what musicians or designers can come up with. The music in Thicker than water is entirely original, and helps creating the campaign atmosphere.

Congrats to Entertherat, and many thanks to the 3 competitors for their awesome work :)

The 3 mods can be downloaded here

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  2. sandeshnep’s avatar

    awesome :D


  3. Entertherat’s avatar

    Thank you very much for the honor, Wololo!

    I am very grateful that you enjoyed my submission so much. I’ll continue to touch it up in the coming weeks… and I’ll see if I can tack on a sequel as well! (I’m about a third of the way writing it out… I’m pretty sure I can finish it up along with my classwork. ^_^)


  4. YoshiFail’s avatar

    My PSP gives a message that it just crashed when I start the game… Should I update my firmware? I am now on 6.20 TN-E


  5. L-over’s avatar

    coolbird quits!!!!when will wololo???


  6. sarel’s avatar

    In the campaign thicker than water, during the battle with the artifacts, my PSP freezes and crashes. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it?



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