Wagic 100$ mod contest: vote for your favorite entry!

A few weeks ago I announced a contest for Wagic 0.16. Contestants had to come up with a mod or a campaign running on Wagic 0.16. If you’re not familiar with this concept yet, Wagic is progressively becoming a generic card engine allowing you to tweak the rules of the game, creating your own cards, and your own campaigns.

We “only” got 3 entries, but the 3 of them are of extremely good quality, and the choice will be hard. My favorite entry will get a 100$ prize, but before I choose, I’d like to ask you guys which one is your favorite. Nothing formal, just give a try to these campaigns, and let me know which one you prefer :)

Here are our 3 entries, download links are at the bottom of each section:

Temple of Wololo, by Vikta

A simple concept for a very useful campaign: “donate” 5000 credits in exchange for a random set unlock. Very useful if you’re close to completion of the game, and don’t want to play too many games before you finally get all sets.

Download here

Knights & Dragons & Elves & Dwarves, by jwilkes99999

Bored with Magic, The Gathering? Then give a try to Knights and Dragons! This entry is an expansion to my “sample” mod, Knights and Dragons. Knights and Dragons was initially just an example on how to create completely new games with Wagic, and jwilkes99999 is taking it to the next level by adding card pictures, 2 new races (Elves and Dwarves), new decks, and a campaign to unlock the dwarf and elf kingdoms.

Download here

Thicker than Water, by Entertherat

Thousands of credits await you if you are brave enough! In this campaign, you play as Sasha and Gregor, two experienced mercenaries looking for their next adventure, and, hopefully, the money that comes with it. But what starts as a routine mission of zombie cleanup quickly unravels a deep danger threatening the entire Kingdom. Will Sasha and Gregor make it to the end? Only you can tell!

Download here


So what do you think? Try these campaigns and let me know, post your comments here, and tell me which one is you favorite!

  1. Shinny’s avatar

    Well i liked Temple of Wololo…


  2. Suzaku’s avatar

    The three of them are very well done, as you said. To choose “the one” is quite difficult, but i’d say “Thicker than Water”, which seemed a bit more fun (nothing concrete huh, just a feeling).

    Not really useful, sorry ^^

    “May the blessing of wololo continue to descend upon you” !


  3. XSpalter’s avatar

    i will test the mods tomorro


  4. ken’s avatar

    Which one should I pick?…
    #1 is useful, #2 is creative, #3 is well-written.

    and the winner is…
    “Thicker Than Water,” what can I say, I’m a sucker for RPGs


    1. Relentless’s avatar

      They’re all different things and they’re all amazing;
      My Votes in order:
      #1 – It’s a must have, not much to it but I can’t imagine being without it again.
      #3 – Excellent campaign although it feels like it’s being cocky.
      #2 – A totally awesome expansion but I’m to busy with MtG to play KvD, sorry.


  5. connectmeplease’s avatar

    Man, If I had known about this contest, I would have made a game. Good luck to the competitors!


  6. S4r0m’s avatar

    I think the KvD is the best, because it opens a whole new game and the community can contribuite to build expansions and rules to make it bigger…
    And i think the effort to create a whole set of cards, rules and even it’s own images is worth those 100 bucks.

    The temple of wololo, like ppl says: it’s a must have, as simple as it sounds: wth! players must have that quest.

    TTW is a campaign, it gives you some story, something to read and a reason to defeat some nasty zombie decks.

    All 3 mods contribuite to improve the experience with WTH! and make it one of the most amazing homebrews ever.


  7. Vikta’s avatar

    Temple of Wololo… naturally.

    I’m currently giving 2nd to KvD, I keep flipping the coin over then back again simply because it ‘feels’ better.


  8. jwilkes99999’s avatar

    Jwilkes here. I just wanted to say that I made my mod knowing that it was a double edge sword. Most people use wagic to play mtg so I figured a non-mtg mod might not get the attention a good mtg mod would but I also know that wololo is going to need an open source game to distribute with wagic on the android market and after playing KnD I thought it would be an amazing game too expand for that reason. I absolutely loved playing it but the lack of decks and card images made me miss wagic, so I figured why not add this stuff and see if other people like it too.


  9. sandeshnep’s avatar

    This is a great way to keep wagic alive; port it on android! :) I hope this becomes as good as it is on psp!


    1. waratte’s avatar

      I agree!


  10. /bin/bash’s avatar

    wololo would you care to take a MISSION eggs and groped to put the PSP into a new console fimware xperia play. it would be possible? so you have to dual boot and suffering psp?


  11. /bin/bash’s avatar

    Xperia play in transforming psp


  12. sarel’s avatar

    In the campaign thicker than water, during the battle with the artifacts, my PSP freezes and crashes. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it?


  13. Krisys’s avatar

    I vote for TTW :)


  14. Toben’s avatar

    Yeah, I’m gonna put in a vote for Thicker Than Water; I’m a sucker for a storyline.



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