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There was a time I would post new blog articles every day… these days I don’t have much time to post here, and the news slowed down on the PSP scene (or is it just that I’m less involved since the HBL days?)…

But I’m not dead, far from that. Actually the main reason I’m not posting on the blog recently is that I’ve been working very hard on Wagic these past few weeks/months. Our biggest fans might have seen our recent “quiet” release of an alpha version of Wagic for Android. The truth is, the entire Wagic team is hard at work to provide a good gaming experience on Android, and this is eating up all my free time.

So, am I going to progressively stop talking about the PSP scene, and migrate to Android discussions? Well, in all honesty, part of the excitment for this blog comes from the fact that the PSP is entirely locked, from the mad joy that comes to me when a guy is able to say “screw you Sony, I want to use my hardware the way I want, and here’s a hack to prove it”. I love my Android phone, but it doesn’t need to be hacked to run the stuff I want, so nothing specifically fun to talk about on this blog.

So, will I instead start talking about the PSVita from now on? I’m seriously pissed at Sony for what they did to geohot and other hackers, so I really don’t want to give them my money, but I’d love to be there when we run homebrews on the PS Vita… I guess this will depend how much enthusiasm the devs in the /talk community put into hacking that device :)

On the subject of not giving any money to Sony… I recently got a life insurance…of course all negotiations were in Japanese, so my wife did most of them for me. It turns out the best insurance for us was, by far, Sony’s offer (their insurance branch is called Sony Life). When the insurance “adviser” told that to my wife, she replied (per my decision) that we would go with the second best choice, because “my husband doesn’t really like Sony”. The adviser was super surprised, but the week after that, Sony was hacked badly as we all know.

My reason to not choose Sony at the time was the geohot thing, but as we met the insurance adviser again, he thought I had decided not to go with Sony not because of my principles, but because I was aware that Sony’s shares would fall. He was like “that was good judgement, they’re not in a very good financial situation these days”. It kind of pisses me off he ended up thinking I did a financial choice, while it was 100% a matter of principle.

Anyways…that insurance is close to 500$ per year for the next 40 years or so I believe, so, take that Sony, that’s a pile of money you’ll never see (instead we went to some insurance company whose symbol is a sheep, can’t remember the name on top of my head.)

And that’s the end of my awesome Sony anecdote…check out Wagic on your Android, it rocks!

  1. kalte’s avatar

    ahahaha nice post, sorry to hear the adviser thought it was a financial decision. Anyway it is a nice blow to Sony! Like you I’ll keep away from Sony stuff until they change they ways of working.

    Didn’t knew about Wagic for Android, I’ll try it right away!

    PS: hope it works right on my (SE) phone xD


  2. XOJLMC’s avatar

    Android provides big screens (good for playing with images)
    So good news =)

    PS good luck with Android Market


  3. Llywelyn’s avatar

    According to the article, it seems that your wife is Japanese… Is that true ?


    1. electrosheep’s avatar

      I remember Wololo explicitly stating that his wife was Japanese, though I’m not sure where at the moment. I’ll post again if I find out where.


  4. Kenny’s avatar

    Any chance of a IOS version? would be great for the other side of mobile OSs. would ber nice to play it on the train on my touch.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      for iOS, my answer is the same as 5 months ago: the port exists, but we need more devs to maintain/improve/polish it until it is in a releasable state.

      If you know some iOS devs who want to help, please send them to us.
      Not testers (we have literally hundreds of people ready to help “testing” the game once it’s done), devs.

      That, or send me an iPad, and a mac, and the 100$ dev subscription fee, then I’ll see what I can do :)


  5. Cynder2011’s avatar

    woot i can “hack” my Nook Color by puttting the Android OS on a 16 gb chip….then use the nook to boot from the chip.


    and gratz on the cheap insurance


  6. Nickolas’s avatar

    Way to go! This “sheep-logo” insurance sounds good! :D


  7. jlo138’s avatar

    Send one of those sheep to jump over to Sony so it can explode.


    1. Cynder2011’s avatar


      Sony Corp.: WTF is that!!

      Wololo: its an exploding sheep.

      Sony Corp.:OH *BOOM*

      Wololo: HEHE pwned :)


  8. angelic_sedition’s avatar



  9. sandeshnep’s avatar

    THANK YOU WAGIC TEAM! I was asking when the android version would be realeased! :D
    Thank you so much!


  10. cscash241’s avatar

    Why not work on porting it to html5 so it can run on everything?


  11. Xianten’s avatar

    You…..let your wife….. handle….. your life insurance negotiations???
    That sounds like a trap to me.
    and WTF@ sony life insurance?
    if you die they give you a new tv?


    1. gokuyas’s avatar

      lmao that’s a good one


    2. wololo’s avatar

      Yeah… it’s kind of how it works here in JP, the wife takes care of all the money… but it does sound like a dangerous move, gives her motivation to actually get rid of me in a few years :P
      But honestly I’m happy with that, if there’s one thing I hate in life, it’s dealing with money problems…


  12. Sahi’s avatar

    Dude, I remember the old HBL days man, when the scene was completely in HBL favor! I miss those days man…those few Kb homebrews, emulators and various other tries. Freezes, Crashes and most importantly awaiting the release of new HBL which would add greater compatibility! Man, seriously I miss those days and I still remember my avatar ;) It’s nice to see this site again man…you were, are and will be the man dude! You rock!


  13. Sahil’s avatar

    Correction *Sahil, if at all you remember …


  14. Mark’s avatar

    Hey Wololo, I wanted to ask a small question…

    Hows Wololo 2.0 doing? :P

    And yeah, the PSP scene is slowing down a bit… Was fun being it its peak though. Probably we will all experience it after the PS Vita comes out.



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