Gizmodo don’t like geeks?


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  1. i00i says:

    What I don’t understand that she took so much time to research and write an article about him, but she didn’t research for someone she was going to date. And why publish the article on a gadget site, do it on your on blog.

  2. sumedh says:

    girls’ u cant understand them and cant predict them…………………..

  3. Ash549 says:

    wololo must be a nerd (D) :P(no offence) thats why you care that much :p

  4. yo says:

    She didn’t know.” Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth”.

  5. dung says:

    She is fugly anyways…

  6. criptych says:

    Blonde: strike one.
    Writes for Gizmodo: strike two.
    Can’t find Search button on Google: strike three.

    Strong legs is a plus, but I prefer something with a little more meat between the ears.

    P.S. Never been a MTG fan, but now I just might give Wagic a spin. 🙂

  7. Ortega says:

    brrrrr. dis girl (woman??) looks like a nighmare….

  8. Ortega says:

    brrrrr. dis girl (woman??) looks like a nighmare….

  9. Anon says:


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