Gizmodo don’t like geeks?

I was randomly browsing the web yesterday, and found this article that was getting lots of hype on Gizmodo (I usually don’t read these generic gadget websites, but the title caught my attention)… You’ve got to read it to understand, but basically this Gizmodo editor thinks she’s too good to date John Finkel, a professional Poker and Magic:the Gathering player, because, well, he’s a nerd, and who wants to date a nerd? That article is so wrong in so many ways, that Alyssa Bereznak (the blogger who wrote this article) quickly became a meme

Is it a joke to welcome the announcement on Magic’s latest expansion? Is it an attempt from Gizmodo to create some buzz (in which case, well done, it’s working!), or is that person dumb enough to think it’s a good idea to publicly talk about her dates on a major website, and on top of that, complain about nerds on a gadget website (where she works, what tech-oriented company hires a person who doesn’t like Magic :P )?

The author of the blog article complains she didn’t google for John Finkel and should have, in order to find out he’s a nerd before going to a date with him. She should also probably have googled a bit more to find he’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Magic, before bashing him for being a nerd.

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    What I don’t understand that she took so much time to research and write an article about him, but she didn’t research for someone she was going to date. And why publish the article on a gadget site, do it on your on blog.


    1. equis’s avatar

      She said she was drunk when making her OKCupid profile… Maybe she’s still drunk to date…


  2. sumedh’s avatar

    girls’ u cant understand them and cant predict them…………………..


    1. haitechan’s avatar

      Not all girls are like that, believe me. I have friends who only talk about boyfriends and fashion and while I don’t like their conversation topics too much, I’ve learned to respect them and they respect me too. But there is always the not-so-mature-one that calls you childish/lazy for liking a game. Sure, it MIGHT better for a couple to share similar interests but that doesn’t give you the right to prejudge a person. As a geek, otaku and gamer, I’m dissapointed this girl portraits girls as a bunch of elitists bitches.


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    wololo must be a nerd (D) :P(no offence) thats why you care that much :p


    1. wololo’s avatar

      My hobby is to hack consoles and code an MTG simulation on the PSP, I’m beyond the nerd status :P


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    She didn’t know.” Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth”.


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    Even if you understand both sides of the spectrum, Alyssa’s still a thundercunt.

    Some girls don’t like to date nerds because… well… nerds can be some boring as piss human beings… and play themselves out as the neediest, most pitiful balls of inferiority complexed self-fulling prophecies on Earth (especially when they get to playing off every dude who gets a good-looking girl as a jerk instead of trying to learn from them).

    But the keyword is ‘can be’… I knew some dudes from my old job… they’d just sit in the break room playing MT:G and being boring as sin… I’m talkin dudes 30 and up who have psyched themselves out of having a status in the social world and can make you wanna jump out a window if you get trapped in conversation with them… but it seems like this dude was an exception; and that Alyssa was having a perfectly good time with him outside of her ridiculous bias.

    Who cares if he plays MT:G if he can prove to be an interesting person outside of that?


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    She is fugly anyways…


  7. criptych’s avatar

    Blonde: strike one.
    Writes for Gizmodo: strike two.
    Can’t find Search button on Google: strike three.

    Strong legs is a plus, but I prefer something with a little more meat between the ears.

    P.S. Never been a MTG fan, but now I just might give Wagic a spin. :)


  8. Ortega’s avatar

    brrrrr. dis girl (woman??) looks like a nighmare….


  9. Ortega’s avatar

    brrrrr. dis girl (woman??) looks like a nighmare….


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