Virtuous Flame announces 6.60 PRO CFW

Developer Virtuous Flame, one of the creators of the PRO Custom Firmware (and still the main coder), announced a few hours ago on his blog that he his working on a 6.60 Version of Pro CFW.

This means he probably already reversed and integrated the 6.60 Kernel exploit from the 6.60 downgrader, which is insane given that the downgrader itself was released less than a day ago.

According to his blog post, 6.60 will support all known types of motherboards (including, in theory, the upcoming PSP Street) and will work more or less like 6.39 Pro CFW.

Does VF ever sleep? It seems the days we were “afraid” of an OFW update are long gone for the PSP, let’s now patiently wait for  this update :)

Source: Virtuous Flame’s blog, thanks to Helix GeNeReToR for the tip

    1. DBZo07’s avatar

      round of applause…


    2. 123212321’s avatar

      you’re going to be the first to die


  1. sony can kiss my ass’s avatar

    is all those devs so damn fast? come on sony, you are getting slow


  2. PSPUser’s avatar

    simply bravo.I mean sony cant do anything right now.New update comes
    out.Some1 finds exploit immediatly.I didnt expect to have CFW to firmware 6.60.Thats just awesome.


  3. Zen’s avatar

    wow, PSP scene has never been like this CFW after few weeks of release. VF for president! lol :P


  4. John’s avatar

    Pro-b9 is released!


  5. Hagaren’s avatar

    Wtf…i just installed yesterday B8…i guess i need to install this, i dont like being outdated.

    Anyway i think i’ll use 6.39 B9, the 6.60 version doesn’t add any new features to the psp right? So, why bother?


  6. Mathieu’s avatar

    @ Hagaren

    OF 6.60 DOES have a new feature : ability to share psp saves with a PS3.

    Games like GOW HD and Metal Gear Peace Walker HD will be out by the end of the year on PS3.

    I’ve got a psp save data of MGPW with 157 hours of playing time and an army ready to fight the world… if the infrastructure mode is available :)

    So yes, it’s worth upgrading!

    Thumbs up to Team Pro and all the other devs involved :)


  7. Hagaren’s avatar

    Well thanks for the info i didn’t knew that, but still, i dont think its worth upgrading just for that.



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