6.60 Downgrader by some1

Are you one of the poor souls who upgraded to 6.60, before realizing you were stuck in a dark place that doesn’t allow you to run a Custom Firmware? Well you’re lucky, it’s rare that a downgrader is available that soon after an Official Firmware release. Some1 is at it again, and updated the 6.xx downgrader to support Firmware 6.60. So you can now downgrade from 6.60 to any firmware you want (provided your motherboard allow it, but don’t panic, the downgrader will let you know). Most users will probably want to downgrade to the closest firmware, 6.39, in order to install Pro CFW.

It seems Davee, Proxima, and Zecoxao were also directly involved in this release, so many thanks to them for their continuous involvement in the PSP scene.

Was this release too early and a “waste” of a Kernel exploit considering the upcoming launch of the PSP Street? Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can download the Downgrader here.

Congrats to some1 :)

Source: some1 on pspslimhacks

Download here

  1. PSPUser’s avatar

    I bought my second psp and it came with firmware 6.39.I stupidly update to 6.60.I want to downgrade it to 6.35.Is that possible?Because it came with 6.39 preinstalled


    1. Jeroen207’s avatar

      Google your questions say to everybody with your kind of questions: “GOOOGGGGLEE”


    2. equis’s avatar

      Depends on your PSP model, but most recent consoles support from 6.35 and up. Anyway, as it said in the post, the downgrader will tell you… :/


  2. Hidir’s avatar

    Congrats! I’ve tested downgrading from 6.60 to 6.39 on a TA-093


  3. Hidir’s avatar

    Pro 6.60 B9 is out


  4. cscash241’s avatar

    No its not a “waste” , anyone that buys the psp street is a complete idiot


  5. equis’s avatar

    I saw worst releases (do you remember jeerum?), I consider any exploit could be hardly a “waste”. A real waste doesn’t even get attention from Sony.


  6. Cynder2011’s avatar

    ok so i can safely go back and forth between 6.20 6.39 and now 6.60 right?

    just want to be sure before i update to 6.60 to test the LCFW PRO


    1. Cynder2011’s avatar

      YAY it worked…now going back to 6.20, i dont really want to update all the plugins i have.


  7. Daxx’s avatar

    need help …. i did everything in the instructions but i still cant get it to work on my psp 2000 .. 02g


  8. zeft64’s avatar

    i have a psp 3000 4g that i have downgraded from 6.60 to 6.20 before. i tryed using the downgrader and i just get a reboot to ofw. am i doing something wrong?


  9. mike’s avatar

    doesn’t work for me it starts the dowgrader and all but a error pups up that theres a newer version installed.. for fuck sake i wanted to perma patch



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