“PSP Street”: Sony announces a new PSP at 99 Euro


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  1. AleX says:

    The way I see it, just buy the UMDs and then download the ISOs. I see no problem with downloading a backup of what you already own, even if you can’t really use the UMDs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • wololo says:

      Technically I agree, but legally those are different, especially on p2p systems, where on top of downloading something, you’re also sharing it with other people (which the game license does not allow you to do).
      Note that legally, ripping a UMD is bypassing a DRM, which is alsio illegal in many countries, but we have yet to see somebody being charged for ripping a DVD or a game they own. The same cannot be said for people who downloaded stuff.

    • (|EcLiPsE|) says:

      I’s a good point, i have 12 UMD’s and just put half of the on the psp memory will help you to carry less, but my psp umd’s got broken (i think is because the sensor that detect if the umd is in it’s place) by my sister.

  2. Zen says:

    I am really excited for this to release in NA. I think it would be a worth of purchase considering that it will run LCFW, ofcourse. ๐Ÿ˜€ The design is just awesome, imo. PSP Go is another choice but I am more impress with larger screens ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Shinny says:

      You think Sony is that stupid.. i bet they put a better motherboard and im sure itl block LCFW… im not going to buy this..
      1)Lack of wi-fi
      2)No one sure if it will run a hen , CFW
      3)you can buy a go for the same price..

      • Zen says:

        I don’t think they would invest more into it. The cheaper price said so. If they put new motherboard inside then that’s another investment which I don’t they will do. The stuff inside might be the same but who knows. Perhaps, Sony just make this in attempt to boost sales. I don’t think its made to stop piracy or the likes. If it does then that is kinda stupid and doesn’t make sense at all lol.

        • Shinny says:

          well i some parts you are right… but i think that sony is trying to get rid of old PSP parts by puting them in to a new consol… oohh yeah it only has 16MB ram than again still not clear..

      • Mean_Able says:

        There is a video showing us a homebrew (signed) on the new E-1000.

  3. j says:

    @wololo how much the pspgo in japan

  4. Shadar says:

    in Europa for 130โ‚ฌ you have Wifi and UMD’s support with the PSP 3000… and the PSP GO looks so cheap ๐Ÿ™

  5. thorwak says:

    Err.. NO WIFI? As in no playing together/against friends/spouse/children/etc on another unit? EVER? Yeah I’ll run and buy a bunch right away! Ah right, no point, since they couldn’t connect to each other anyway! (I’m sure there will be USB hacks etc but that’s besides the point)

    Sony, what were you thinking??

  6. Noisyfox says:

    If it doesn’t has wifi support, how does it support Ad-Hoc mode? Does it mean e1000 can’t play multiplayer game?

  7. mr-crazy says:

    thats why there was a 11g support in 6.60

  8. mr-crazy says:

    thats why there was a 11g support for 6.60

  9. origamiNINJA says:

    no brightness or music note buttons? lol i own a psp go a psp 1000 and a 3000 and i play with the wifi ALL THE TIME with freinds, brother, and other people. this is the LAST psp? thats sort of disapointing…

  10. origamiNINJA says:

    only one speaker? and no power memory stick leds?

  11. KR4T05 says:

    This is CRAPware……

  12. hellspain says:

    I don’t think this would be a good move for sony. Of course 99 Euros sounds good for a PSP but wifi is necesary if you want to play with your friends

  13. ken says:

    Is that the actual/official/finalized design? It only have one speaker?! It looks really nice in all black though. But… I think I’ll just spend more on a vita;)

  14. origamiNINJA says:

    i agree with ken

  15. Norml says:

    Sony sure loves to downgrade, their marketing is great. “Pay the same for less!”

  16. Abdullah says:

    So the PSP E-1000 will run firmware 6.50 on it. Some1’s kernel exploit could still have a chance to work on it.

  17. parkerfly says:

    late adopters? its like bringing out a vhs player for those who wasn’t able to get/use one? there’s no umd games coming out. games are on PSN. no wifi wouldn’t make any sense.

    Here’s a theory that would make sense.

    this is just a way of sony to be able to dispose of the umd laser parts that they have. if it goes obsolete then they gonna have a storage full of umd laser parts and nothing to put them on. the number of e1000 to be produced will be the number of umd laser parts inventory.

    I dont believe that the majority don’t use wifi in europe.

    that is just a lame excuse to get rid of surplus parts.

    Uh..Uhm… yes Sony… I can see right through you. sooooooo lame!

  18. Pryer says:

    Now it’s confirm that PSP Dev is going to be carried on and game release also ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Abdullah says:

    Woah. hellcat tried out a kernel exploit on the PSP-E1000 and it worked! On twitter.

  20. Ricardo says:

    now, the psp 3000 in france is 99โ‚ฌ o_O

  21. John says:

    I agree with Wololo: there’s no reason to get this over getting a psp phat and a go so you can rip your umds and play them.

    I’m a staunch defender of the pspgo though, I think it has only advantages over the other models, and the lack of UMD isn’t an issue if you just rip them on a phat. I like my portable devices to be portable, and no other model of the PSP is. Unless by “portable” you mean something so large that’s bigger than your pocket.

  22. iSWORD says:

    99 euro is 6700 SP and that’s not too much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Joe says:

    I love my psp go, but only since HBL.

    As a commercial product its a complete failure and a rip off, but as a homebrew user, its the best and most portable model.

    Regardless this model is another not-so-wise decision for SCE, since so many fully featured units have permeated the second-hand market, and the complete lack of upcoming games. I guess its the “send off” Sony gives every platform, like the PSOne(the little tiny one) and the slim PS2.

  24. StriderHien says:

    being european i know not many play together with wifi but… in case you want to? i’d rather get the possibility to play with friends…

  25. AXAz0r says:

    @wololo not to be a obvious question maker, but, what are you going to do now, i remember where you posted tons of stuff, will wololo.net be at a “pause” during the time until a hack for PSVita shows up ?

  26. manos says:

    I WANT ONE !! :>

  27. psp says:

    Durn i bricked my psp 3001

  28. Herpittyderpherp says:

    And mine runs on 6.60.In 2 mins i got pro b-10 working on it,
    and it can run anything :3

  29. NUM NUTS says:


    • mash says:

      i bought one not realising that it did not have wifi but i needed to get a psp so bad i just stuck with it coz it came with two free titles i have to say it grew on me and the screen is a bit bigger and a bit brighter and since its sort of a mission to get people to play with where im from it does the job well which is keeping gaming on the go

  30. Anonymous says:

    its actually pretty cul if you jus wanna use it on the go get it foolio.

  31. PSLover14 says:

    I have one, and the new PRO-6.60C picks it up as a PSP E-1000, not a unknown model 11g

  32. m.ali says:

    i like this psp<3 i am buy the sony psp it is very good technology but there no internet koti dy bacho internet poy

  33. athmane says:

    bonjour tout le monde je voudrais les mises ร  jour des consoles de jeux sony….psp street e1004cb-psp vitae-xbox360.v3.0 play2-play3 thank you

  34. creepy guy says:

    it does’nt say how to switch wLan on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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