6.60 ME by Neur0n. The alternate CFW now running the latest firmware

I rarely talk about neur0n’s work, mostly because it is only compatible with hackable motherboards (PSP 1000/2000) and that was not where my interest was over the past months. But neur0n keeps regularly improving his CFW, making it a real good alternative to Pro CFW, or to M33 for those of us who are still running the good old m33.

A few hours ago, after a few beta releases, neur0n published a “version 1″ official release of his 6.60 ME (Minimum Edition) CFW. That’s basically a Custom firmware with the latest improvements from the Official Sony updates :)

Before people jump and ask, this does not allow you to run a CFW on a 6.60 OFW PSP. This tool can only be installed on a hackable PSP that is already running a Custom Firmware. Check the readme in the archive for more details.


Neur0n’s 6.60 ME V1 can be downloaded here.

Source: neur0n’s twitter

  1. akuinnen’s avatar

    wow, that was fast :p


  2. cure’s avatar

    PSP update 6.60 then the 6.60 CFW by nueron, nah! good job!
    i think underground developer have much bullet rather than sony have.


  3. tyler’s avatar

    i heard if you sign in too psn with this firm where you get banned anyone know anything about it?


  4. Andrew’s avatar



    1. MitMakis’s avatar

      Whats that, Kyubey?


      1. Shinny’s avatar

        Nahh more like a bunny to me =D
        anyway Neur0n sure one hell of a developer.. i heard that some1 got a kernes exploit =/


  5. MitMakis’s avatar

    I don’t remember seeing that Kyubey before… Someone’s been watching Madoka.


  6. hiyo’s avatar

    does anyone using this 6.60ME sign in psn get banned?


  7. (|EcLiPsE|)’s avatar

    ANIME FAN :D, anyway god job


  8. (|EcLiPsE|)’s avatar

    a question, did Rin is in the background of the neuron’s twitter?


  9. t4z’s avatar

    Yeah, using this firmware my psp2000 (not a v3) bricked. Weird, since there are not brick reports.

    Well have to borrow a pandora from a friend.



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