Genesis competiton: xtreamlua winner announced


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16 Responses

  1. sandeshnep says:

    I was kind of hoping that G.D.P would be the winner, but this is just as good! :)

  2. ASKidwai says:

    Congratulations :D


  3. ASKidwai says:

    I say, NMS was NOT featured there, even after I wrote in the thread…

    I find it to be jolly unfair…

  4. ASKidwai says:

    I say, NMS was NOT available for voting, even after I brought it up in the thread…

    It’s jolly unfair

    *Sorry for the double post

  5. Geecko says:

    @ASKidwai You should have been more explicit. This is a stupid mistake from Xtreamlua… :s

    Anyway, thanks everyone :D

  6. ASKidwai says:


    Sorry for the double post :(

  7. Wdingdong says:

    gSquare is my favourite homebrew entry from the Genesis competition. I’m glad it won the award. Nice work Geecko, I still play it again and again:)

  8. Geecko says:

    Don’t forget meastnt, he created the gameplay, story and every level !
    Meanwhile I was creating the game engine :)

  9. Steve says:

    PSP version 6.60 has been released and I hav confirmed that it patches some1’s kernel exploit.

  10. The_Black_Panther says:

    Awesome news. Congrats Geecko. I love your game.. :D

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