Genesis competiton: xtreamlua winner announced

xtreamlua was one of the sponsors of the genesis competition, and awarded their prize to the best Lua game, based on a vote by their members. The winner is Geecko’s gSquare, and this is not surprising.

In this innovative platform game, you control bluz, a little square with super powers, namely the power to change gravity. Cute “retro” graphisms, awesome gameplay, and more than 40 levels should keep you entertained for a while, in this mix of agility and reflection!


You can download gSquare here

Congratulations to Geecko, the staff of xtreamlua will be in touch with you to send you the 100$ prize :)

This last announcement closes the genesis competition, which was the biggest PSP homebrew competition ever, with almost 5000$ prizes in cash, the best console gaming underground sites sponsoring the event, 111 entries, and hundreds of hours of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for our next events (I’m sure we’ll want homebrews on the Sony Vita sooner than later ;) )

  1. sandeshnep’s avatar

    I was kind of hoping that G.D.P would be the winner, but this is just as good! :)


  2. ASKidwai’s avatar

    Congratulations :D



  3. ASKidwai’s avatar

    I say, NMS was NOT featured there, even after I wrote in the thread…

    I find it to be jolly unfair…


  4. ASKidwai’s avatar

    I say, NMS was NOT available for voting, even after I brought it up in the thread…

    It’s jolly unfair

    *Sorry for the double post


  5. Geecko’s avatar

    @ASKidwai You should have been more explicit. This is a stupid mistake from Xtreamlua… :s

    Anyway, thanks everyone :D


  6. ASKidwai’s avatar


    Sorry for the double post :(


    1. Nakano’s avatar

      I think it was a game only voting. For example, Company was listed whereas AnyLanguageStudy was not.


      1. ASKidwai’s avatar

        Oh, I see


  7. Wdingdong’s avatar

    gSquare is my favourite homebrew entry from the Genesis competition. I’m glad it won the award. Nice work Geecko, I still play it again and again:)


  8. Geecko’s avatar

    Don’t forget meastnt, he created the gameplay, story and every level !
    Meanwhile I was creating the game engine :)


    1. meastnt’s avatar

      Thanks to notice it here :P


  9. Steve’s avatar

    PSP version 6.60 has been released and I hav confirmed that it patches some1′s kernel exploit.


    1. ASKidwai’s avatar

      Unnecessary and off-topic…


      1. Steve’s avatar

        Sorry. I just wanted to let wololo kniw.


  10. The_Black_Panther’s avatar

    Awesome news. Congrats Geecko. I love your game.. :D



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