Genesis competition: Vote for the best Lua game of the compo with xtreamlua is one of the sponsors of the genesis competition, and they are organizing a vote on their own, granting 100$ to the best Lua Game. Lua doesn’t always have the best reputation on the scene, but the genesis competition is proving people wrong, with some massive entries such as gSquare or G.D.P.

This is a chance for you to support one of the homebrews that didn’t get enough recognition in the Genesis compo. None of the Lua games have gotten any prize in the genesis competition yet, despite some of them being impressive from both a gameplay and a technical point of view, so give them a chance!

You can vote here

  1. (|EcLiPsE|)’s avatar

    LUA is good for programming, I’ve used(chicken invaders psp), and it’s great.
    Who would believe that World of Warcraft or Crysis is made in lua :))


  2. darkriku’s avatar

    They’re not, just some parts of them are, big difference.

    Also, Lua for psp is different than Lua on the PC


  3. Zasisem’s avatar

    Damn I’m guessing I can’t submit anything for this? I thought it was a new competition :(


  4. Rodrigo’s avatar

    Really good job! I didn’t know that Lua is so powerfull.


  5. varun’s avatar

    g[] rocksssssssssssssss
    plz vote it


  6. ASKidwai’s avatar

    Nice to see this…

    I believe that BrainBoxer Beta and NMS, both were useless, but a few votes always help :D



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