Release: Wagic 0.16


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35 Responses

  1. Nice!!!Good job Wololo and the rest team!

  2. Wololo are you planning to add online system?It would be great :)

  3. pandoraboy says:

    @DISTRACTION45: Yes, that’s a good idea :).

  4. luthy says:

    i have no idea how to play this game

  5. Mud says:

    OMG! That was quick!
    Mega thanks Wololo and Wagic Team.

  6. Taze says:

    Anyone else having basic land doubling up on “tap for 1 ___ mana”?

    • wololo says:

      You most likely installed this version over a previous install, or vice versa. Try to reinstall the game from scratch in a new folder

  7. Ilya says:

    I’m running windows version, it says “”

  8. Ilya says:

    I’m running windows version, it says “MSVCP1000.dll could not be found”

    Where do i find this file?

  9. ken says:

    faster computer, faster. LoL Gotta try this, and THANK YOU devs!!!

  10. Kittu says:

    I want wagic for android plzzzzzzz

  11. Dallox says:

    Can’t wait for the linux version!

  12. Shilf says:

    Wagic Japanese File

    ※I Can not speak English.

  13. mistgun says:

    tnx for the update walolo for me this the best HB!

  14. I want online mode so mode will bring more people to Wagic.
    Thats the reason that CSPSP is a good game,because it supports online mode.

  15. Shinny says:

    well if you ask me.. i would like to have a story mode… really the game is mega awsome but im just still w8ting for a story mode… wololo… any plans on story mode.. =/

  16. Ilya says:

    That’s what Shinny says, Wagic is great in itself, but story mode would be awesome.

    Had anyone seen Dominion for PC? It’s a card game and it has camaign mode – a series of games, each is kinda logic puzzle. In each “puzzle” you have particular set of cards and a task to achieve. This is a really great brainteaser (I still can’t beat it after 1 month :) )

  17. Zeth says:

    if only we got more help coding, then the amount of request we get per release lol. our dev team is {–this small–} that’s smaller then a cigarette lighter….

  18. asmith906 says:

    have you ever thought of improving the UI to work anything like the old yugioh games for the gba. i’ve always thought that kind of ui was suited for a smaller screen. i’m not entirely sure that is possible but just thought i would throw it out there. oh and here’s a sample

    • wololo says:

      The yugi-oh cards don’t have a fifth of the information you can find on some magic cards, so that changes a lot the way you display stuff. That interface, unlike wagic, doesn’t take into account the wide screen possibilities of the PSP (obviously, since it’s gba)
      It also only allows a dozen cards on the battlefield per game, apparently. In MTG it is easy to go up to 30 cards per player, and the wagic interface still handles it pretty well.

      I like the way it is smoothly moving from one zone to the other, though.

      But other than that, I’m almost offended that you’d call that “improving” the UI, I think the Wagic UI is much better…maybe that’s just me…

  19. dragoj says:

    me salta pantallazo azul

  20. maxsas360 says:

    Android version, please.

  21. jp-User says:

    Thanks to team with Mr. Waroro
    I’m happy to have met Wagic

    The wireless of the PSP, it becomes able to duel me and a friend, a wonderful addition
    Can I dreamed of adding such functionality?

    I can not speak English
    Sorry about the writing machine translation

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