Genesis competition: PSPGen winners announced (1000$) was one of the biggest sponsors of the Genesis competition. They organized a vote on their forums to give 3 prizes, for a total of 1000$.

The winners were announced yesterday, and are confirming the global trend of the competition

3rd: PSP3D

PSPWizard’s plugin was short of getting one of the main prizes for the competition, the members at pspgen fixed this by choosing this terrific plugin. PSP3D allows you to play your favorite 3D games and see the real 3D with special glasses. PSPWizard gets 200$ for this 3rd position.

2nd: Pro CFW

Coldbird and Virtuous Flame confirm the quality of their work with this second position for their open source Custom Firmware compatible with the most recent PSP models. They receive 300$ from .

1st: Lamecraft

Drakon’s Lamecraft owns the genesis competition with yet another first position. This Minecraft clone that came out of nowhere impressed thousands of players, and was able to build a nice community in a matter of weeks. Drakon will receive 500$ from pspgen for his first position.


Congrats to the 3 winners, they will be contacted directly by pspgen to receive their prizes.

Detailed results, including the full ranking of the pspgen vote can be found on pspgen’s site (link below)


Note: The psp genesis competition is still not over, a few prizes still have to be awarded, including a pspgo awarded by :)



  1. bufr’s avatar

    great job drakon!!


  2. AndrewYY’s avatar

    congratulations to PSPWizard!


  3. Irfanhb’s avatar

    I am disappointed that the pro cfw didn’t get the first prize.


  4. Aaron’s avatar



  5. Coldbird’s avatar

    Still waiting for them to drop me a message at my email but yeah.

    Congrats to PSPWizard, I knew it was just a matter of time till he got a price of his own!

    Greetings from the USA here, just checking in real quick to see how everyone is doing. Will be back for real in about 4 weeks guys. :D


  6. jeff’s avatar

    i love this 3d plugin vote for pspgen!



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