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More on the TA88v3 Unbricker


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  1. brian says:

    if your psp is bricked it is caused by physical damage and cant be repaired by a program

    • wololo says:

      err… no, not necessarily

      • Shinny says:

        that guy is one wierdo…. damit im in shock…. O_o UNBRICK your PSP… whit a MEMORY STICK whit NO PANDORA? im missing somthing or im dreaming… its like we gone all back to DAX and LBT era…

        • Jurian says:

          He uses a pandora battery… All this does is enable the unhackable 2000 models to read a MMS which is what sony disabled with those motherboards, and why it won’t work on a 3000 (sony removed service mode, rendering pandora batteries useless on them).

    • equis says:

      You get confused with the literal term. In this case, a “bricking” is caused by a problem with (usually) the firmware or other program that messes the flash0, making the PSP unusable.

    • Senses says:

      Brick is more on software than hardware damage….

      If your referring to physical damage e.g dropping the psp while its on causing some cracks/disconnections on some chips/lcd/etc. which is hardware related then it is called “BROKEN” and not Bricked.

    • khulet says:

      i understand for this service mode.. for a psp 2k/v3 bricks but i need your demo or how to making a mmstick by video ryt?

  2. troll says:

    lol bricking a psp.

  3. Irfanhb says:

    Will this ever work with a 3000.

  4. datexe says:

    Why is this tool “controversial”?

    • Jurian says:

      “Although this is an impressive breakthrough, I’m going to ask people to not share any links on this, as this unfortunately relies on leaked data/hardware belonging to Sony, and is therefore clearly illegal.”

  5. shortboy says:


    Coming from a guy that’s practically been there since the beginning of PSP hacking, this is damn nostalgic and impressive at the same time.

    I mean, I still have my original Pandora and it’s been what? 3-4 some odd years since then? It’s always great seeing advances like this.

  6. AE says:

    so what about the pspgo? its a breakthrough it works on 3000 to but i need to know the psp go

  7. Zen says:

    “How to brick and unbrick your PSP. Easy Install” 😀

    Will this support 3000s 04g soon? I don’t remember if they’re ta 88v3 though.

  8. devshelper says:

    i found a hardware exploit that can start service mode on new psps, i will soon post a video, please wait! i dont want bad comments!!!

  9. brian says:

    when your psp is bricked the motherboard becomes fried

    • D1 says:

      You’re not understanding the terminology…

      A “bricked” PSP is one where the programming (Flash) has become corrupt effectively turning it into a paperweight (or a “brick”). 99% of the time it’s got nothing to do with any of the internal parts becoming “fried” as you put it.

      Please refrain from making these comments about something you don’t understand.

    • shortboy says:

      I take it that your brain, brian, is bricked

    • Senses says:

      Brick is more on software than hardware related damage….

      If your referring to physical damage e.g dropping the psp while its on causing some cracks/disconnections on some chips/lcd/etc. or using a damaged battery that may somehow burn the psp up, they are hardware related so it is called “BROKEN” and not Bricked.

  10. enchee says:

    How I understood, the “only” problem is, to create a service battery for 300x PSP? Datel did it once, but there was no “magic” memory stick. Now, it exist. So, all is possible…may be.

  11. iSWORD says:

    Hey! I want a clear answer to my clear question, please 🙂
    Will this help growing the progress of finding the way to access service mode on the 3k PSPs?!
    (it wasn’t so clear I know)

  12. Chaos says:

    IMHO only works on PSP 2k with a mobo ofTA-088v3

  13. Chaos says:

    IMHO only works on PSP 2k with a mobo of TA-088v3

  14. Jeroen207 says:

    No no no no, I think Only the pandora will works in the PSP not the Magic memory because the files is special for the PSP 2k TA-88v3

  15. Pasarel says:

    Wololo, what do you think about this hack? Do you think that this is legit or fake?

  16. Mr.Jx says:

    the only thing we really need is to put the PSP 3000 in service mode to unbrick
    MMS knowing that if it works in 3000

    • Pasarel says:

      Yeah… Too bad that that’s hard as heck.
      Also, we don’t really need Pandora for the 3000 since we have permanent CFW, all FWs are hackable (or at least you can upgrade to a hackable version) and there are already downgraders for all 6.xx FWs excepting 6.37. What more can you ask for?

  17. f.torres says:

    we need it to unbrick psp if something bad happen duh.

  18. Steven says:

    the video is legit cuz that PSP in the video is same that i have PSP Slim & Lite 02g TA-088v3 Blume Series Mint Green ^_^

  19. devshelper says:

    dont ask for a release when you see an uploaded video unbricking a psp 3000 with my custom battery and this new mms…;)

  20. WilliamBMX says:

    O meu PSP brickado é a TA092 V2, será que esta é “desbrickável”?

  21. Mr.Jx says:

    You have to go to the sony to steal his data ! =)

  22. Alien TheJoy says:

    Why doesn’t this guy offer to unbrick peoples’ pspV3. I would pay 40$ right now cash and send my V3 to him to fix it. Come on Dude, you could make a fortune.

    • Abd says:

      We devs don’t do this for money. Everything is free.

      • khulet says:

        you said it free ryt? for everything for that!
        i request ? you do something for direct home brew your code by the creating NAND Flash TSOP-48 programmer. direct home brew or software? because .they hardware cantapord ? sorry for my bad English 🙂

  23. Steven says:

    Lol! Wololo you suck! I hate you so much! /:D even I’m a better hacker than you anytime! So does Yoti! Devshelper rules! This is my different email.

  24. shaine says:

    i have 3 motherboard 2000 ta88v3 brick of upgrade how to contact this man
    yo unbrick my psp plizzzzz reply me asap.

  25. shaine says:

    i pay for unbrick my PSP ””””””””

  26. geng.sun says:

    Please help me thank you

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