CFW Pro B8 is out, new Popsloader integrated (PS1 emulation)

Virtuous Flame is the main man behind this new release of cfw pro, the open source Custom Firmware compatible with all PSP models.

The main feature of this new revision is the integration of popsloader directly in the CFW, which allows you to play PS1 backups from your PSP  (useful if your old PS1 titles are not available on the PSN, or simply if you don’t want to pay Sony twice for the same game), but it also ships with a few other features and bug fixes. Quoting coldbird:

  • [!]Vshctrl code refactored
  • [!]Disabled “Pause Game” on PSPGo while ISO cache is enabled due to incompatiblity
  • [!]Disable ISO cache by default on PSPGo
  • [!]Fixed potential lag while displaying ISO movies
  • [!]Added support for Popsloader in PRO
  • [+]Added Idol Master SP Genuine Check Bypass Code


Pro CFW can be downloaded from the official project page, where you will find versions for PSPs running on 6.20, 6.35, and 6.39 (and if you have a different firmware installed on your psp, just upgrade :) )

Source: Coldbird

  1. platíni’s avatar

    It does not work on my psp 3004 4g


  2. Javier’s avatar

    the installer for 6.39 will freeze and make the psp illegal shutdown!!
    when you press X to exit the Pro Updater! please tell CB to fix it i just downaloded it is 9.15 Pm.


  3. yo’s avatar

    will the tilt fx work on this? or any pro cfw? running 6.35 pro-b7 now..but before i buy it wanna know if it’ll work 1st


  4. Shinny’s avatar

    hmmm a great update i must say… i was jw how do we chose what fw we emulate useing pops inside cfw…


  5. FANS’s avatar

    if something doesnt worck download the cfw from here if the links dont work there are some more in the coments


  6. Exitus’s avatar

    I’ve got a 3004 4g and everything works just fine. I downloaded B8 the moment it was released.


  7. akuinnen’s avatar

    just to clarify things….”CFW Pro B8 is out, new Popsloader integrated”

    does this means that we don’t have to install the popsloader plugin anymore since it is already “integrated?”


  8. Bub’s avatar

    and waht ps1 game format does it support? .iso? or /eboot or cso.. D:


  9. Joe’s avatar

    I’m sorry if this is a nooby question, but how exactly do I install this? I already have 6.39 OFW, do I just run the eboot in CIPL_FLASHER, or do I use the eboot in PROUPDATE?


  10. gokusi’s avatar

    some one know, wy in this page

    says that DON’T use the pro-Hen… or its not recomendable..?

    Because i try with all , and i dont have any problem whit the psps…

    that’s my cuestion…! wy?



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