Genesis competition: Announcing the winner

The website, sponsor of the Genesis competition, had a vote on their forums to give away a nice prize of 100$. The winner has been decided, congrats to Rinnegatamante for his entry Easy 6.20 DualBoot, an extremly useful app that allows you to choose between TN Hen, CFW Pro, and regular OFW every time you boot your PSP.

Easy 6.20 Dualboot was closely followed by Toy Wars in 2nd position (a very cool 3D game, try it!) and pro cfw in 3rd (does it still need to be introduced?)

To Rinnegatamante: congrats, and Kravenbcn from will be in touch with you (if he hasn’t contacted you already) to send you your 100$ prize :)



  1. 雨の蠍’s avatar

    Great job for Rinnegatamante! i’m very proud for him, yeah!


  2. ToBush’s avatar

    Is there any homebrew support video like mkv or avi in this competition?


  3. f.torres’s avatar

    evryone check this out on jigkick aka pandora battery for TA-088v3 supported) here is link dont think its a fake.


  4. Rinnegatamante’s avatar

    Thanks to all for support, compliments and all other things. I used the prize to rebuy a PSP (i bricked my psps testing this damn hb <.<).

    Thanks to!


    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      o that´s s*** so you are +/- 0 . Do you buy a full hackabel or a 63mb ram system ;) yeah thx daxhordes and you bb


  5. Rinnegatamante’s avatar

    I bought a PSP 1000 (with a PS2 included into the prize) with accessories (1Memory Card,2Memory Sticks).



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