Genesis competition: Announcing the /talk audience winner, and the winner

As I said a few days ago, the Genesis competition is far from being over, as we still have a bit more than 1500$ to give to winners. Today I’m announcing two prizes of 100$, one for the /Talk audience vote, and the other for my personal favorite open source entry.

/Talk audience vote

Lamecraft and pro cfw were by very far the audience favorite entries, respectively with 22% and 30% of the votes, but as I announced when we started the vote, these 2 already won the big prizes, and consequently were not eligible for the audience prize.

Victory therefore goes to Nazi Zombies Portable, which wins with a comfortable margin against the other competitors. Thumbs up also go to 6.39 Downgrader by some1 (which wasn’t eligible for that prize), Easy 6.20 Dualboot by Rinnegatamante, Aloader by ardi, Localizer by Draan, G.D.P. by DeViaNTe, PSP3DPlugin by PSPWizard, Silveredge by AndrewYY, and gSquare by Geecko, who all got a fair amount of votes, while not being able to drag as much attention as NZP.

Nazi Zombies portable is an fps in which you have to survive as long as you can against hordes of zombies. The concept is fairly popular, and the PSP was still missing its own version of this game. NZP fills this void! Quoting the authors:

Nz portable is about surviving unlimited rounds of zombies in an enclosed area. While playing, you get points from different actions. These points can be used to buy weapons, open doors for more playable areas, and utilize different things. Zombies enter the level from outside of the playable area, and you can slow them a little bit by boarding their entrances with planks of wood. Nazi zombie portable is inspired by the same game that is found in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War (these games are not made by us, they are made by the company treyarch). Every single content ingame is 100% made by us or by people who have submited their work for us to use.

Nzp is using a heavily modified quake engine called proquake. This engine is made by baker. and we have editted it to suit our needs. The game logic (qc ) is written 100% by us from scrach.

NZP Can be downloaded from the official thread here. Have fun :)

Wololo’s prize

This is my own prize, that goes to my favorite open source entry. There were honestly lots of homebrews to which I would have wanted to award this prize, but in the end I decided to award it to Draan’s Localizer. There’s a very nice concept behind this app, and it is truly a perfect example of a great legit usage for a hacked PSP. Yes, if you speak one of the 250 languages Sony “forgot” for commercial reasons to include in their console, this plugin can help you. It is basically a plugin that helps you translating all the PSP internal messages, including but not limited to the XMB. Oh, and it does all that on the fly in Ram, so no need to flash anything, no fear to brick your PSP or anything like that :)

Simply brilliant!

You can Download Localizer from the official thread here.

Both NZP and Localizer authors will receive 100$ for their cool work. Npt and myself will be in touch with you guys to send you the prizes. Congrats!

  1. bigfunkychiken’s avatar

    Congrats to the winners. I felt that Silveredge deserved some more recognition, but that is just my opinion.


    1. Said’s avatar

      Silveredge was a really nice game, but I think it was too short. Congratz to the winners too. :D


      1. Nakano’s avatar

        I agree. Hopefully it will evolve in the future. However, Silveredge wasn’t open source so it couldn’t win this.

        No Lua winners this time… Good luck Draan for winning with this original entry!


  2. Cynder2011’s avatar

    awesome guys. =D

    Congratulations on creating such epic and useful homebrews =)


  3. mr-crazy’s avatar

    feeling sad for psp 3d

    such a big plugin(only for psp) with a new and cool concept dindnt get anything where as NZP was just a port from pc to psp

    psp 3d envoled major updates and pspwizard did a great jo i mean 3d for psp that too with other glasses really deserved a good price



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