Genesis competition: you still have 2 days to vote for the /Talk audience Prize

As we announced the big winners of the genesis competition a few days ago (these guys won a total of  more than 3000$), there are still a few prizes that need to be decided (yes, still more than 1500$ of prizes need to be attributed!). One of them is the audience vote at /talk. As I announced, the 3 big winners (the 6.39 downgrader, pro cfw, and lamecraft) will not get the audience prize, and yet they are still the entries with the most votes. It is still time to change your vote. As I type this, Nazi Zombies Portable is the most likely candidate for this prize, but we might still get some surprised as we are getting closer to the finish line! So go and vote for your favorite entry, you have until July 3rd included!

Note: I will also announce my personal winner (100$ for my favorite open source entry) at the same time

  1. mister munch’s avatar

    NZP for the win!


    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      Yeah seems like Jukki get this price ;)


  2. ASKidwai’s avatar

    Sad to see literally hundreds of blank votes…

    Still 178 for LameCraft and something similar for PRO…

    They shoulda at least changed their votes to someone that deserved it…



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