Genesis competition winners will be announced today!

The Genesis competition judging is in progress. We reviewed all 111 entries. I am currently discussing (this is sometimes closer to a war, really :) ) on a private IRC Channel with the 3 other judges (Davee, Hellcat, and Lampworker) to decide who are our 3 favorites. Strangely enough, this is not easy as we all thought, but we are getting there, and soon to reach a conclusion. We will announce the winners sometime later today. As a reminder, the prices are respectively 1900$, 750$, and 400$ for the 3 winners of the compo, as well as massive “parallel” prizes from our sponsors.

  1. BlkHalo’s avatar

    (First, lol)

    Finally! I can’t wait, I’ll be putting a lot more homebrew on my psp soon!



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