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10 must-have games for your psp


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48 Responses

  1. Artoro says:

    Not a bad list, but Peacewalker isn’t that good, it kinda sucks imo…

  2. une6 says:

    monster hunter wasn’t just about hack n’ slash 🙁
    gamespot gave it a really low score just for saying that it had no “auto-aim”.. which was really silly because.. that’s the point! every single thing is factored in.. monsters weak points, which part of the monster you hit, the type of weapon you’re using, the weapon’s sharpness, raw damage, elemental damage, criticals, skills and etc etc..

    sorry i just have to defend this game that much. it’s the only game that made me play the psp beyond normal hours

    • theSituation says:

      GEB was better IMO it had everything MH did + faster gameplay, auto-aim, friend revival system, better looking weapons, more explosions. I mean who wants to spend time hacking and slashing at a dragon for 20 straight minutes, and then oh it flys away… and just having to “claw” like Upaut said makes MH unappealing.

    • ToBush says:

      MH is like real kung fu. It is the best game, but it is not suit for most of players who never learn any martial art before. They quit quickly after they get *** kicked.

    • Mebax2 says:

      1400h+ MHFU 500h of Mh3rd (by TMO) that’s normal

  3. Zedd says:

    I agree with une6, MH was the franchise that made me buy a psp. After playing it I got hooked.
    Along the way I knew many more games of course, and each has my preference aspect, but considering the genre, MH is the best title.
    I liked this list btw, first place really deserved it.

    • DjNeo says:

      LOL!!! I bought mine to play MGS: PW !!!! XD

    • Mr.Lee says:

      You made me cry bro, like you, MH is the franchise that made me buy a PSP. Here I was, thinking that I’m the only one who did that thing. Haha! Nice list and I respect the others opinions but for me, MH franchise is the best in the world, a pioneer game and one of a kind ~ ♥

  4. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    Metal gear solid FTW. I’ve played all 4 games from the MGS ( i’ve replayed a second time MGS 1 on my psp :)) ), it’s so awesome, it’s better that Hitman or any other sneak game

  5. bob says:

    i think ur forgetting assassins creed and mohh2

  6. d32 says:

    Well I never liked MH because of my inability to effectively control both character and camera at the same time.

    As for this list, it completely avoided the genre I’ve bought PSP for – turn based strategies/RPGs:

    – Final Fantasy tactics
    – Tactics Ogre
    – Disgaea 1&2
    – Jeanne d’Arc
    – Metal Gear Acid

    • wololo says:

      I’m myself a huge fan of Tactical RPGs, but it doesn’t seem to be a popular genre, based on the votes. I might write a “top 10” just for this genre in the future 🙂

  7. deadeyes says:

    boo I don’t like most of it but this is predictable as most people’s taste are ***.

  8. StriderHien says:

    omg… gta, PLEASE
    they aren’t that great!
    crisis core is a lot better…

  9. xXLightXx says:

    Hey men, Tekken 6 is also very good (but I prefer Street Fighter Alpha 3)!!
    I will test the games you´ve said in this list!

  10. J-Spill says:

    I’ve followed the Kingdom Hearts series since the first one. Yes the Disney was kinda weird, but the game play and mesh with final fantasy made it that much better. I’m glad it made the top 3. I remember starting around noon and then looking at the clock, 3am. lol

    • ajmrowland says:

      Huh, the Disney was never weird. You’re weird.

      • Exitus says:

        Really. The Disney characters always seem to be out of place and too much focused on their own problems. They’re interested in by-passing FF characters only to a limited extent and interact with them in an odd way, like: “Yeah, I know you’re there and appeared out of the blue, now go help me do this stuff.” If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is.

  11. BlkHalo says:

    Alright, my opinions on these games:

    LittleBigPlanet is REALLY good on PS3, and I wanted to have it basically in my hands… The PSP version would be better if it had online play, but the fact that you can create your own levels and share them online makes it worth it, it should be closer to #1… Chains of Olympus is good, it should be closer to #1 too, but I just think it didn’t have as much as a lasting appeal as to Ghost of Sparta, and Ghost of Sparta has more attack options, the gameplay and controls seem a bit better, too. The magic/melee even look more intense than Chains of Oylmpus. Their graphics also seem the same, they’re the best you’ll see on the PSP. Too bad GOW is kinda more focused on a bunch of killing and gore other than telling a really good story. MH is… okay, I mean, these graphics aren’t that great, but the controls were pretty nice, and fighting made me kind of like this game, but I actually agree with the list for once, it should be #8 out of all these games. I never thought GTA: Liberty City was never better than Vice City, just because Vice City seemed longer, and you had insane water missions, which was pretty awesome. The 3rd Birthday… eh, didn’t really play it over 45min, just didn’t feel like the game was good to me, y’know, I wasn’t that interested. No way Kingdom Hearts was better than Crisis Core, though, those Disney characters was annoying, and Crisis Core seemed longer and harder, and it’s story was more appealing. Metal Gear Solid is kinda overrated imo, because I just plain hate the graphics (everything looks like boxes) and the controls, and besides the story, those are the key factors that make up the game.

    By the way… where’s Assassin’s Creed and Socom Fireteam Bravo 3? :/ Socom’s online play is epic, and Assassin’s Creed is just plain epic (I would mention Patapon 3, Midnight Club LA Remix, and maybe even WipeOut Pulse too, but they’re.. eh, do I even have to finish this sentence?)

    Any thoughts? ;D

  12. Shinny says:

    ha u just named my list of best games i played on psp =)

  13. jeremeel2015 says:

    for me, persona 3 is much better than monster hunter, MH is suck! no storyline! eeeww…

  14. Upaut says:

    Looking through this list, I have to wonder exactly who put it together.

    10. I’ll grant LBP belongs somewhere on the list, but that’s only because this particular game is/was just as innovative as it’s big brother on the PS3.

    9. Maybe I was just spoiled with a bigger screen, but I really didn’t care for GoW on the PSP. It just didn’t feel right playing on such a small screen.

    8. The Monster Hunter franchise seems like it pulled quite a few people into the PSP/Wii markets. A friend of mine is hoping that with the Vita, we’ll no longer have to “claw” to control the camera.

    7. I’ll honestly admit I tried this, but I felt like I might as well have been playing GTA 1 or 2 (the old bird’s eye ones).

    6. See above.

    5. Love it. Simply love it. Now if my PE 1 & 2 eboots would just start up a little faster.

    4. Crappy combat system, lag between actions and button presses, and, ultimately, the fact that this is a game for fans (just like FFX-2) demands that this game be removed from Top 10 lists.

    3. Honestly, I think the only bad game in this series is Chain of Memories (GBA).

    2. See my above comment about GoW.

    1. I haven’t gotten around to playing this one yet, but apparently it’s huge (in data size, both in image and data install).

    Still, I wouldn’t call any one of these games a “must-have”. All of the games in this list are action orientated, which not every gamer enjoys. Personally, I tend to enjoy a good RPG, but the only decent one I’ve come across on the PSP (and yes, I’ve tried quite a few different ones) was Class of Heroes, which is just a repainted Wizardry.

    Yes, I’ll say it. The PSP is lacking in decent non-Action RPG titles. I find myself turning toward older consoles for my RPG needs.

  15. Mud says:

    Wagic is way better than all those games!

  16. shortboy says:

    Very agreeable list by far. The top 5 were games that I had expected.

    Very pleased to see MGS:PW as number 1. If not Dissidia, then PW had the longest and best replay value on the PSP. I was ecstatic when I found out that it was coming to PS3 in mo’f’n HD! I must say, though, that I found the PO storyline to be better (Calling to the Night ftw) but the controls and gameplay all around was better in PW.

  17. theSituation says:

    I’m a Square Enix fan myself, I was kinda surprised at not seeing Dissidia up there. But its a good list for the most part. I got my psp mostly for the role playing turn based games but i guess i gotta try Peace Walker now 🙂

  18. raziel says:

    No racing games?? Motorstorm: Arctic Edge should have been in the list.

  19. yoann007 says:

    Not sure about the list. Most of these games are slimmed down versions of PS3 games (PSP GTAs are fine, but PSP LBP is… average to say the least).

    It’s strange how fast gamers forgot about LocoRoco, Lumines, Patapon and so on : such original games really made the PSP a great handheld system. On a personal touch I’d add Phantasy Star Portable 2, which is far better than Monster Hunter IMO.

  20. chapnis says:

    An okay list, it all depends on personal tastes, people need to not take it so seriously.

  21. bob says:

    I wish my psp wasn’t broken atm. Theres so many good games I haven’t played yet.

  22. I am offended that you said MHFU is a hack’n’slash, as it is far from such. GOW is a hack’n’slash; MHFU isn’t. Have you even ever played Monster Hunter before?

  23. akuinnen says:

    lol. its funny to read comments that keeps bashing the list….remember guys, this came from a community poll on /talk meaning its the choice of majority of the people on the forums…

    how hard is it to understand that different genre of games cater to different types of gamers? if anything, this list shows what type of games members of the forums like.

    having your favorite game not on the list doesn’t mean the game sucks. conversely, having a game in the list that you thought suck doesn’t mean it actually does.

    I don’t like GEB, I don’t like the gameplay and the storyline bored me after around difficulty 3…..does it mean that it sucks? for me, yeah, for others, heck no! Does it give me a right to bash GEB? another heck NO!!

  24. ajmrowland says:

    No Kingdom Hearts? That game’s actually more fun than Crisis Core.

  25. David says:

    I only see 8-9 games in this list. For my money the GTA are the same. Also the GoW games are extremely similar. You are missing games like Dissidia and Patapon

  26. Charly says:

    PAtA- PaTA-pAtA-PoN!!

  27. goku says:

    bueno, yo digo para que tener solo 10 si puedo tener 100 jejejejejee….32gb(2)

    ssss quien es su papi.. jjejejjej

    well, I say so that have only 10 if I could have 100 [jejejejejee]. .32gb x (2)

    [ssss] who is your dad lol. [jjejejjej]

    mi favorite is, Earth Defense Force 2 I HAVE 50 UNLOCK IN HARD MISSIONS…

  28. Malachi says:

    good list but the entire final fantasy series sucks ***. you just cant have a good action game with stupid disney characters

  29. goku says:

    thats’s right !

  30. bmg1001 says:

    Patapon 3 anyone?

  31. goku says:

    150 at the moment

  32. motupaul says:

    IMO Blazblue and Tekken should also have been included in this list….. MHFU is plain boring with hard to control camera. If not Blazblue atleast Tekken6 guys. It luks so awesome on the psp.

  33. RocketManz says:

    Really, you only need to put VCS if you’re listing it here, because VCS is the better one (according to reviews, anyway)

    Same with GOW, just put the GOS one up there, it has better graphic and all, so there’s no point in listing both games.

    Also, where’s patapon, tekken and dissidia ? These games deserve a place here on the list.

    • wololo says:

      This was the result of a poll we did, and is showing the general votes. My personal favorites (Wipeout Pulse for example) are not in there either. There are many good PSP games and it is difficult to make a good choice that embraces everything 🙂

  34. PSP WEi says:

    GTA sereis on PSP? SUCK!

    LITTLE BIG PLANET? Average, not much of a game you will be playing after 3 hours.

    Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, pretty good for a title that stands its strongest on the PS2 and PS3.

    God of War series…… ok but no where near the PS2 and PS3 series.

    Final Fantasy, good nice game when you like Final Fantasy series, I’ve given it a try and it is a preety good game that stand strong on a PSP.

    But the biggest reason to won a PSP, it is the Monster Hunter series, other games are pale compared to what this game had offered. The fact that this “hack & slash” game is not a average game, why need swords when you have bowguns and bow for range, and each weapon has its on unique ability and its own expansion. Armor with skills that enable you to gain a slight upper-hand, but ultimately, its you skill and timing matter, not your armor or weapons. I love this game cause a normal looking hunter, bringing down monster the size of a tank and is charging, launching fire ***, lightning at you, and carve its parts for better armor and weapons, while crafting potions, ammo and gathering material remind me the beauty of game where you are actually earning your keep, and not blatantly given to you and pampered you. When you are skilled, you are handsomely rewarded, and if you are not satisfied, why not another round?

    • Willy Chong says:

      Monster Hunter series are games that truly test the skill of the player. It does not guide you far, it does not give you level or powerful stat enchancement, and it literally kicked your ***, but when you defeated the monster long to be thought impossible of. You feel every victory is hard earned the the carving/capture is very rewarding. It lack flashes like Final Fantasy, but contain true substances, a game that makes the best and worst out of a player.

      Crafting potion, attack or defense drugs, traps etc through scouring/hunting/picking the environment. Have Blacksmith forge you impossibly cooled but practical weapons and armors from Monsters you brought down and ore you mined. Spent every waking minute studying each bosses movement. Putting the right type of attack on the bosses to assure maximum damage.

      Master the art of dodge/block or both to makes the bosses attack like a joke. Show off your friends with the most glorious armor and weapons as the achievement of your skill and capability as a player. Hunting Monsters while guiding them the right way by showing of how its done. This is why this game was in every way blended with the right stuff.

      With Ad-hoc Multiplayer, this game shows cooperation of average Joes could bring down large monsters that spit fire, laser etc etc.

      PsP would have never gone far without this game. heck, without Monster Hunters I won’t even bother getting the PsP.

  35. ecniv says:

    I brought mine to play FF Crisis Core initially, then loved MGS – Peace Walker, but Disgaea 1 is also fun, so does Naruto Series.

  36. Emanon says:

    Huh, the 3rd birthday, i wont say it’s bad but if Square Enix keep making game like that, then i suggest they should make movie instead of game. I bought a game ‘cuz i want to play, if i want to watch nive FMVs then i will go to youtube.

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