Did Total_Noob leave the scene?


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90 Responses

  1. vagosgdms says:

    why did they leave ths scene??

  2. Ponji says:

    Go TN :D… Your Still The Best For Us =))… I Mean TN USERS =)

  3. theSituation says:

    PRO Features > TN Features

    • (|EcLiPsE|) says:

      TN Hen is equal with pro hen, i’ve tested them both and both have pro and cons, so you have from where to choose

      • Fullmetal26 says:

        Agree. Lack of iso loading feature doesn’t mean it’s bad. Thanks Total_Noob for the hacks. I hope we’ll see you next time at the PSVita scene.

    • vicecity says:

      No no no sir it’s TN Features >>>>>>> PRO Features.

      • BlkHalo says:

        Okay, here are the features that they both HENs have: Plugins, Homebrew, ISO (TN requires a loader), and PSX

        Both HENS have the same plugin, homebrew, and PSX support. Although, PRO has better ISO support and has a recovery menu which is really good for semi-brick situations (which helped me a couple of times). TN isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but at this point, PRO is better and always will be if TN is really leaving the scene.

        ^^^ That’s all true, proven by myself using a PSP Go AND a PSP 3k. What does TN have that PRO doesn’t? Nothing. Like I said before, PRO has the recovery menu and the extra ISO support. Open your eyes; you guys still cling to TN just because he found the 6.20 exploit, I was the same way, but when there’s something better, why stick with the same old thing? It’s like upgrading a Black and White TV to a full 1080p full HD TV

        • Dman says:

          What does TN hen have that pro doesn’t? A 0% chance of bricking your psp, that’s what! It runs all the same stuff as pro without writing to your flash. That alone is enough to reason for many many people to stick with TN.
          Cautious people will continue to find and use TN hen even if the chance of pro giving you a brick is .001%, cause that is still a chance…

        • vicecity says:

          How can PRO have better ISO support? To me even with the loader plugin for TN and the built-in one for PRO is the same. And TN doesn’t need a recovery menu because it does not brick. Not only that the people who made PRO basically stole TN’s HEN and modify it for their own HEN. I would like to have a HEN with enough features to satisfy me and was 100% made by the original creator (with help) TN then someone who stole his HEN and calls it PRO.

          • theSituation says:

            Quoting CB and VF:
            “coldbird: Well… if we are stealers, then so is every CFW out there… cause we all reversed the m33 sysctrl module at some point. The only component in our cfw which is not ours (coded from scratch) is the m33 iso driver.
            Virtuous Flame: not only. The usbdevice.prx as well comes from M33
            coldbird: Yeah. for the usb mounting.

          • troll says:

            @dman and vicecity
            you two are saying ***, maybe the two of are also a *** and using a *** TN Hen. What a bunch of a *** are here.

          • troll says:

            PS: i like my avatar :)

          • masterfu says:

            of course it has better ISO support, and better homebrew support.

            because I can play older PSP games on it. like Namco Museum Battle Collection, which is unplayable on Prometheus ISO Loader.

            and people, PRO also has a ZERO chance on bricking your PSP, my PSP always goes to the 6.39PRO successfully using FastRecovery without problems. It’s a 3000 4G model. If you brick you PSP using PRO, I think that you did the brick yourself.

            HEN simply sucks because it can’t even load a simple homebrew like Bookr or XReader without having numerous problems. (like Bookr can’t use CJK support on HEN, even after installing the fonts, CJK characters shows up as strange symbols in Bookr, and sometime Bookr just crashes or won’t boot.)I think TN and Hackman didn’t see that much homebrews and only knows the basic of getting homebrews to run. We Chinese people has a website called TGBUS, which collects ALL the homebrews and game ISOs for the PSP ever existed, we are the pirate and hacker kings, after all.

            another option is TN and Hackman join forces with Coldbird and VF, because all they did is reverse engineer the exploit and put it on PRO. If two existing things are competing, then we can conclude it will be the best thing ever combined.

        • tn-fan says:

          you are right men I was a TN user but then I decide to try out the PRO en the PRO is much better than the TN

  4. Dbrandy says:

    [qoute]This [release] does not mean we’re back on the scene, we’re doing this release purely for the faithful TN-Hen users with 6.39, who had no other choice but to use cfw pro.[/quote]

    You leave them no choice but to use the available (L)CFW.. Special thanks to “some1”; there couldn’t have been a ‘Downgrader or (L)CFW for 6.38-6.39, as early as MAY.

    In short, TN had its glory. TN, you’ve made alot impact in the PSP Scene.
    Thank you very much!!!

  5. Orange says:

    @theSituation: there’s 1 important difference – TN is safer than PRO (at least, it was, now pro’s flasher is safe too). Also, it’s faster and is easily expandable with plugins. That’s all. I’m still on permament 6.20 TN-E, and I won’t move to PRO in next month.

  6. Dunnow says:

    Yup, they announced their intentions of leaving many times in pspling, and after TN-E they said that there was no more support to the scene… but after seeing the 6.38 TN HEN work i thought that they were only fooling arround… it’s a shame ‘coz now the TN fans will eventually have to switch to pr0 because the lack of updates of our hens… it’s rlly a shame… but well… we can not force them to work right? u_u

  7. nxtuser says:

    Probably a sad news but we all gotta live with it .. As for me PSP TN remains the best reference of PSP exploit from 6.20 to 6.39
    My quetion is .. why isnt there an android CFW for psp ( holy *** )

  8. giol says:

    well i can understand tn. all the lamers who are on PRO now, based on tn’s krnl exploid

    • Shinny says:

      Giol no offense but TN found 6.20 and Coldbird and VF found 6.35 and they are the same exploit but in diffrent ofw witch means they found the same exploit at the same time… so stop talking *** cuz u r a user of the product… Sorry for my bad English =P

  9. DeMeTriC says:

    well i always love TN HEN from the beginning and just for that i’m staying on 6.20 for good 😀

  10. sevy_philippines says:

    tnx to TN ,,
    he is the one who give life to the PSP scene after long time since 5.03 hacked (for a unhackable psp) ,,
    he is the new DARK_ALEX

    • wololo says:

      *cough* Half Byte Loader *cough*

      • Fullmetal26 says:

        Yeah it’s the Half-Byte Loader!

      • daxies says:

        Yeah it’s the HBL that gave life to the PSP scene. So Wololo is the new Dark_AleX!

        • (|EcLiPsE|) says:

          the first hbl version was for the medal of honor heroes by m0skit0.
          Let’s just say that everyone implicated in hbl and HEN is an Dark Alex (even if it doesn’t make sense 😆 )

        • Shinny says:

          Emmm ….it was m0skito who made hbl… sorry wololo =P

          • wololo says:

            ab5000 and m0skit0 started the work, HBL is definitely m0skit0’s baby, but lots of code in there is still from me, such as the menu API (which allows anybody to create their own menu for HBL), the patapon exploit, the bits that allows HBL to be easily compiled for several exploits, etc…
            I also did lots of ram cleanup to make sure HBL takes as little Ram as possible…, and code cleanup as well :)

        • The real guys says:

          JJS and his helpers Wololo is the 620 Heroes. Then the Legends Total_Noob and PRO team showed up.

  11. jack says:

    Eventually everyone is going to leave the psp scene because psp2 gonna be realeased and everythings goona be focused on it

  12. pspzac3004 says:

    goodbye T_N lol

  13. jeremeel2015 says:

    Without you, the 6.XX FW scene could be dead, for me, you and darkalex are the best developers in the world! Goodbye and BIG Thanks to your hard work! Longlive and Cheers! 😀

  14. Lucas says:

    Thanks for all Total_Noob!!!!
    Greetings from Uruguay!! 😛

  15. raziel says:

    BIG Thanks to TN..for his wonderful Christmas present :)

  16. kirk_88 says:

    Thank’s TN,you give me a wondeful fun with my PSP! 😉
    Cheers and infinite thanks from Mexico!

  17. vicecity says:

    Thank you TN and Hackman for the HEN. Not only that, if it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be PRO because it was based off of your HEN with little original features. In your face PRO users. 😛

    And the lack of ISO loading is a good thing because it’s illegal and people are too poor to buy $10 – $30 games. Sad.

    But I digress, thanks again Total_Noob for everything. Hope to see you again in the PSVita era. 😀 😉

  18. bmg1001 says:

    Everyone just remember, all of this was possible because of Wololo’s HBL. (I even still have HBL on my PSP :)

  19. nxtuser says:

    Thank you Prometheus and Neur0ne .. Dark Alex’s return to the PSVita Scene is my greatest wish

  20. Omegarob says:

    Thanks a lot to Sony, dark alex, prometheus, wololo, TN & Hackman,for everything.
    maybe we ll’ see you rocking psv on 2012!!!!

  21. StriderHien says:

    *enter here random praise to TN* 😀

  22. yep says:

    HBL and TN-HEN = my entire PSP :), Thanks to Wololo and Total Noob

  23. dave says:

    Same here!! Good luck to your new career TN and hackman!

  24. DCVCN says:

    Thank you.

    On December 24, 2010 you gave life to my PSP Go. It was the best Christmas present i’ve ever had. Thank you.

  25. says:

    TN是一个非常好的软件,谢谢你给我们psp3000 6.20生的希望我一直都没有放弃过TN-A B C D E,现在你走了代表中国玩家感谢您的贡献,希望有一天能看到TN再次出现在我们面前给我们创造奇迹!

  26. eh, not really. Don’t get me wrong I tried the TN-whatever HENs and they were all good, just as soon as PRO came out and the PSone support worked right out of the box, was easier to use, etc. I was sold.

    I’m still a PRO guy, and when and if I restore my phat PSP it’s getting 6.39 OFW on it, mostly for the perma-patch for hackable PSPs.

  27. Artoro says:


    Seriously, there is barely a chance of bricking your psp at all. I guarantee every single person posting a comment on this article who has a psp, the flashing of pro would be successful. Besides, the very small chance of bricking your psp from using a hen is irrelevant from what point I’m making, because I’m talking about the content.


    Have you even tried the Inferno driver? And if you’re a *** guy who wonders about the flash1, flash2, and flash3, yeah, you could use a recovery menu. I almost semi-bricked my go using shell, and using that xmb icon for tn hen when I used to have it. And besides, coldbird and vf didn’t steal anything but some things from the m33 driver, like theSituation says, but since they have their own Inferno driver, what’s the point of using the m33 driver anymore anyways?

    • Dman says:

      I get where you are coming from, and I by no means believe that pro is unsafe or commonly causes bricking. Pro has a built in safety net for when it does brick, so there isn’t a problem there. My point is simply that TN carries no risk whatsoever, so that will attract people who are excessively worried about bricking their psp, since, to quote Wololo the great, “Pro writes to your flash which is always risky.” I am sure that in the near future this argument will be irrelevant because of lack of support from TN for his brainchild, forcing Pro as the default best choice for people coming into the scene. For now though, we have downgraders and lots of people are staying on 6.20, so TN is far from obsolete.

      As a side note, TN is fifteen years old, all you haters really oughta lighten up, the kid deserves props for the work he put in, even if he did make some less agreeable choices…

      • troll says:

        pro writes to flash only once, if you did not brick your psp when you install pro it will not brick you anymore because after pro install the files in flash0 when you run again the proupdater or fast recovery it will only activate the cfw files just like ordinary HEN.
        TN fanboy always lack of information, what a lame.

        • Dman says:

          Que quieres de mi? No falto informacion. Todo que decia era cien porciento correcto. Digo la verdad. No soy mas para pro o TN, uso los dos. Solo digo los datos. Hablas de “HEN regular” Solo puedo pensar que refieres a TN, Que dice eso?
          …I hope he speaks spanish…
          No one said anything about repeatedly writing to flash. Is your problem a language barrier? Or is it that, as your name suggests you just want to get a reaction? Congratulations, you got a response.

  28. troll says:

    great news i guess

    • theSituation says:


    • equis says:

      Yes, great news if that makes stop us read your comments.

      • troll says:

        also great news if you disappear for good

        • equis says:

          Oh! some hurt? Really sorry, it wasn’t what I meant. By the other hand… you are not so original, did you?
          Don’t be worried, if we both disappear, the world will be better. Mainly because of you, you should be proud.

          • troll says:

            ok what makes me hurt to your post? what kind of brain do you have thinking that you hurt me. a defective brain or a brain that contains only air.

          • equis says:

            Oh, poor soul, are you lost?

          • equis says:

            That’s all? After all this time saying useless words? Awww, you’re disappointing!

          • troll says:

            i always give useless words to a useless person. :p
            you are son of a useless

          • equis says:

            Actually, i was not referring to this post, but ALL your posts in this blog XD (Is it that the way how you spell “laugh”?)

            Ok, sorry, but are you ready for the shocking truth (for you)? You are not able to live without TN. Your existence spins around him, needing him to realize yourself.

            This was a kind of experiment to show how the people behaving like you is unable to keep a real discussion. Once the main theme that people is obsessed with is over, their ideas are boring, soulles, without arguments and with no possibilities out of immediate insults and their speech is full of onomatopoeia as a consequence. Well, I hope all of us can be able to get away from this kind of behaviour. And I am very sorry that a work like TN’s (or anybody else’s) is resumed in a sort of happiness, whatever the cause.

            Oh, you should stop reading after “This was…” etc. Now you can write all you wish, as I will not return to this post 😉 BTW, don’t believe every word I said.

          • equis says:

            sorry for my english. My thoughts was that, I am very sorry that a departure like TN’s or anybody else’s is resumed in a sort of happiness. Very very sorry (for the fact and spelling).

  29. ASKidwai says:

    So sad.

    They were great. I’ll dual boot 6.39 TN and ME when and if I update to 6.39

  30. Lostarot says:

    Don’t forget the Chistmas gift that TN gave us. I was so excited with the new Kernel exploit he discovered come holidays. This was a great gift. Dont forget that.

    Maybe it’s just the “stealing” issue that created some haters.

  31. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    why is TN leaving PSPScene? i always support TN

  32. landon says:

    TotalNoob, you still one of the best PSP developpers ever !!!
    Good luck in your futur projects, thanks.

  33. XxJJxX says:

    That’s all I needed to say!
    I am a bit paranoid about a brick, so T_N hen really helps. The TN Settings are also nice. Now I can update to 6.39 and use my favorite HEN. I wonder if they will ever “return”.

  34. vivek says:

    pls don’t leve man…u really did a great work for the hen..and there is no one to follow u r footsteps….wait till the psp2 come’s…

  35. littletree says:

    Just wanna say, TN Team are welcome to come back if they decide. They made some really useful stuff it is a shame if they don’t but it’s all up to them.

  36. TheCommenter says:

    I love you TN. I love you man.

    Please come back!!! =]

  37. hacktester says:

    Wow,so many people got those things wrong…
    Im no PRO fanboy,but CB and Vf reversed TN’s exploit to work with 6.35,not the HEN itself.

  38. PSP-Power says:

    Damn, people are always fighting over PRO vs TN Hen. Although I use PRO (better ISO compatibility), I used to use TN Hen, and I had no problems. TN Hen is what probably pushed the PSP scene to its peak. Thanks to him (and his HEN), we all now have probably the easiest, and most efficient CFWs of all time.

  39. juan321 says:

    F******** :S
    i’m sad they have some experience discovering exploits they could be the first team in discover a kernel exploit in the pspvita T.T

  40. No need to release now you FOOLS! You should have done it earlier to gain a bit more respect! Whats the need when you got downgrader to downgrade to 6.20 and use 6.20 pro b5 ??

  41. parkerfly says:

    1. can anyone claim ownership of an exploit? i believe you can only claim to be the first to discover an exploit. how we use the exploit is up for grabs then. davee’s chickhen, HBL, TN-hen, pro, neuron’s ME and others are creations to use an exploit and enable our psp to do things beyond what sony will allow. its technically useless if others will not utilize it.

    2. if you can remember TN (btw tnx for the hard work TN) will only release his tn hen thru PSPGEN. very exclusive…. then virtous flame came out for a fix so that the tn hen will work with psp 3000 4g. did he steal that? absolutely no! virtous flame made the tn-hen work for psp 4g. not pspgen, not TN..

    3. VF and coldbird came up with 6.3x pro… did they steal that? again a big NO! they reversed engineered tn-hen so that it can work for ofw 6.3x… the work was all theirs… no stealing there…

    4. prometheus iso loader….no stealing


    as for Total Noob’s comment…

    This [release] does not mean we’re back on the scene, we’re doing this release purely for the faithful TN-Hen users with 6.39, who had no other choice but to use cfw pro.

    VF and Coldbird releases their HENs (homebrew enablers) so that we could play and use homebrew in our PSP.


  42. parkerfly says:

    now is the psp at its end? GEOHOT already got us the keys… now open that door… we’re done with playing iso…. pick up what GEOHOT left for us… linux on the psp… if possible android on the psp… ANYONE WHO CAN DO THIS WILL GIVE THE PSP A NEW LIFE… PSP MOBILE… PSP SUITE FOR THE ANDROID… ring a bell?…. thats another 10 years for the PSP.

    still waiting for wagic online….

  43. KorisBlue says:

    total_noob had a big influence on the scene, ffs his name is in wikipedia; thats history. sorry TN i just went to PRO 6.20 because TN-E didnt work with MHP3 and adhoc-to-usb on my 5g.

  44. grewolf says:

    I’m a Pro user and Im sticking to that but I dont have to pin point whos better or not and my respect to m0skit0, Wololo, JJS,CB, VF, Neuron and TN are equal. Really hate to see another dev leaves the scene but life must go on. We still have ME and PRO and off course the final TN hen to enjoy with.

  45. Animegame97 says:

    I thank TN for bringing the scene back alive and allowing me to use TN Hen before they made 6.20 PRO.

  46. stevealexanderames says:

    TN-HEN was a great job. was i say, now PRO is the best thing, only because TN just couldn’t keep the competition.

  47. Justice says:

    if copying is the case in pro cfw, then all the cfw’s which exist today are copied except the cfw of Dark_Alex.

  48. Tony says:

    oh no…well,God bless you TN…we will miss you..

  49. popat mahashay says:

    excuse me?? will someone tell me wat is scene? which movie? & whos total noob?

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