Did Total_Noob leave the scene?

Yesterday I was contacted by HacKmaN, close friend of Total_Noob who worked with him on TN Hen. It turns out that HacKmaN is the one who released TN Hen for 6.39, after discussing with Total_Noob and making sure they were both ok with the idea. The reason this was released “so” late is that they initially had no plan to release their 6.39 exploit, but since some1′s exploit came up as part of the genesis competition, they decided there was no point in not releasing 6.39 Hen, using some1′s exploit.

HacKmaN made the following additional comments:

- TN Hen for 6.39 is nothing more than TN Hen, adapted to the 6.39 exploit by some1. Nothing else was added or removed from the Hen, there was close to no additional work.

- Total_Noob and HacKmaN want to thank the following persons:

We say thanks to some1 for his Kernel Exploit, without this HEN wouldn’t be released. We also say thanks to neur0n, for a perfect CFW and for all previous PSP programmers for paving us the way to do this.
I also personally say thanks to my nice programmer-friends, that already helped me a lot with programming and that I still really like to chat/programm whith: dx3m, DarXPloit, PSP_Lord, -blue7, Ceikor, Namenloser, etc.
We sure also say they thanks to our great comrades, that supported us really much over the time (not through codes, but through News and similar things): The Z, fkrone, flofrucht, and so on… quite all moderators of PSPKing.de and surely even the administrator of this great site: Alexking. The same thanks goes to the other great psp website by flofrucht: pspcfw.de

A really special big thanks goes to Dr. Soup, that previously helped a lot on the HEN.

Furthermore we say thanks to everyone, that didn’t jump over to PRO.

And on top of this, also a great thanks goes to sony, for greating a perfect gaming device ;)

Now, the sad piece of news that came with this message (and, this was a surprise for me, as I never officially heard about this before) is that both Total_Noob and HacKmaN are now officially “out” of the PSP scene. Quoting the original release thread on pspking.de:

This [release] does not mean we’re back on the scene, we’re doing this release purely for the faithful TN-Hen users with 6.39, who had no other choice but to use cfw pro.

Well, choice is always good I guess.

HacKmaN, Total_Noob, thanks for what you’ve done so far, and good luck for your future projects :)

So, err…was I the only one not knowing Total_Noob had officially decided to leave the scene? And what’s your opinion? Will that impact your choice for the next Hen you put on your console?

source pspking via HacKmaN

  1. popat mahashay’s avatar

    excuse me?? will someone tell me wat is scene? which movie? & whos total noob?


    1. bambi’s avatar

      goshhh!! scene is a forum & total noob is arrogant kid..


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