Cálë – How fast will you get out of the maze? (Genesis compo entry)

This is one high quality entry from D-T-K joining the PSP Genesis competition. In Cálë (how the hell do you pronounce that? I’ll go with Calé, as in Café…), you are a small ball of light trying to get out of a dark labyrinth. Ok, the labyrinth thing can get old, but what sold me here is the concept of trophies, you get a gold, silver, or bronze medal if you get out very fast. And trust me, the gold medal is not doable unless you know the level by heart.

This one becomes quickly addictive, and it ships with a level editor. Nice game, nice graphics, nice music… nice entry.


Download here (or alternate link here). You can leave feedback to the author in the homebrew’s official thread here.

  1. KR4T05’s avatar

    Fun and addicting, though it annoyed my sister :P …. ILOVE IT! :D



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