CFW 4 Dummies Updated with latest CFW/Hen/Downgrader information


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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9 Responses

  1. triek says:

    i am using 6.20 pro b5 perma
    i like it the best

  2. PowerLiner says:

    6.35 pro

  3. Omar says:

    6.20 Pro-B5

  4. KR4T05 says:

    6.20 Pro-B6, and 6.20 tnD
    I cant choose between the two…. I like the overall look of the recovery menu for tn’s, but i like the isos form xmb(though i could do that using iso tool) and the smaller vsh menu

  5. zter says:

    I’m using TN-E on PSPgo.
    I like it ;)

  6. mister munch says:

    i am using 6.20 PRO B5 on both my psp go and my psp 3000

  7. yep says:

    I´m using 6.20 TN-HEN D PSP 3010, very nice…:)

  8. Joanna says:

    Um, Im using TN series started from A to E,.. I hope that Total_noob can continue to invent new series of TN-Hen. Because TN Hen is the greatest, better than Pro-Bs’ . I am a 6.20 user, Pro-bs’ only creates disaster to the system. First, there will be a possibility that it will brick, and secondly, Pro-bs are just another a copy of TN-Hen,..
    P.S I don’t know my word will hurt people or not, because I’ve been waiting for a Hen for 2 years, and finally the exploit “TN Hen”came out-it was like a light that has shined upon me,:) (At Christmas 12/26 TN-A came out)
    So, please Total_noob, just continue with the TN-Hen Project, and I will support you whatever you do><

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