6.38 Downgrader by some1


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  1. Mamimi says:

    Wow, I hope this works. I had to upgrade for FFIV:CC, and hope to be able to go back to 6.20 some day.

  2. DISTRACTION45 says:

    Well,I wont try it since I got TN-D 6.20 on my 2nd PSP,there is no need.

  3. brandt says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use this to downgrade to 6.30 instead? Newer PSPs don’t allow anything older.

  4. psp200X says:

    IT WORK!! MANY THANKS >my psp slim 200x>6.38ofw>6.20ofw>6.35ofw>6.35pro-b5 😀

    This a very simple app, just put the official 6.20 updater in (ms0/ef0 accordingly)PSP/GAME/UPDATE, and run the downgrader, this will reboot into the 6.20 “update”, and allow you to downgrader to 6.20. Has been tested on 1k, 2k, 3k, and Go (doesn’t support 07g or 09g)

    IMPORTANT:DOWNLOAD 6.20 OFW first and put to PSP/GAME/(HERE) like above and then Run the 6.38 Downgrader –(MULTIPIE CHECK THE 6.20 OFW ON UR PSP AND MAKE SURE THAT 6.20 OFW FILE NOT CORRUPT)–

    Good luck !!

  5. somebody says:

    this works perfect on psp 3001 slim thank you some1

  6. zero says:

    good man!

  7. ALEX says:


  8. @ Wololo:

    This is a kernel exploit , there´s nothing between a
    usermode and a kernelmode 😉

  9. Coxy says:

    Well – like i said i would i threw my psp go at the first down grader and it worked.

    Perfect – TYVM some1 – i hope you do well in the competition.

    On a side note my psp go is a 9C if that helps anyone who is unsure.

  10. omfg i love you some one u are the man i respect u all the way 😀 😀 😀 😀

  11. thebywolf says:

    Works on psp 8A 3001 with secret code??

  12. Guelo says:

    OMG psp slim from 6.38 to 6.20 to 6.35 to 6.35 pro b-3

  13. Rubr1K says:

    Confirmed working on PSP Slim 2004, 02g model with TA-085v2 motherboard.

    Thanks to the developer, now to see if I have the *** to upgrade my TA-088v3 from 5.03 and play around with some permanent HEN goodness 🙂

  14. GOKU says:

    it is signed, and i can run it froom xmb, or need run it froom HBL…?

  15. GOKU says:

    that’s a good question jeje!!

  16. Rubr1K says:

    Update on my last comment:
    Tested and used with success on a PSP Slim 2004, 02g TA-085v2 from 6.35 to 6.20.

    @GOKU: Seems to be signed, it starts for me using OFW 6.20 on my TA-085v2 PSP Slim.

  17. Jose_luis070 says:

    I tried it and it works because I tested it on a psp 1001 and worked as proved in pspgo tell them whether they will walk

  18. The downgrader works by allowing the starting of ANY SCEA Updater below your current version. I don’t think the issue is going below a certain version, but rather an issue with 07g-09g PSPs themselves, because wouldn’t you just be able to use this with 6.35 Update instead of 6.20 instead?

    • Jurian says:

      Not if the downgrader only looks for the 6.20 update and not any others, then it will only work with 6.20.

  19. alex says:


  20. Will says:


    it worked for my psp 3000 and toke 5 minutes out of the 20 hours of searching : \

  21. Dalton_Corazon says:

    Though sony will give up and abandon ship hahaha. BYE BYE hello PS3 and NGP

  22. Hob0Dan1 says:

    It works great on my 3000 03g History >6.20pro b-5>6.38 ofw>6.20>6.20 prob-5>PErmanent 6.20 prob-5

  23. AaronDigs says:

    How do i put it on the e flash for the psp go, im very confused on how i access that?

  24. eric says:

    some1 thank you so much keep up the good work. im so happy today

  25. jhayveee says:

    how do i know if my psp is 07g-09g?? im so noob about this kind of stuff… can u help me??i have psp 3001

  26. Suzana says:

    Comment faire sur psp GO ? SVP

  27. yehia says:

    after i downgraded to 6.20 succsesfully to 6.20
    can i upgradae safly to 6.35???

  28. Revanth says:

    This is working on pspgo and psp 3004.Infact all psp models.Thank you some1.You are awesome

  29. kboy35 says:

    I tired on my psp 3001 6.38 works like a charm!

  30. zzzzzz says:

    Why does it say md5 error?

  31. Lololol says:

    Does this work on psp 3006 ?

  32. sooban says:

    please any body send this program to my Email …….because I cant download it……I will appreciate you
    my Email:sooban_vazir@yahoo.com

  33. Erica says:

    Thanks alot. it works!

  1. June 23, 2011

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