Wololo 2.0

This is by far my biggest project ever. It literally took years of planning, and months of development.

Although I wasn’t directly involved in most of the development phase (I was only needed for the early stages, my wife did the rest of the development), I will be actively maintaining it and make sure bugs are fixed quickly.

Well, I don’t plan to release it publicly, so you wouldn’t care, but I plan to spend lots of time on this project in the years to come, so as a counterpart I will need to reduce my involvement in the PSP scene.

It will become a bit hard for me to keep doing all the stuff I was doing so far, so I will probably post much less in this blog from now on, but this site and the /talk forums will stay open and maintained. I will also of course keep handling the genesis competition until it is complete (you still have 15 days to submit your entries!), and I will do my best to keep working on my pet project, Wagic (don’t be too worried for Wagic, I am not the only dev working on it anymore, and we have lots of stuff coming for Wagic soon, stay tuned!)

My new project, Wololo 2.0. It already required roughly 9 months of development, but there’s still lots of work

As far as the PSP scene is involved, I will of course try to follow it, but I believe my last major involvement with the scene will be the Genesis competition. It is awesome to see that the scene is still alive and kicking, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next for this console, although I must admit that Sony’s recent behavior with the scene is making writing this blog post much easier than I thought it would be.

This is not a goodbye, merely a message saying “don’t contact me if I don’t blog about the latest CFW, because I’ll be busy”.

I want to use the opportunity to thank m0skit0 and JJS for HBL, that was by far the most exciting era for me in my PSP hacking journey, and it was an honour to work on such a great project with developers that are so talented. Special thanks also go to Fanjita who shared the sources of the eLoader with me, this code was a major source of help for HBL, but also I was humbled to be contacted by such a great guy. Fanjita, thanks for letting my PSP run scummvm 5 years ago. Thanks to the wagic devs for sticking with the project for so many months/years, and to the people playing Wagic, or contributing to our community. Many thanks also go to the mods and admins on /talk, they are the ones who keep our  forums friendly and safe. Finally, thanks to everyone I met directly or indirectly on the PSP scene. Despite being in this world for the past 5 years, I’m still amazed at what people can manage to do with their PSP, even when Sony try everything they can to prevent customers from actually using their devices.

  1. Wamphyri2b’s avatar

    Best project anyone could announce!


  2. shortboy’s avatar

    3 days late but damn congrats, good sir.


  3. Zelt’s avatar

    We shall make it better stronger faster.

    Also I think of you pick it up to fast right after it eats I seems to eject some ram, Can this be used in a exploit?


  4. cure’s avatar

    congrats! the name WOLOLO was my everyday routine when i search in google! since the first day i read your blog.


  5. Di’s avatar

    I m sure u will take care of this project like no one best wishes that he becomes as strong as smart. No bugs i think


  6. masterfu’s avatar

    lol you made this announcement sounds like a programming project, but it’s really just a baby.

    is it a boy or a girl? and it is mixed-blooded right, French and Japanese?


  7. JACK1005’s avatar

    Thats a great news :D…………… Good Luck to you and you wololo 2.0 and also your wife Too….

    Congrats :D


  8. vjkjh’s avatar

    fuck this release hen for 6.37 already


  9. zeroxphesnos’s avatar

    Congrats Wololo :) I to have 2 of my own. A 2 year old and a 3 month old. They really are a blessing.


  10. StriderHien’s avatar

    dunno why people keep saying congratz to you wololo, after all you were “only needed for the early stages”
    which i guess were even… “fun”…
    anyway i sure hope wololo 2.0 won’t have any serious “bug” but you know… most “programs” have to go through a “beta version” where bugs are found and resolved…

    out of metaphor,
    basically i told you to vaccinate the baby or make it go trough illnesses when he’s young and still get easy antibodies without serious problems :D


  11. NsAnE’s avatar

    Congratulations Wololo.

    I want to thank you for everything you’ve done with the scene, my summer of 2010 was more interesting and my PSP no longer hides in the lonely shadows it was once bound to. You have brought to me hope that I would have never found and I will never forget the work you have done. I will also continue following your site, along with /talk and the PSP scene.

    Thank you and Good luck.



  12. Flyer’s avatar

    ohoho, Congratulations bro :D


  13. Oberon’s avatar


    Have lotsa fun with the new one, thank yer wife everyday, and start drinking heavily! (jk)

    (The reason he won’t be as involved is because he is already busy on Wololo 3.0, which was put on hold for 9 months or so…..)



  14. Kill3rb33’s avatar

    Hey man, congratz, and good luck!! :-)


  15. koSiukaS’s avatar

    WOLOLO 1.0 – THE PSP
    WOLOLO 2.0 – THE NGP


  16. p4cm4n’s avatar

    congratulations mate!

    Nice to hear such good news :D


  17. imthemiz’s avatar

    hey, congrats wololo take care …….BUT if the baby is the cause for you to leave the scene its ok cuz your a father now im happy and proud for you hey whats is her/his name?


  18. you’s avatar



  19. Lejam987’s avatar

    Can i be a beta tester? Congrats :D


  20. Amarildo’s avatar

    Wololo, parabens e que esse seu projeto seja o mais perfeito de todos….


    Amarildo – Pais Brasil


  21. Fouyouyou’s avatar

    Congratulation Wololo.
    See you soon.


  22. Squin49’s avatar

    I was offline for a while cuz my psp was unusable,

    but Congratulations wololo!!
    but.. where’s the download or sourcelink??


  23. Yeshua/Baphomet’s avatar

    It’s a shame to see you step back from the PSP scene, you’ve been making some awesome stuff, but I’m glad to see its for a great cause. Will your child grow up to be an awesome hacker/developer like you? :) Let’s hope so.


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