PSP Power Controller – all your PSP functions available instantly (Genesis compo entry)

PSP Power Controller is a new plugin joining the PSP Genesis Competition. This entry by SnyFbSx (don’t try to pronounce it, you’ll end up in a hospital :) ) allows you, among other things, to setup some key shortcuts to access some of your PSP’s main functions. For example, by default, this plugins lets you reboot your PSP by pressing Home + Square, going into sleep mod with Home + Triangle, etc…

All of this is of course configurable, which makes of PSP Power controller a very useful plugin, which on top of this is Open source (see the homebrews thread for the sources). Awesome!


Download here (or alternate link here). Sources and latest versions can be found on the Plugin’s official thread here

  1. MitMakis’s avatar

    I tried to pronounce it, oh shi-

    Well, it looks ugly as hell ._. , but maybe it’s functions will keep it on my PSP.


  2. Maxaxle’s avatar

    Ugly? Yes. Useful? Possibly.



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