HomebrewStore – When the PSN doesn’t work, you still have homebrew (Genesis compo entry)

I’ve seen many attempts at a “Homebrew Store” on the PSP, most of them failed due to lack of support in the long run, but this one clearly seems to be the exception. HomebrewStore has been around for a little while, and if you don’t know this app you have to try it now.

This update brings a cross-platform feature that allows you to queue downloads from your iphone, so that next time you run the store on your psp, it will start downloading the homebrews immediately.

I feel that this homebrew has been a bit under my radar for the past few months, which is a shame given how professional it looks. And which is why I was happy to accept this new version in the Genesis competition.

No need to look for homebrews all over the place anymore, now that you have the store. Very impressive :)

Here is the full changelog since the homebrewstore’s first release:


  • Mobile Device Queuing Support
  • Adds Genesis Competition Splash Screen (flashes quickly on first start due to Store Preparations taking the rendering loop)
  • Includes LivePatch 4190310 (Screenshots for items)
  • Includes LivePatch 4090644 (Scalable Storefront Categories)


  • Improved patching support
  • Bugfix in patch error handling
  • Click sound added
  • Slightly modified user interface
  • Includes LivePatch 222416 (Adds percentages to download progress bar)
  • Includes LivePatch 2261007+3050410 (Adds search capability)


  • Patches can now be automatically applied while the client checks for updates


  • Revamped user interface
  • Content listings now report number of downloads (Data collected since 1/27/2011)
  • Categories can now be sorted by number of downloads
  • Content being downloaded will now display transfer progress
  • Firmware requirement dropped from 6.20 to 5.00


  • Chances of content download corruption when installing more than one item during a single use reduced
  • Content installation folder is now displayed on item description pages
  • A menu selection bug that could cause the user to be stuck when changing pages was fixed


you can download (then install manually) HomebrewStore here. (alternate link here). There are however many other cool ways to download the homebrew store, including directly from your PSP. You can see the download links in the homebrew’s thread here.

  1. Nativedudelol’s avatar

    are you able to download homebrew and emulators straight to your psp with this?? Without need of a computer??!!


  2. Mud’s avatar

    Inever tried this app but it sounds great!!
    Down loading it now.
    Thanks Wololo for sharing the info.

    lol, any chance of Wagic on the Xbox1..? :)
    Big fan of Wagic thanks for that.


  3. TLR’s avatar

    Damn. This shit is ILL.


  4. Mitch’s avatar

    I have been using this since it first came out. I’m am glad that it has gotten so far in its development.


  5. Pancholoko’s avatar

    realyyy cool homebrew! is confortable not to be allways next to my pc :D


  6. Pancholoko’s avatar



  7. pspmodel2001’s avatar

    I keep gettin’ an error that saying HBSInit.lo is missing.


  8. God Eater>>’s avatar

    hahaha works great


  9. halo’s avatar

    super nice hombebrew :) i´ve tried it a few seconds ago an i have to say: who needs psn anymore XDDD
    but: where is the option which storage u want the homebrew to be downloadet in? (psp go user)


  10. H2Otter’s avatar

    awsome entry 2 thumps up :)


  11. hacktester’s avatar

    My favourite homebrew in the Genesis compo so far.Im not really into homebrew thing(also because you have to search a lot for the homebrew you are looking for),but this is BRILLIANT!
    This may aswell win the Genesis Combo.It definitely deserves it.


  12. ddffgg’s avatar

    in user agreement is says that ip address are recorded.. should we all worry about that?


  13. Faustus’s avatar

    EXCELLENT!! Already tried and works marvelous on 5.03Hen.
    Could this be the Winner?


  14. magicdragon’s avatar

    i cant get anything to download, and every thing take for ever to load

    im running 5.50 prome-4

    help i really like this app but if its not gonna work


  15. bombo’s avatar

    its says it shut down



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