PSN Hack: Why I blame Sony more than the hackers


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  1. svanheulen says:

    I also blame Sony for dropping the ball. Again. Although I think them saying everything was compromised is just to cover their ***. It hopefully was encrypted and everything is safe, but I had my bank issue me a new debit card just in case.

    I think the real issue is not that they got hacked but that they waited 10 days to tell people that their credit cards may have been stolen. That’s beyond unacceptable.

    Also it bothers me that even though my account was closed months ago they must have kept my information in their system because I got the warning email.

  2. Jurian says:

    What’s your opinion on what this says?

    Even if it was due to a ps3 cfw exploiting things, I still blame sony. And if what that guy in the link above says is true, then they should be drawn and quartered. Developer network or no, it’s idiotic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Confirmed, no PSN hacking as told above. Just an anti-piracy measure.

    Confirmado, PSN no esta hackeado realmente. Es uan medida antipirateria.

    Found similar things like that in other pages.

    • Angel says:

      So, they were not hacked?? they desprestiged themselves just for those guys that were buying free games?, it’s kind of hard to believe, or I am misunderstanding this

      • wololo says:

        I’m with Angel on this one. This is too bad for their image to be fake. Some information did get stolen, there’s no question about this to me.

        • svanheulen says:

          Exactly. No one would willingly admit that 77 million user accounts were possibly compromised if it wasn’t true. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be both though.

    • equis says:

      Hard to believe coming from a tiny forum with only two replies, taking into account the nature of the theme. Aside there are other unanswered questions, like actions taken previously by Sony, preventing this kind of actions months before, banning accounts, etc. This kind of behaviour, further, is easly detected (I think) by the administrators, so, why disconnect 77 millions in favor of some thousand of games easly detectable?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well it seems like that. As told by wololo there is no possible explanation to get “all your info” at once. And i found several pages with codes to get DLCS and games using the CFW Rebug. 3.55.1, 3.56 and 3.6testbuild. So it may be that it was an anti-piratery measure, but also that could be the beginning of something else using Rebug, but no possible for hackers to get al 77million data info of CreditCard, Info and PSNUser as told by Sony. So i strongly belive in the anti-piratery measure, fits best for a corp that does not want to lose a single dime. And its costs nothing almost nothing for them to close servers it costs more to users specially the ones with “OnlineGames”. And all the lost savedatas and DLC that were interrupted but charged.

  5. TMMDI says:

    I’ll bet Sony pretended there was a breach in security to cover up the fact they are stealing people’s money with their credit cards! *ominous music*

  6. bluesora98 says:

    I guess this is the situation now:
    -The users blame Sony for being overconfident in their security.
    -Sony blames the hackers for breaching their security.
    -The hackers blame the users for trusting Sony with their information.
    what a cycle hahaha

  7. The_Black_Panther says:

    Ya. I agree with Wololo and Angel. Sony will not announce something like this only to stop buying free games or something like that. Coz, this is already hitting them pretty hard. I believe, there security is truly hacked and some information has been stolen. And I don’t understand how come customers’ Credit Card information is stolen (until and unless PSN store them in their database.)???? And that’s not right.. 🙁

    • jlo138 says:

      You can store a credit or debit card on the site but you can remove those at any time. They remain there for your future purchases so you don’t have to put the info in each time. Whether or not they keep records of those cards even after removal is yet to be known. If they do, then yea that was a bad move on there part.

  8. Raziel says:

    PlayStation store Top 5 Downloads.

    1. Mastercard.xml
    2. Visa.xml
    3. call of duty..
    4. killzone 3…
    5. prince of persia


  9. Wolfdre says:

    There was a statement regarding the Rebug CFW using custom certificates and certain individuals thought it was for that reason that security was breached. This is isnt likely and those that were effected by such a scenario would also have to be running Rebug CFW on their console. So does seem plausible that the use of CFW had very little to do with this security breach.

  10. Wolfdre says:

    ^^^Sry for the spelling errors (This (is) isnt)

  11. 10$man says:

    Mind if I relay a story? (I got this from a possibly accurate source and possible accomplice of the hackers (yes with a “s”))

    Sony computers (Located in Sonys) are hooked up to Sony’s main frame. These computers have DIRECT access to Sony’s Main Frame. One of the hackers, Possibly a Sony employee (probably not) simply walked to one of these computer, plugged in a flash drive that contained a autorun file that booted a program to open some ports of the computer (known to other hackers in the group). These ports were then used to exploit the computer wirelessly. Then the real hacking began. The Main System know was in direct view of the hackers, possibly password protected. The hackers bypassed This and Gained access to Sony’s main system. The ports must be blocked for the Attack to stop (I believe they are but i can’t know for sure)
    The source that I found this out from said that:
    “Indeed members from Anonymous were involved”


    • svanheulen says:

      “Indeed members from Anonymous were involved”

      You say that like Anonymous is a clearly defined group of people. Anyone can say they’re part of Anonymous, that’s the point.

      • 10$man says:

        Annomous IS a group of people, I KNOW the members cannot be defined.
        I said nothing that says it is a defined group of people.

  12. Inside Job says:

    Its probably an inside job/ Sony’s drama to win the favor of the people about Geohotz….

    Or to make people hate CFW’s….

    Good work though Sony on the gadgets but not the network….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous its not involved in any manner.

    • svanheulen says:

      The hackers aren’t giving out their names are they? Do you know the definition of anonymous? Like I said, that’s the beauty of anonymous, anyone can be anonymous and no one is in charge so you can’t say who is or isn’t anonymous.

  14. Jim says:

    Well, I’m not so sure it’s a result of an Anonymous attack towards Sony as they have compromised PSN users’ accounts and not Sony themselves. Anonymous stated they didn’t want to disrupt PSN services as this effects users more than Sony. But then again, who knows!? Whoever has attacked Sony I am certain it was immigrants, they are to blame for everything these days.

  15. Shinny says:

    i dont care about psn cuz i dont have one… and yeah ill never blame hackers they give freedom to the console

  16. Cloudhunter says:

    Wow, some people really believe that Sony would fake 70 million users information being stolen to cover up that people were downloading games for free?

    Accounts compromised is a way bigger thing than a few users downloading stuff. It would be like saying that they commuted murder to cover up a petty crime.

  17. oxenh says:

    this is a total dissaster by sony
    the don´t care for user
    the only think they care is how mony gonna lost with this
    i more than happy of selling my ps3 and buying with the same money a wii and another stuffs XD

  18. dan says:

    sony should have known better
    (i know this is off topic, but can somone please give me a step by step tutorial on how to get cwcheatpops to work on 6.20 pro b-5?, and where do i put the DB for cwcheat/pops? thank you in advance)

  19. Asmith906 says:

    Wololo, I didn’t peg as the kind of guy who defend people who are doing something that is clearly illegal and doesn’t do anything that helps consumers but actually hurts them. While it is bad to defend a company when the screw up it’s just as bad to defend the criminals that did this because you are anti Sony.

    • wololo says:

      Uh? Did you actually read the article? Where do I defend the criminals? I said I blame Sony *more* that these hackers, not that I didn’t blame the hackers at all…

    • Huey says:

      Tsk tsk. See what happens when you skip English class?

  20. cscash241 says:

    DID U SAY THE PASSWORD WERE NOT ATLEAST MD5 HASHED???!!!! and the credit card info wasn’t encrypted???

  21. Norml says:

    Sony’s fault, Consumers get plowed over and over again. It’s a prevalent idea that’s been used widespread through out companies.

  22. dan says:

    nevermind my last post
    the cwcheatpops part, i got it working
    just not for shadow man 🙁

  23. dan says:

    (got shadow man working)

  24. Gen. TJ says:

    i read in a article that some that worked for sony is the one that hacked the net work and stole the info.
    and that he was fired and will be facing charges times the amount of users info he stole

  25. jlo138 says:

    @wololo, when this is finally solved you can re-do the poll on whether we would buy sony products again. My answer will have changed by then more than likely.

  26. Tesseract says:

    It’s possible and even likely the passwords and cc info are saved in some encrypted format, however if the people who got the info took the encrypted data, Sony would have to consider it potentially compromised as there is always the possibility however remote that someone could decrypt it. (of course even if the encryption were somehow completely unbreakable that still wouldn’t excuse their other security lapses nor their long delay in alerting customers.)

  27. yeahbitches says:

    as long as the network is back on i am totaly fin man
    and didnt you read the guy might have been working at sony so do you think he relized that when he hacked the net work

  28. Dongtian86 says:

    One would think this is Sony’s mess they had the warnings and chose to ignore (ddos) attacks then did nothing about upping there security on said sites. Most likely this could have been prevented. To blame anonymous is a excuse for there incompetent choices. The knowledge of the attacks was out there someone used this to his/her advantage.

  29. MaxMouseDLL says:

    I also have no way to be contacted easily in person.

    You sure about that? :p

  30. TobeyDemon says:

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