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PSN Hacked: Sony released a FAQ


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  1. mr-carazy says:

    does that mean that are all purchase history is deleted and we have to buy the games again to download them again.

    • theSituation says:

      No it just means the people who stole the information have your purchase history. I don’t think they have the power to delete your account or your purchases.

  2. kafa1942 says:

    we cannot comment further at this time… :)) damn …

  3. jlo138 says:

    I didn’t get an email. Maybe because I removed my card from the site a few months ago. Anywho, I have all my PSN games already. I always figured PSN would not be online forever so I made it a point to backup all my PSN Games AND Licenses so I would never have to redownload them again. It’s easy to do because the games’ folder is titled the same as the license code for that game. Copy both to an external HDD and there ya go. I used Media Go and I hated that they automatically transferred the Update (when available) to my connected PSP. Then it would tell you that you needed to update… I would then remove the update from the PSP. I was like “I’m staying on 6.20!”. I never had problems playing any games I got but I will say that they don’t tell you that you have to update to play this new game or that game… It was funny though because I used to see HBL in my Media Go screen when my PSP was connected to it…

  4. Lejam987 says:

    It seems like all the answers were “We cannot comment further at this time.”

  5. Dan says:

    Yeah, great! “We cannot comment further at this time.” Thank you very much. I had to cancel my credit card and change passwords to my internet banking. The service isn’t working and who’s going to pay for this?
    And I’ve learnt one thing after all of this. I stop using my real credit card with online games and change to prepaid cards. There is one that is accepted almost everywhere: Steam, Facebook, League of Legends, Aion and even Skype. That’s a good alternative. I don’t want to go through the same troubles again.

  6. bwitzberger says:

    I am ***! There goes my 3 month subscription!

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