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PSN Hack: Sony advises some customers to cancel their credit card


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33 Responses

  1. Lorz says:

    What gets me is that sony is just now admitting this happened, the information was stolen on the 17th through the 19th, today is the 27th
    Alot of time for some of that information to have been put to use by whoever stole it.

    The fact that they waited so long to tell everyone kinda makes me think they only told because they figured it had gotten too big to hide any longer, this stinks heavily of a cover your *** manuver

  2. Dunnow says:

    Sony stated that they WILL NOT contact via email anyone under any circumstances so… it’s a scam

    • Lorz says:

      SCEA did say that, but did SCEJ say the same?
      Although i’m inclined to agree with you, the fact that he got an email does seem a little fishy

    • wololo says:

      Wrong, they said they would not contact you to ask for personal information, not that they would not contact you at all. You only read half of their sentence.

      From the Sony blog:
      Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security number or other personally identifiable information.

      The email my friends received was legit.

    • Seth Miller says:

      Wow someone doesn’t know how to read and needs to go back to the first grade Sony did contact me via E-mail!

  3. onyxx says:

    I got the email for 2 different accounts only one of them had a credit card attached to it. I have my friend and brother attached to my account as well as mine to theirs so this also may have been a suspicious flag and a reason I was sent an email.

  4. Adrian Smith says:

    So would it be fine to go after the HACKERS that did this or is that still of limits?

    • wololo says:

      Intruding on a private network the way they did it is clearly illegal in most countries and this sounds like a perfectly reasonable rule to me, so the hackers who did this deserve to be punished IMO.

      But in my mind Sony is clearly guilty of not implementing a valid security system, much more guilty than these hackers. you can’t expect a world made of only good people who won’t abuse the system (in this case, a private network). But you can expect to find good security engineers in a company that charges 70euros for each video game they sell. I expect the costs of security to be included in the price of the games and the hardware…

      Which clearly wasn’t the case here. Sony is guilty of believing that because their clients where “controlled” (unhackable PS3s), they didn’t have to secure the server side too much… that’s very very presomptuous.

      • Adrian Smith says:

        There is no such thing as “unhackable” Though if there is a silver lining it may be that we might get a better service from sony with improved security. Also people need to separate the good hackers from the *** and not put everyone on a pedestal including sony. They f’ed up but it’s weird that most people put ALL the blame on sony and none on te bastards that did this.

        • Lorz says:

          Don’t forget, even beyond having weak security, Sony did kinda put targets on thier chests for hacker groups when they got sue happy all the sudden…… yeah ultimatly the person who did it is responsible, but Sony pretty much asked for this….

    • Lorz says:

      “go after the HACKERS”?????

      That’s law enforcements job my friend, and personally i think the chance of these hackers being caught is pretty slim unless they try to use some of the credit card info they are said to have aquired……. These attacks likely did not come out of someones living room, the hackers were probably smart enough to use a public Wifi hotspot, and purchased a $300 disposable laptop just for this occassion registering the installed software with false credentials.

      • clockdryve says:

        I don’t really think anything will come of the stolen credit card numbers. These guys were *** because “that” hacker got snapped up by Sony and sued…so these guys bust in and tear *** up and take the CC and user info’s of everyone (or many)…just to scare the snot out of Sony. There is a such a thing as an “honest” hacker. They did this to annoy Sony, most of us will agree. Do you think fear is an annoyance…..yes 🙂

  5. sony can kiss my ass says:

    an other reason why i hate to but games from an online store.

    and that is just great, they make a lawsuit againt geohot but they don’t make a secure server where private information is stored?

    people need to start a lawsuit againt sony and claim damage compensation cuz of sony’s crappy security.

  6. bob says:

    I haven’t had any credit card info attached to my psn acct for months now. I hope that means I’ll be alright.

  7. svenn says:

    Sony fails, and who is getting the *** ? history repeats very quick.

  8. Universalconsole says:

    Id laugh if it was geohot.

    • Lorz says:

      lol, i think he’s had enough of sony, so i kinda doubt he would want to draw any more attention to himself……… this is definatly related though, there are still alot of people *** off enough at Sony to try to make a statement, I doubt this is the last attack either.

  9. Urahara72 says:

    I’m just hoping that whoever is behind the attack is only out to get Sony and not to punish their customers.

  10. paKO JONES says:

    It is said that Sony has SERIOUS security problems… Be affraid of terrorists, Sony and hire more security personal, Bin Laden may be around jajaja. Rememeber that you also exist in real world and if you protect yourself this way in an electronic environment… ohhh spooky, uh?

  11. paKO JONES says:

    @ wololo

    Sorrry but this time I don’t agree with you. This was expected because of Geo Hotz’s legal problem and they said that suit was going to have consequences, so there you go. I think they deserve a punishment, no doubt, mainly because of the kind of info they stole, but also you should admit Sony got into the lion’s den when they decided to suit a hacker. Sony should’ve listen to these hackers when they told them they would help them with the security issues they had (still do). Don’t you think?

    • wololo says:

      I don’t think I said anything that contradicts what you say. However I think saying “don’t fight against hackers because hackers can retaliate” is fundamentally wrong.
      I think Sony was wrong to sue George Hotz, but not because “the hackers community would retaliate”, rather because the reason they sued him are against everything I fight for.

      I don’t think endangering a system’s security like this is doing any good for the cause people like George Hotz fight for.

      In other words, yes, Sony got it coming, but I would be ashamed of the hackers community if this action was taken as a warning to big companies like “don’t mess with hackers because we are stronger than you”. To me that’s like terrorism. I’d rather have Sony sit around a table with “white hats” hackers and discuss reasonable demands about homebrew and unsigned code, rather than people doing that kind of guerilla against the company.

      Yes, Sony should listen to hackers, but should not listen out of fear. That’s just wrong.

      • paKO JONES says:


        May be I didn’t make myself clear, what I wanted to say is that Sony deserved this because of what they did, also for being so mean when it comes to let users get the most of the devices they buy, because of the freeware thing and because of sueing Geo Hotz. I recognize that if I were you I’d be really angry because of this situation, I mean, it’s a personal info and credit card info issue too. THe only thing to do is hope these hackers don’t make bad use of our info and that this was only a bad taste joke.

  12. svanheulen says:

    I had my PSN account closed and my funds returned months ago and I still got the email. Which means even though I closed my account they kept my information in their system. Now I have to get a new debit card, awesome.

  13. Lorz says:

    Class action lawsuits against Sony are already being started…… my information was compromised too and i have the email from Sony to prove it…… I wonder how I might go about joining one of these class action suits

  14. Yosh says:

    Hey I finally received their email too lol !!
    Naturally I just don’t care about THEIR data being robbed since :
    – the data I provided them were fake (except the password naturally lol)
    – I’d never use my credit card on some psn when we can find custom psn cards in shops

    If everybody was just being as careful as I am, there wouldn’t be any problem lol !!

  15. Yosh says:

    Additionnaly, that’s another reason why dematerialized games aren’t necessarily a good idea :
    now their data is comprised for instance, how would they know anymore if xx really paid for a game, online ? They couldn’t know.

    • clockdryve says:

      When you connect your PSP to Media Go, a PS3 or by Wifi….Sony can see ANYTHING on your PSP that they want. They check your websites viewed on the PSP…what GAMES you play and how long…and often. ANY game that is downloaded requires a “license” and a hacked game does NOT require the license. So they just need to check to see if you have a match.

      You are no where even CLOSE to having any of your information or movements secure on your little PSP so know this 🙂

  16. Yosh says:

    I know about that but I never put sensitive information on my psp
    I just play on it lol
    And what I meant is, that now their psn got hacked, these hackers could have potentially modified what for informations they had, so that they couldn’t know anymore who did what.
    That would a possibility, even if unprobable.

  17. bwitzberger says:

    You should blame SONY!….they have been down this road before!!!remember the last security breach?? Update your servers! Its not rocket science! WOW!

  18. bwitzberger says:


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