PSN got severely hacked, your personal information was stolen


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  1. NoobSauce says:

    And you’re convinced this is actually what happened?

    I don’t trust Sony enough to consider that the gospel truth about what happened. Isn’t it more likely they shut it down to keep unauthorized people (read: CFW) off the PSN?

    • wololo says:

      @NoobSauce: this announce is really bad for Sony, they wouldn’t tell this if it weren’t true. They will lose customers and lots of money with this announce. They are being honest about what’s happening, which is a really good move for their customers who are now aware of the situation, but clearly not for them. So I don’t see how this could be a marketing move here.

      Now I feel super bad I put my real information in there, for each one of my accounts (I have one per country…)

  2. Lukian says:

    Phew, I’m lucky (and don’t use psn) because my father would kill me D;

  3. Eric says:

    So, this is what happened. how long till they fix this issue? This could destroy sony if the people who did this uses the credit card info. Would sony give every one the back the money that gets stolen? wow, this sucks… but these guys i have to admit, are very impressive to hack it like this. By the way, This is the first time i posted on here. good work wololo. love the site.

    • Osprey says:

      Credit cards are generally covered by fraud protection through the issuing bank. Visa even has a fraud protection guarantee on every card with their logo. Banks have recourse available to them for transactions reported as fraudulent. Sony can’t do any of those things. So watch you accounts, report anything strange to your bank and many will return funds from fraudulent transactions within 24 hours. No one is going to need Sony to pay them back. Legally, you even have 6 months to notice and report a fraudulent transaction. And considering Sony has said they don’t believe any credit card numbers were compromised, only that they can’t rule it out, there’s no sense starting a panic. Identity theft and compromised passwords are a far bigger concern.

  4. Fade says:

    Does this count for PSPs

    • wololo says:

      Yes, whatever way you accessed the PSN, your information is stored the same way, it is a shared account for all devices: PSP, Media Go, QRiocity, PS3,…

  5. Eric says:

    how long till psn is back up? could they be rebuilding the entire network for improvement?

  6. ranch0076 says:

    Is sony done for… ? because this could hurt them very badly….

  7. hiro says:

    luckily I don’t have a credit card attached on my account…

  8. d says:

    Err..This shouldn’t affect most people on this site. If you’re here, you’ve most likely hacked your console. WHICH MEANS YOU SHOULD NOT ACCESS PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wololo says:

      I happen to use MediaGo and the Playstation Store to buy my stuff, when Sony does not lock me out of the PSN for various reasons. So yeah, although I haven’t used the PSN in a while (because Sony does not let me), I stil have my private information in there.

  9. akai1987 says:

    Sony gets more enemies day by day. 🙂 Maybe, it’s a sort of protesting or something.

  10. Eric says:

    I hacked my psp, but not my ps3 because im brand new to it (got it this christmas) so i decided not to hack it right away. and this is what people get for not hacking their consoles…

  11. jake says:

    urg i wonna play games online! !@#$ you guys im going home….

  12. Lejam987 says:

    After all that happened to Sony…will this be the last blow, ’cause it’s a grab to the nuts.

  13. RockingWellTibbers says:

    I’m sure this happen. Anonymous rejecting the cause? Psh, you *do* realize that anonymous is just bunch of random people in IRC, supporting the threat against Sony. Thus, the “hacker” is obviously apart of anonymous because you cannot really define who anonymous are.

    Wake up and smell the coffee 😀

    Screw Anonymous and those who support it. I feel bad for Sony situation. And just to show you, I only have a PSP-1001 that I haven’t touch in years. I just happen to play Wagic a lot 😀

    • wololo says:

      as I told on other forums already, if Anonnews doesn’t mark the act as an “Anonymous” act, then it’s not.
      It is a loose organization, and the only thing they can really do is put an “Anonymous” label on some stuff that happens. When they don’t put such a label, it means it’s not one of their acts, by definition.

      Even if the hackers have been involved with other anonymous actions in the past, this specific action is not labeled as “Anonymous”.

      Put in other words, the fact that you work for company X does not mean that your posts on my blog represent Company X’s opinion, not even that you intended to post in their name.

      Or another example, my work on Wagic is not a Greenpeace product, even if I went to an anti-nuclear protest last week. (not that this happened, but you see the point)

      • doppio says:

        I think people related to the annonymous attacks are responsible for this, but obiously they are doing it by themselves and not declaring it an annonymous (group) thing. No need to be sherlock holmes to figure this is a consecuense of all the Sony hating annonymous (group) fueled that time.

  14. juan321 says:

    damn i think hack a firmware, a psp or a ps3 isn’t bad because we have all the right to play our backups o some homebrews but hack the psn that sucks if sony bankruptcy we will never have the NPG or new games i’m in disagree with this hackers fu*k them :/

  15. TMMDI says:

    I’m glad I use Steam instead of PSN, but yeah I feel for you guys who have your information stored in the PSN.

  16. madman158 says:

    “After days of speculation, Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Network and Qriocity were infiltrated and personal details, including credit card data, was compromised. The system was hacked three full days before Sony shut down PSN access. The official announcement comes only after Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal publicly chastised Sony for it’s slow response to the problem. It is also interesting to note that they waited until after the press conference for their soon-to-be-released PlayStation tablet and after the stock market has closed.”

    I bet Bill Gates is having a party over this.

  17. hackerspawnedsony says:

    thats why SONY, MICROSOFT,squre enix and even facebook is hiring hackers.. because they know hackers these day are far more way better than their programmers and developers and their so scared that one day their security will be breached.. with hackers by their side, no one will sabotage their products..


  18. Tonch says:

    The other thing I’m wondering is why I haven’t received an email or any other communication from Sony telling me that my hypothetical street address and credit card information was stolen.

    That seems like kind of an important thing to do.
    If I wasn’t up on gaming news all the time I would never have known unless I tried accessing the PSN and looked up why it wasn’t working (I haven’t connected my PSP to it ever since I put HBL on it).

  19. MarkMG says:

    Well it has a common component used by any cheap politician since the beginning of times (and a popular one lately)… the name is FEAR.

    To me this is just some bullsh*t to turn ppl against the hacker community and cause fear and confusion, that’s how you turn a big bunch of free ppl into slaves ;D.

    It would be funny that they went as far as to abuse the information just to prove their point and blame others for it. Just my two cents, if i’m wrong then i apologize and rectify, they’re not liars, they’re just stupid, Lol.

    • doppio says:

      Sony cannot do that. If they said there was an attack then it should be true. Your comment just fuels all the conspiracy theorist out there and the Sony hating. You are the one creating fear like a politician.

  20. MarkMG says:

    Wololo… 😉

    • MarkMG says:

      Oh geez sorry this got sent separately, just thanks for letting us all know about this things Wololo, and ppl, keep your eyes open, but not enough to believe all they see ^^.

  21. Rob says:

    I am very concered because my best friend I let him watch netflix on his ps3 and we share th account now im concerned do they have my vreit card info?

  22. man_of_power05 says:

    this makes all hackers look bad…

  23. bluesora98 says:

    wow…Sony is going downhill, real hard-first,6.20 hen was released givving a lot of life to the homebrew community. and anonymous attack.then 6.38 exploit found.and let us also not forget ps3 being hacked.and now psn got pwned
    Sony is really having problems NOW…

  24. boytellunews says:


  25. axel says:

    this problem is very big for Sony…

  26. A says:


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