Video: TN-Hen 6.38 Proof of concept


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119 Responses

  1. hiro says:

    I think its the iso issue + the fact that Total Noob doesn’t want anyone else to use “his” exploit

    • [iop]wah says:

      My Point on TN and PRO:

      1.Lets admit that PRO is better in almost all aspect than TN especially the loader, Im saying this in behalf of all who uses PRO.

      2.But TN is better to those afraid of bricking their psp, considering that there are risk in installing PRO.

      I said this stuff cause based on experience I use both TN and PRO up until now and not even a single brick on my console(PSP-Go) when changing HEN, so i got to say that i preffer PRO than TN, cause i get the chance to compare them even Total_Noob would agree on me to this.but nevertheless I respect both DEVS of TN and PRO cause they gaved me the opportunity to do the things I want with my psp.

      Straight to the point is that why not combine the two HENS to make it much more better, its just as simple as that, work together so no one will compare your works,ehem..becuase both have something the other dont have..

      • Ponso21 says:

        I totally agree you here but considering that TN doesn’t want ISO support because of piracy, this is most likely impossible unless TN decides to give up and team up with CB & VF.

  2. yellow says:

    if total noob does not want to release the hen its his decision not anyone else.

  3. the baba says:

    Your the man???
    people get things for free and still want more and on top of that give you *** in exchange>>>>
    i think you should do what u fell

  4. ranch0076 says:

    I’m totally in for homebrew, and plugins, I like to pay for my content, and find it ridiculous people pirate anyway.

  5. shortboy says:

    I’m mainly in it for the homebrew. I buy my UMDs (yes, they still exist, folks), but I ISO them so that my brother can play it on his GO.

  6. qwerty says:

    good news and good decision…

    Keep posting video updates about your hen… Dont mind those who hates you just do whatever you like…

    Oh and almost forgot… take care of your hen theres lots of bad elements out there that might steal your works…


  7. XxJJ says:

    Not releasing it? I really wish I could use my psp with 6.37 and get a HEN for it. If there is proof of something coming to 6.38, I can finally update. I had no plans off getting iso’s. The fact is, I guess I can’t afford alot of game for the psp, and pirating means someone is losing some money. I have not been able to use plugins (yet), so good luck with the development is all I actually have to say.

  8. Shinny says:

    my friend Tony is going to be so happy thx tn

  9. Shadowknight1620 says:

    It is sad but so true people shouldn’t be so harsh and unwilling to believe that something is true. It is very weird that people don’t trust eachother at all? We are all just lying all the time to eachother, NO! I can understand if someone you never heard of said I found an exploit it might not be true but TotalNoob the one that made it what it is today I would believe it is true why would he even waste his time because in all my time following him he has wasted no time working hard on his HEN to make sure it works properly. It is very very sad even from the beginning of 6.20 TN HEN people were calling it a fake and look now! I bet your using it now even if your running PRO your still using TN in a way. And as for people above 6.35 sorry shouldn’t have updated or sorry your psp is too new but complaining or assuming is not going to help rather embrace what we have and help maybe even you can find the next exploit and hope people are nice to you, I would hope so! TN should keep it underwrap till we figure what is going on with the psp scene with the NGP coming and psn down with maintenance we might have a big lump ahead of us it would be very smart as for the 95% you should be more grateful! :) Thank you Wololo for HBL you started it for me! Thank you TN for being awesome! Thank you Coldbird and VF for an Awsome LCFW and Thank you everyone!

  10. DCN says:

    I hope they never release it, but I would like to show some graditude for what they’ve done. They gave my lifeless PSP Go a new lease on life, and I wish I knew a way to pay em back. I’d donate but l got no money. Instead, I donate blood 3 times a year, and show my graditude by helping others as they helped me. Thank you devs! All of you!

  11. svenn says:

    The mainstream user doesn’t need kernel access, so not releasing it is the way to go, but don’t go put your deals on youtube then.

    In the end I’m prolly one of those 95%, I bought a PSP to *play games* and if Sony isn’t bringing what I want, I need to look for other solutions. What about it ?

    I bought my psp to play the simpsons game, I looked for this game over 10 stores none had it… it was 3 clicks away on the interwebz. My point is, its not up to the end-user or to developers to fix this piracy problem, but the management.

  12. OldMaverick says:

    I support TN decision!!

  13. John says:

    all of the people want his hen right now are the one who wants to pirate games:(. Others said they only want hombrews but you already can in lastes OFW (signed homebrews) & Some free psp games with Fake_np.
    we dont deserve his HEN

  14. milk says:


  15. Krozoa says:

    ii think is a good thing to do, but not the best reasons to do so, i have learned that no matter what you do for other there will always be peaple non greatful, i remember when HBL and the first TN HEN got out, the only thing i wanted was emulators, i thing he shouldnt not release it because that there arent to many new PSP out there, so it will be a waste, but anayway is his decision, afterall he already do too much for the scene and im gratefull, but i wish he just ignors those ungreateful peaple.

    but for me im fine with 6.20 TN HEN

  16. bluesora98 says:

    I am also one of the remaining 5%.

  17. akai1987 says:

    Okay? Then, we should respect his decision. Probably someday he may have a change of heart, etc.

  18. J-Spill says:

    Honestly, i bought my psp with the idea of pirating in mind. ILL ADMIT IT! but then i discovered “emulators”…….. :)
    next thing i know it i have 6.31OFW and loads of signed Emulators

  19. J-Spill says:

    Of course as soon as TN released and Daveee’s downgrader… well lets say TN-E is pretty cool

  20. Dallox says:

    Was that Minecraft PSP in the video?!

  21. Ponso21 says:

    I personally like TN-HEN’s work and decision on this but, will he still work on his 6.20 HEN? o_o

    I think the only reason anyone would want a HEN on 6.38 is because of
    1: Accidentally updated to 6.38 by someone which could be a friend, or little brother/sister, or worse him/herself. OR
    2: Bricked his/her beloved PSP through installing something which he/she sent to Zony for repairs. (No clue if this is possible at all. Never sent anything for repairs if something broke even IF it’s still on warranty.)

    As for people think that TN is better than PRO (or vice versa), it’s just a matter of taste, IMHO. Since everyone that has a PSP 5G or lower, an opportunity to choose between the two, I personally want TN’s work on 6.35 (Not 6.38 for obvious reasons) so that PSPs up to 9G can choose between TN and PRO, themselves.

  22. Binary Goblin says:

    Well .. I have two things to say about all this:
    1 – I support TN to take that attitude, I think the most accurate and correct visa your reasons for this. Much like Einstein felt the creation of the atomic bomb or Santos Dumont about the use of its aircraft in the war … But the way he did was wrong! Create HEN, evade a lot of people out there then simply treating everyone badly, speaking of ingratitude, disrespect, piracy … I buy my UMD’s, but I am particularly and extremely careful with my possessions … I do my backups, my iso’s road and keep my UMD’s pretty good on the shelf! I like to buy my games and feel like I’m supporting his creator to make more good games like the one I just got … I like the feeling of doing what is right! If you want something and not know how to do it the most correct is to remunerate those who do it for me …

    2 – I know who donates and supports developers who hold their jobs for free does willingly and as a form of gratitude. I know that much of what was given to him after the creation of 6.20 TN-HEN is more than well paid, since it released last week by the 5th release of his job very well done! But he was really a person who does everything for the sake of knowing more, learn more and always striving to go beyond, but instead it should release that HEN and let each one according to his conscience, he thought made the use of correct work. Since, it is not just that the goal of HEN? Leave that to the owner of a PSP make it what it can REALLY do? With that, he surely would get more donations and funds that could be reversed in more devices to continue his studies and his work! You see, by the end of the year we will NGP. How he intends to continue its work in an environment so new and promising without any expense? Being someone less hard and continuing to work longer, since, he does it for pleasure!

    Anyway, I think everything is a crisis of adolescent and somehow, a little treat, since he is not the only one in the current scene and sure soon there will be others who will do what he says has done. maybe not so fast or with as much quality as him, but will leave, as we did before, and all this fighting will not have cost anything!

    Sorry everyone about (very) BAD english… I am Brazilian and not usually post on sites outside of my Country, in addition to years without getting to practice my English, that being self taught is not the best!

    hugs to everyone!

  23. sp says:

    Thanks to the awesome Half-Byte Loader I’ve not really had a need for HENs any longer on my OFW PSP Go. I’m able to play all my favorite emulators via it now.

    I do wish I could play some of the UMDs I own such as Pangya and Gitaroo Man on my Go but my older PSPs still get the job done when that itch arises.

    But ISO loader or not, every version of HEN supports piracy in the form of emulators, homebrews that use copyrighted material, etc.

    About all I play anymore on my Go are GBA games and MVS titles with the occasional progear thrown in for frustration. So thanks to all the devs for all their hard work!

  24. sony can kiss my ass says:

    ok, don’t get me wrong i have nothing againt piracy (but i am not fighting for it) but this is just ***. why does every one want to run iso’s? the fact that 6.35pro has a build in iso loader was just a nice fuction but nothing more (i am only using it sinds i was on 6.31 before, if i was on 6.20 or below i was using tn).

    with things like tn hen you can run almost all homebrew and that is enough for me. and even then there are iso loader plug ins for it.

    besides, showing a video of a fully working hen but not releasing it is just teasing the 6.38 users.

    why not releasing it? do you care about the people complaining about lack of iso support? now you have people complaining about not releasing it. so just release it and let the 6.38 users prove they don’t care about piracy.

    just let the 5% enjoy the fun and tell the other ones to make their own hen with iso support if they think they can do it better.

  25. finley says:

    you suck tn just give all your exploits to the pro team they know what the people want.

    • HackThiefCoder93 says:

      If he sucks ,he wont have founded the tn firmwares(A-E) or the 6.38 exploits ,I like to see if you can do the same.

    • bluesora98 says:

      You don’t get it, do you? TN released the very first HEN for 6.20. Then the PRO team used his Hen to understand how the exploits works and then they made a CFW with ISO/CSO and a lot of people only like their CFW’s better is because of piracy. It’s a good thing TN is not releasing it because it can happen all over again. Give the guy a lot of credit. If you think he sucks, then you suck more a million times worse then TN like other ungrateful users.

  26. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    I say its his discovery ,he can realeast or not ,his decision.I support TN’s decision.

  27. GOKU says:

    BUENO, Yo creo que es mucho drama el que hacen mis camaradas,
    la verdad Total Noob lo hace para ser famoso, y claro que lo dara
    a conocer, solo que no desesperen le han de hacer falta un par de ajustes,
    preguntense esto, si el no quisiera compartir, creen que trabajaria en esto,
    y mas aun creen? que lo daria a conocer? verdad que nop, por lo cual no se
    preocupen solo hay que esperar, y otro punto recordemos que los ISO no son
    pirateria es el respaldo de nuestras UMD en una stick, si alguien quiere algun
    juego y no lo consigue comprado , pues venga la ostia que se lo descargue y ya!!! nop? que coño!!!

  28. GOKU says:

    despues de los precios tan inflados de los discos , se me hace justo que tegamos
    aunque sea 1 o 2 de retribucion… DI NO A LA GLOBALIZACION….

  29. jlo138 says:

    Lol, I think that is funny. At least since I’m on TN 6.20… I agree with him about the whiners etc. But I disagree about the piracy part but only partially. I see where he is coming from in that his work will not be used for good and all that. I did notice in his newest release HEN-E that he added USB mode for UMD. I have the Go so it does me no good but I used to own a fatty with 5.00 M33-6 and I know that option is used to copy UMD games. That is also considered piracy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t upload it to the net and only keep it for yourself. Your copying copyrighted material. So his HEN already allows some piracy. He just can’t use that excuse to not share it. I don’t care what he does with it honestly, but that excuse doesn’t work. Just so ya’ll know, I don’t hate the guy. I love his work. I hope some of you can see what I’m talking about.

    • HMm says:

      What country is that that considers making backups of your own legally bought material piracy? Are you typing this from North Korea by any chance?

      • Steven says:

        Why are you being so rude to people and being racist now? Wololo I would ban this guy if I were you

      • jlo138 says:

        Okay, maybe you don’t understand that even though you bought a game it doesn’t mean you can legally copy it… Also, he allows PSX eboots, and PSN sharing. All I said was that he can’t use the reason of piracy for not releasing the hen. He can go with any other reason but that one doesn’t work since he already implemented a form of it in the hen.

        • Abdullah says:

          Technically, if you have bought the game then you can do anything with it!

        • Dalton_Corazon says:

          And another thing… You can back up all games to your memory, IF your lazy enough to carry lots of lots of UMDs and it also goes to PSX and PSN. Buying what you want in PSN network to the fullest and yet block by zoni for a couple of days because of its expirations. Try to think of it, you still own your games wherever you bought it and keep it as your own. (unless you shared it and that will considered another issues)

  30. Razor1993 says:

    Bruder Richtige entscheidung es nicht zu releasen wenn es solche Parasiten im netz gibt!
    Dann sollen die mal versuchen ohne deine Releases kla zukommen.
    Mach das was du für richtig hälts 😉

  31. GOKU says:


  32. RandomGuy says:

    I think he’s just acting a little kid now. 95% support ISO, so I guess 95% does not care about Hen. lol
    Majority of the people want ISO loader and I’m sure majority of the people that is using TN-E are using aloader or some sort of ISO loader.

    I am pretty sure that TN-E is nothing when there’s no ISO loader plugin. He’s just getting left out in the game.

    having ISo loader doesn’t mean you pirate. there are people that owns the game but don’t want to have UMD inserted in their PSP. and thats me.

    Also, giving people the ability to support ISO is not pirating. It is still up to people who uses the program if they’re going to use it to pirate or not.

  33. GOKU says:


  34. GOKU says:


  35. Abdullah says:

    Wow! I totally agree with Total Noob and Hackman. You guys deserve nothing because of what wololo has said “the scene is made of 95% of morons who are in this only for piracy”. People are interested in piracy not homebrew. This is why I did not release my 6.37 ADB in public. This is my kernel exploit and HEN. My friends built the hen and I found the kernel exploit. Why does the scene have to end like this? Wololo please answer this question.

    • HMm says:

      Really? You found a kernel exploit? Tell me, what exactly is a kernel exploit? Nobody else answer. I want the genius over here to explain it to me.

      • Steven says:

        Excuse me! Abdullah is one of my friends and yes he does have a kernel exploit. We go to school together. He showed me a flaw didn’t know if it was a kernel exploit. So I found out that it was and made a HEN for him. 6.37 ADB. Why do you have to get rude to him? Are u jealous or something?

  36. GOKU says:

    Abdullah ? buuuu a fail for you!!!!
    not body want your exploit,,,,

    all bady want the job of total Noob … the number 1 OK…

    • Steven says:

      You! Shut the heck up! All HEN are the same. Total Noob and Abdullah don’t want to release their kernel exploit. It’s there own choice. This is just like when Davee showed his 6.10 Typhoon to people and those specific people got very jealous when he said that he won’t release. So who are you to judge?

  37. GOKU says:

    Bueno un comentario personal:

    Yo mi psp lo compre para jugar los juegos de SONIC de Sega Genesis,
    desde que se me descompuso el sega tengo los cartuchos e investige
    y mi mejor opcion fue el psp porque se podian jugar del sega y del
    nintendo cosa que me resulto atractiva, al principio estaba feo, porque
    mi psp tenia el 6.20 y no podia ni correr el HBL,, despues con la llegada del
    HBL mi mundo cambio y pude correr los emuladores al fin despues de 6 meses,
    y un par e meses despues saio el megadrive mejorado o rev final, el cual me
    hizo completamente feliz, en cuanto a los juegos de sony ni en cuenta
    a jajajajaja… Y cuando salio el Hen de TN fue mejor porque ya no necesito
    correr el HBL para entrar a las consolas del sega y nintendo… Por lo cual
    te doy gracias WOLOLO, por el HBL y a Ttal Noob Por el Hen, y a quien hizo
    que se pudieran firmar los Homebrews para correrlos desde el XMB,,, Gracias a todos!!!

  38. man_of_power05 says:

    well doesn’t signing homebrews not work on all homebrews?

    • XxJJ says:

      No, they will not all work, which is why I was looking for something like this. I guess it just sucks for me to have 6.38 (updated from 6.37 because I say the first video by TN) Maybe someone has another HEN in the works, but I guess I really am a” total noob” to HEN’s, so I am not sure of any other options.

  39. haynson says:

    i agree with TN and hackman for not releasing this. it just comes down to the old saying… NEVER bite the hand that feeds you.

  40. vicecity says:

    I like what TN and the rest of the devs are doing, but why? It doesn’t make sense (well… sort of but not this) that there are debates about what is the better CFW and I find it hard to believe that TN is taking this considerably serious.

    There are others who are stuck on 6.37 like me or 6.38 that would love CFW as much as those haters who doesn’t care. TN would have gotten many positive feedback if he releases it, but instead he rubs it in our faces with this proof of concept video, blaming on us that he won’t do it. Why post a video if you won’t release it amongst the others that will love it?

    As much as piracy goes, I don’t really care. I would like a CFW that I can put CXMBs and plugins that work. Even though I have 6.37, I thought there would be a way for CFW, until TN has one but won’t release it.

    Bravo TN, I don’t know how other people are going to be happy that it’s our fault, not only you made those haters hate, but the ones who supported you too.

  41. sandeshnep says:

    I am against piracy, but it’s not like I never pirated. :)
    Well, most of the games I like for the psp, i bought before I knew about Hen, ISO loader, etc. I really don’t need to pirate, and I am not encouraging it. I tested an iso file on Tn hen 6.20 using prometheus iso loader. Anyways, many people who know abt the scene aren’t devs, and don’t know the amount of time and skill a build a program. And, from my recent experience, its DEFINITELY not a “piece of cake”. 😛
    My main point is, all the work for the hen is wasted if they are not going to release it… I am their big supporter, and seems to me like, they are just teasing me along with all the other 95% people by showing this video but not releasing it… I am really disappointed in TN and Hackman.

  42. Dick says:

    lol. So, if you release it and someone else mod it to support iso, isnt your responsability. So dont act like a child and release it. Or why you show it, but you dont want that we have it. That make no sense.

  43. PSPScene says:

    Isn’t piracy sort of the point for the hacks? I mean, why even bother putting in and ISO loader if you don’t support piracy? These people have stupid logic.

    • bluesora98 says:

      There is a big difference between hacking and piracy though most people dont really understand it. Hacking is finding flaws in a system to amplify the user experience while piracy is abusing the hard work of the creators of a certain product by using it without paying for it,etc. that’s why people like me are amazed at Total-Noob’s works. His HEN run homebrews and doesn’t have instant access to piracy.

  44. axeskidz says:

    Hi wololo! i`m from Argentina,
    i know that you are fighting for the remaining 5%
    and that possition is the one i like.
    but, for several reasons an iso loader is very useful. think about this:
    in my job i earn 625 dollars=2500 Argentinean Pesos
    and an original game costs 75 dollars(aproximately) = 300 Argentinean Pesos: maybe you dont realize this but, y promise you, this is so much expensive for us
    i have a psp 3000 6.37 that i bought month ago. and its costs 1500 argentinean pesos, half of my earns.
    and the only game i have is MGS peace walker

  45. GOKU says:

    A que mi cuate,,, y porque no le pones los emuladores, me cai que estan mejor que los juegos de psp… y los corres con HBL y listo dejas de gastar dinero….

  46. GOKU says:

    DaedalusX64 BETA 3 Update
    Yes, i can play now star fox, tank’s to chilli willi and devs…

    it’s run 100% very good..

  47. GOKU says:

    check this one on, PSP HACKS.COM

  48. GOKU says:

    saben que es gracioso, que si hackman laboro con total noob no tenga opinion
    en decir vamos a liberar este Hen,,,
    Y otra cosa graciosa, que todo mundo especula y dice y dice, y Total Noob no
    ha opinado nada directamente, o alguien leyo algun comentario directo de su persona en alguna pagina, donde aclare que no lo liberara verdad que nop?

    • equis says:

      La noticia lo dice claramente:
      “In the interview, as well as in his recent videos, Total_Noob (and HacKmaN) stated that this Hen would not be released because of the scene’s attitude”

      También menciona que declara lo mismo en su canal de Youtube (en donde puedes ver el video). Date una vuelta por ahí.

      • XxJJ says:

        Well, I don’t think he will read the replies/comments because he maybe assumes that he is not appriciated. I, for one only want to use more apps and plugins. I don’t blame anyone for me, myself updating, I am just new to the “Scene”…
        También, ¿ambos hablan ingles, o solo GOKU? Quiero que entiendan, perro no soy seguro…
        Sorry, poor spanish…

  49. GOKU says:

    Aun asi , les apuesto un par de chelas a que lo libera jejejejeje…

  50. Dick says:

    I like burritos

  51. GOKU says:

    Ya estas vato, te apuesto 2 de huevo y uno de machaca, a que si lo libera, y va con par de chelas pa combinar jejejejeje…

  52. GOKU says:

    chales, otra cosa, les dije que cuando llegaramos a 300 coments. lo liberaria y apenas van 81, hechenle ganas nop…. jejejejejejejejejejjejejejejejejeje ese weeee….

  53. GOKU says:

    we can do it, we can do it, we can do it

  54. pk says:

    people plays pirated games are not ***, only people in developed conutry who play pirated games are ***
    in developing countries, playing pirated games are reasonable, even buying the consule is expensive enough for people there, expecially for students.

  55. whiteboy10000 says:


    wololo.. is ths a fake or what i cant try it because i forgot my psp at my uncles house

  56. toooldforthis says:

    If TN did find a kernel exploit and port/made the HEN for it, I’d rather he not release it. Not yet at least. With all this PSN downtime and everything you can bet there will be an update or something from $ony. The exploit could be in that update still and would be a waste to release it now so they can fix it IMHO. I can wait.

  57. troll troll says:

    guys give up on TN, someone will find the exploit someday.

    good move TN you must rest in peace in psp scene.

  58. GOKU says:


    ***, what are you think in doing?
    the fck outOFconscience how put this on Internet are crazy or something like that..

    Only i wait for the people don’t believe in this publication and, update his psp to 6.38 for use this fake hen…

  59. GOKU says:

    it’s just exactly for people like this, what TN don’t release his Hen..
    the, md fckr hw prt to you!!!

  60. GOKU says:

    XxJJ >>> are understeand!!! perfectly!!!

  61. GOKU says:

    weekend, we waiting for the Hen in Monday… jejejejejeje…
    best regards TN wololo and all team !!ho? can transform us dreams in reality…
    nice weekend… for all,,,

  62. GOKU says:


  63. GOKU says:


  64. troll says:

    what a feaking jejemon!

  65. GOKU says:

    ISO Tool v1.975 Released
    TRY It…

  66. GOKU says:

    jajajaja vey funny homi..

  67. Coxy says:

    I know that TN and Hackman have done amazing things with the PSP and also re-invigorated many devs back into the PSP world with 6.20TN-E.

    Would this exploit discovery be compatible with Davee’s Downgrader?

    If it is then surely a collaboration of efforts from TN/Hackman/Davee would be beneficial to the scene as this would allow new users to the scene a fair start and utilise 6.20TN-E.

    I for one am whiling to use a 6.38 PSPGo as a test platform if required (for the Downgrader i mean), I also have one of the “unhackable” PSP 2000’s as well if needbe.

  68. Goku says:

    it’s that a god idea!!!

  69. A says:

    Yo creo, hen libera , antes de 24 o fecha que cierra, competicion de genesis, por que el participando y queriendo ganar primer premio, que piensas en ustedes…

  70. goku says:

    Hey podria ser!! porque nop, digo despues de su trabajo arduo, no le caeria nada mal recuperar un poco de dinero///

  71. Goku says:

    recently i read a coment froom total Noob, he say to us, very soon my friends i release the Hen , a god notice for all,,,,

  72. A says:

    4.AnOoB_01 on April 29th, 2011 9:37 pm
    No This is A Newer Psp TN-HEN But I Respect This. The Best Hacker For 6.38

    This Is The Newer Than 6.38 Me-2

    5.Total Noob on May 4th, 2011 7:02 am
    very soon my friends


  73. GOKU says:

    si exactamente ese comentario…

  74. GOKU says:

    Acabo de notar que en el video de Hackman, se muestra la direccion Mac
    de la psp que estan usando para mostrar el HEN ,,

    No es esto raro…?

  75. armageton says:

    No cabe duda ,,,,
    nos queda una larga cuesta que esperar,, por el Hen.. Haber si lo libera,,,
    y ya ven el Pro team ,Nada de nada, no saca exploit, no saca Hen, apuesto que nomas estan esperando a TN para piratearle su Hen…

  76. goku says:

    A que TN ya se tardo ahora si en sacar el Hen
    come on, whats going on, my kid ask mi ,wheres mi psp papi
    and i respond , not yet sun , not yet, o mi boy how much inocence …

  77. goku says:

    sorry for mi fck bad english jijiji

  78. Wtf says:

    Why are you showing a poc 6.38 hen if you are not going to release what a ***. This just makes me want to go to Cfw pro 6.20

  79. GOKU says:

    HI EVERY BODY, IM HERE NOTHING NEWS ABOUT Hen 6.38, any way,, continue waiting , have a nice weekend….

  80. GOKU says:

    Today i received a notice about the new downgrader, i wait it works,for i can have a TN 6.20-E On my children psp… goodlook for every body,,,

  81. GOKU says:


  82. Abdullah says:

    I totally agree with you! Nice Speech and Well Done!

  83. Steven says:

    I am talking about me and Abdullah. Not Total Noob. Sorry for the confusion.

  84. Abdullah says:

    Why don’t you make a HEN for PSP since it’s so easy!

  85. masterfu says:

    you said my thoughts exactly, but i think my comment didn’t get approved by wololo because I used some swearing.

    Sony in the end, will go hunt down the developers anyway, like what they did to Geohot

  86. equis says:

    I don’t know people like this keep opening their mouth only to say ***. It’s clear that all this guy said is a lie. If it was true, we all were plenish of HENs in 6.20 OFW, and swimming in exploits, not asking for a miserable one exploit in the newest firmware.

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