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11 Responses

  1. kalte says:

    Nothing to say except that Wagic is by far the best homebrew I’ve seen!!!

    keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Strider Hien says:

    heh i still have magma and have no prblems with it since i use old cards (and prefear old rules where unused mana hurts you)

  3. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    Wagic is a awesome game, without this game, i wouldn’t heard of MTG.
    It’s got a lot of features and i think that it was hard to make (i’ve got some problem with my game, i am just new at make c++ games)

  4. OMightyBuggy says:

    Wagic is the best card game/hombrew for PSP. (Just a little hard…) LOL!

  5. Mitch says:

    I like wagic b/c it helps me with MTG =D especially when i dont have anyone to battle.

  6. spork says:

    I am still learning Wagic, but I like what I see so far. However when I get to the point I can make Homebrew, I will be making a CULDCEPT port. Great ps2/Xbox360 game. I advise checking it out if you haven’t so far.

  7. watashi says:

    As everyone said Wagic is an excellent card game with the amazing number of card support for a PSP system! But I was wondering when wololo has time to update the core system. If official release would have the best mods included (and hotswapped) plus a few user made campaigns (I don’t know how finished the ones in the forum are yet) this would add a new level of fun. It would be really great to play a story mode and earn money to buy new cards. Then adhoc/online support would… (yes there are features that would be nice to have, but time consuming to do)

  8. MrWizard says:

    There’s only a three card difference right now, and Forge usually releases updates 2-3 times a month.

  9. Marcel says:

    Quantity is irrelevant.

    Quality is the key. Which of the two has the better AI?
    Wagic or MtgForge?

    Since MtgForge is not suspect to hardware limitations like Wagic, I anticipate
    that MtgForge’s AI will at some point start to exceed Wagic.

    • wololo says:

      You’re only measuring one aspect of the game (the AI), which to some people is as irrelevant as any other part.

      Such a game is not only its AI, it’s also about customization, graphics, sounds, user interface, size of the community, and in this case, how well the game follows the rules of MTG.

      This post talks a lot about quality, but you need to read between the lines. Not trying to bash forge here, but the feedback I got from most players is that our implementation is (on average) more in line with the MTG rules than Forge. That’s what I say when I say that “when we say a card is supported, you are very unlikely to find a bug with it, and if you do, we acknowledge it’s a bug”.

      About the AI, both Forge and Wagic have their flaws. In Wagic, we “solve” the issue by giving you different challenges. How clever the AI is has close to no relevance, the important is that the AI decks are well balanced and tuned for the AI.

      Basically, Wagic is made so that as you play, you don’t constantly think that the AI sucks, because the game against the AI is only a part of the game. I won’t lie and say our AI rocks, but we hide its flaws inside a great game.

      Forge is also 3 years older than Wagic, so, technically, we should compare Wagic’s latest release to Forge 3 years ago 🙂

      > Since MtgForge is not suspect to hardware limitations like Wagic, I anticipate
      that MtgForge’s AI will at some point start to exceed Wagic.

      This is not true because neither Forge nor wagic are using any CPU intensive technique such as minmax (and moving from the current implementation to minmax would be extremely difficult for both projects)…What’s true though is that we have to spend lots of time optimizing Wagic for performance (while we could spend this time improving the AI), which is probably less of a problem for Forge.

      The positive result for that is that Wagic runs flawlessly on a 10 years old computer, the same cannot be said for Forge.

      From all technical aspects, Wagic is better than Forge. It doesn’t mean Wagic is better, as Forge has lots of good ideas too. Obviously their community wouldn’t be so big if the game wasn’t good, so don’t get me wrong when I criticize parts of their work.

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