Total_Noob: The big interview


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116 Responses

  1. vagosgdms says:


    did he tell you what will the surprise be?
    maybe a perm patch?

  2. ThirstyCow says:


  3. sony can kiss my ass says:

    unless the suprise is an iso loader i don’t teally think it can ‘win’ from 6.XXpro

  4. Abhinav Tuli says:

    @vagosgdms , or it may be an in built iso loader like the pro- series

  5. vagosgdms says:

    it will possibly be released this weekend,
    so we must all be patient

  6. james1552 says:

    IMHO: People really need to stop whining about this perm patch ***. It can brick your PSP, regardless of how safe it can be, it still isn’t 100% safe, where TN Hen is.

    5 seconds won’t kill you. And turning your psp into sleep mode instead of hard off is smarter anyway even without any hen, it’s pointless to hard shut off your PSP.

    As for the surprise, I am almost certain it’s an ISO loader, regardless how TN feels about piracy and ISO loaders, he will put those feelings aside, because of the competition. As we know he is a smart young man, and he most likely knows that this is a competition and he has to keep up with the alternatives and best them, meaning he has to include ISO support. It’s a crucial tactic. Though I could be wrong.

    Either way I’m excited :) because I MUCH prefer running an eboot, rather than writing things to flash, but to each their own.

    • Black_Panther says:

      I agree with you regarding the perma thing..

    • hiro says:

      I agree with you too on the perma patch aswell. as for the suprise, it could be something like a 6.35 TN HEN or something,because coldbird released the 6.20 Pro

    • Hate says:

      If its a iso loader I may start using TN again. Im hoping he makes a perma patch for it. =o I hate starting up Hens.

    • SwoRNLeaDejZ says:

      I read someone say i “Much prefer running an EBOOT compared to writing to flash..” Don’t you realize that the EBOOT is exploiting and changing flash just like the patches are?

      • andwhyisit says:

        Sorry but that was one of the most naïve comments I have ever read.

      • equis says:

        According to your comment, maybe you wanna mean “exploding”:

        “Don’t you realize that the EBOOT is EXPLODING and changing flash just like the patches are?”

        LOL 😀 😀

  7. OldMaverick says:

    Good news for the scene, i’m going to try TN-E for sure!

  8. Mr_Nerve says:

    TN – You Rock!! I did not realize that a 15 yr old kid can do such an awsome contribution to the PSP scene. Thanks! Total_Noob!!

  9. EvilClown007 says:

    wololo: the best part of Assassin’s Creed is Jade Raymond
    Total_Noob: Haha, yes she looks nice

    lol’d 😀

  10. Animegame97 says:

    Wow only fifteen? Thats amazing! Keep up the good work 😀

  11. Black_Panther says:

    @Total_Noob…. We believe in you and are with you. I downgraded from 6.31 to 6.20 and now I’m still using TN-D even after the release of the 6.20-PRO-B-4…. :) And will wait for TN-E.. Thanks Total_Noob and Wololo….

  12. LUISDooMER says:

    Tn you are the king! I cant wait for your release! My go and 3001 are sticking on tn-d even on the release of 6.20 pro b4 .
    Thanks for your awesome work! And cant wait for your surprise!

  13. uchijaitachi says:

    TN rocks, i have a go and i’ve Downgraded it from 6.31 to 6.20 thanks to Davee since the times of PRO A, i like tn hen D a lot, i mean, it is safe and i have not noticed any problem yet, i can play my iso copies and my psx and psn eboots, now i am able to access internet and the psn store and play online without any problem, so i will be waiting patiently for you new release TN and see the new surprise and play my alone in the dark psx eboot (multidisc) hehhehe. BTW WOLOLO Thanks for the Wagic amazing release i am really enjoying it ,

  14. PSPFreak says:

    He may want a bit fame, because he’s a kid. But at least, he does not support piracy like VF.

    • troll says:

      you know nothing about piracy, if he does not support piracy TN HEN should not include psx support. You can say you have copy of the psx games, other people can also say that they have copy of umd game and they just dumped it.

    • troll says:

      and also he does not want a “bit” fame but a “lot” of fame and attention.

  15. KelsoUnleashed says:

    hey i think what u did is great i would like to see if i could work with you. I really want to do something with my programing. I currently know basic but am also working on learning C and C++.
    Please send me a message @

  16. jlo138 says:

    I don’t care how old he is or if he wants to be recognized and known for his work. He does this for free. If it wasn’t for HBL and TN HEN my Go wouldn’t be much of anything. One of the best gaming portables in a smaller design that I can play my old classics on… You really can’t beat that.

  17. blizako says:

    i respect total noob, becuz of being in and making hold .prx.
    list of people i respect:
    – TN
    – Dark-Alex

  18. Total Noob says:

    Sorry to all.I have left the scene for good as Dark Alex has returned.BYE


  19. Shinny says:

    asap release tn hen e arggg cant w8t

  20. Lorz says:

    I can’t wait, there will always be room on my memory stick for TN HEN.
    And the new feature he’s putting in….. can’t wait to see what it is, i think it’s definatly gonna be awesome.

    From some of the comments here already though, I honestly wish people would bring a rest to this TN vs PRO thing, I’m pretty sure the majority of us are sick of hearing about it.
    They both have thier strengths and weaknesses and can both co-exist.
    The problem is i think people have gotten too spoiled and have forgotten how to show appreciation when something good is dumped right in thier laps.
    If TN and Team PRO both continually update and improve thier HENs/LCFWs, and offer us new choices, then guess what we ALL win.

    One reason people might’ve gotten the idea that he quit though is because we never seem to hear from him anymore…………. Glad this interview put those rumors to rest, but a “Hey i’m still alive” message posted on a blog, his youtube channel on pspgen or somewhere would be nice every now and then

    • doppio says:

      I totally agree with you. We all have to be grateful with devs for making that piece of plastic called PSP more fun for us and stop the drama, this is not a competition, the genisis compo is, but this HEN/PRO is not suposed to be. I’m very glad having options now despite the well-known fact that I prefer TN HEN.

      In another offtopic note, why every comment I do is awaiting moderation? Is it for using some all caps?

      Maybe I’m kinda rude with trolls, I don’t know, but I’ll stop that if that’s the reason for moderation. Sometimes I don’t agree with Wololo or Lorz for example but I respect them for their politeness and way of pointing things in a discussion. That makes me want to participate in this blog.

      Oh, and I’m not that good with English but people can get a idea of what I’m talking about in my comments. I hope.

      • Lorz says:

        nono same here….i’m also moderated in the day time…..i think wololo switches the board options to make all posts await moderation while he’s sleeping or away from computer until he can be sitting right at his computer to keep an eye on things.

        The reason i think he’s doing this is because things have gotten out of hand in comments before with wololo away, and he wants to try to prevent that from happening.

      • wololo says:

        it’s hit and miss. There are a few words flagged as “spam” on the blog system + a few rules depending on the content + akismet anti spam filter.

        So basically when I wake up I “unspam” some of the comments that were incorrectly marked as “awaiting moderation”. This is why sometimes your comments can take up to 12h to actually appear :)

  21. BlkHalo says:

    This interview made me happy, TN IS STILL THE BEST, SHAME ON YOU GUYS WHO LEFT TN FOR PRO

  22. lors says:

    I agree with Lorz (with z).

  23. The Kid says:

    Wololo, I was wondering if you will be interviewing neurOn in the near future??

  24. ken says:

    TN, I have faith in you, so cheer up. :) Hen-D work really well btw, never had a crash yet.
    I still have the Pandora Battery somewhere, the battery that is not really a battery. It helped hacked my PSP, but won’t hold a charge.

    P.S. Thanks Wololo for another great interview.

  25. gerardoxx25 says:

    you guys gotto love TN s work! i like TN HEN more than the PRO

  26. Dick says:

    Its better the 5.03. Have a better homebrew/plug-in compatibility.

  27. chris says:

    I really want to know. Is it possible to downgrade a psp 3000 4g that came with ofw 6.30 to 6.20????? I don’t want to brick my psp.

  28. Sh4d0w927 says:

    I find it amusing that so many people claim to not like pro b/c they don’t condone piracy or whatever. Perhaps someone could explain to me how I am to play UMD only games on my PSP Go if I didn’t want to “pirate” the game? Not to mention the convience of not carrying multiple games anywhere I would want to go. I have 2 psp 1000s and 1 Go and while I don’t own every game that I have an ISO of I do try and buy choice games that I really do enjoy. I also find it hard to believe that those individuals have never “pirated” anything in their lives, be it MP3s or whatever. More on topic I find it incredible that TN has done such awesome work is only 15. I like the two different groups b/c ultimately competition is what drives most people to improve. I think they scene probably benefits from it, though I guess if they all 3 worked together it may be that much better.

  29. equis says:

    I feel this interview less extensive and with a minor quality than VF and CB’s one and it’s a shame… Sorry :I

    • wololo says:

      That is true, it was a bit more difficult to get free time together (both me and TN), we only had 45 minutes, while I was lucky to spend almost 2h with Coldbird and Virtuous Flame. Also keep in mind that Coldbird is a very very good speaker (as you can see on his blog, he likes to write), so he is more at ease in interviews 😉

      I didn’t have more questions for Coldbird and VF initially than I had for TN, it just turned out that the discussion with Coldbird and VF brought many more new questions, and they had the time to answer those :)

      • equis says:

        It’s OK, anyway thanks for the time, there is enough material to be happy, like that “surprise” I can’t wait for.
        And yes, it’s clear CB is easy at interviews 😉
        Surely that counts in the great time one can acquire at reading the interview.

  30. .:Asyllum:. says:

    Dark-Alex coming back?

    • Lorz says:

      DarkAlex moved onto other things and has no plans to come back…. he was interviewed by an admin at DAXHordes just recently and when asked if he was ever coming back to the PSP scene, the answer was pretty much no.

      If you want my honest opinion though, even though DA was one of the pioneers of the PSP hacking scene and made many breakthroughs, I do not think he could do any better than what TN, CB, VF, Davee, and Nueron are already doing for us right now……. it’s good to remember someone who did great things back then, but don’t forget to appreciate those who are doing great things now!

      • troll says:

        DAX is a living legend in psp scene.
        If not to those people who only want is fame, maybe dark alex is still alive and kicking in psp scene.

        • Lorz says:

          Everyone assumes DarkAlex was chased off by negativity in the PSP hacking scene, or that Sony “bought him out” or threatened him….. but from the overall attitude he seemed to convey throughout the interview suggests that he simply got bored coding for the PSP and wanted to move onto other things……… You can still find the interview here in talk/PSP/General…… the admin of DAXHordes was kind enough to post it here….. and m0skit0 confirms that it was a legit interview.

          The bottom line is this….. DA may have BEEN a legend
          TN, CB, VF, Davee, Neur0n, and yes even wololo all ARE legends.

          Notice that i refer to one in Past tense and the rest in Present tense?

          • troll says:

            he can say anything he wants, but oh well knows.
            many dev in psp left the scene because of losing trust.
            anyway DAX done too much is psp scene, its time for new devs out there like TN,CB,VF and others.

  31. Iddeen says:

    15 years old?
    That is so wicked.

  32. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    maybe the surprise is 6.20 TN-E Permanent patch

  33. clint says:

    hhmm very intresting on the new update for TN hen E…well i am currently using CFW-PRO..and it works like a charm…infact my PSP is permenantly hacked..i mean even if i shutdown my PSP..the hack doesnt go at all..i am so happy..i finally dont have to worry about my PSP going off as for TN HEN you need to enable the hack again and for CFW-PRO…not anymore..just once..and you are all set for a hacked PSP for good!!! seriously..hats of to virtous flame and cool bird.what an amazing hack! my PSP GO is hacked for good!!

  34. NEHAshu says:

    tn rules…hez only 15..u rock man

  35. Linske says:

    The surprise maybe is either about a built-in ISO loader, a permanent 6.20 patch, a HEN for 6.35 users or all of the above. You guys Agree?? ^ ~ ^

  36. qwerty says:

    for those who think that permanent is risky.. how do you think the older cfw became permanent even after changing the memory card? ^_^

    it would be risky if your a kid who cant follow simple very basic instructions and want everything done in a blink of an eye…

    i think its too late for tn to put an iso loader or a permanent patch for his hen = (

  37. luxollidd says:

    holy $hit!!!!! 15 and already a hacker?
    man i bet your brain worth hundreds time more than most of us here..

  38. aallfdc says:

    how can i contack TN?

  39. aallfdc says:


  40. aallfdc says:


  41. Roland says:

    As long as no pandora unbricker is made for the latest models I’m sticking to calling it risky. Remember that no matter how careful you think you are you’re just as doomed as anyone else is to fail, even if it’s just once.

    Great News! Not that I didn’t like tn-d, I still like it above all others, but it’s always nice to get updates albeit reading this made me start obsessing again.. I really want to hope the surprise will be multiplayer or even just 2player support of psx games.

  42. zin0099 says:

    i was hoping for a bootloader that could boot up a menu and with the right files ask which hen or cfw you want then it temp flashes and you have :
    pro b-4

    but remeber it said a password setup so i think it’s a perm patch

  43. Spider-Monkey says:

    @troll People like you most likely not gonna make my life better nor easier.

    Yeah, having an A+ on all my classes can prove that I’m dumb. And most likely planning to go to a university is pretty dumb too right?

    It looks like you finish school already but yet you still live with your mommy. 😛

    I’m done with your ***.

    • troll says:

      praising yourself doesn’t impress me.
      you can say anything you want but your actions proves the real thing.
      and don’t plan to go to university because you will get headache everyday for every subject. you should get a vocational classes instead it will make your life easier.

      BTW: i am out off topic here because of a freaking pathetic warfreak who loves praising himself.

      and there’s no big deal if i live with my mom, you know i am a filipino and people like you don’t understand our culture. so i think you should spent more years in school to study culture, you should spent your whole life studying.

      • Covert says:

        @troll- will you ***!! pinapahiya mo ang mga pilipino..mali mali pa grammar mo..

        • troll says:

          walang pakialamanan di ako pinanganak na marunong mag english so dapat naiintindihan mo kung mali grammar, ikaw tong nakakahiya tanga.

          • Covert says:

            @troll- you are a disgrace to our country! If you think that TN only wants fame, well he is a 15 year old and im amazed. Can you even compile a program? I think not!

          • Spider-Monkey says:

            @troll How would I know your Filipino? I never mentioned that I have the ability to read mind, especially over the internet.

            Do you know I’m Filipino too? Oh you don’t, well better keep you *** about culture.

            You know what, I’m sorry about eveything. Eventually, Wololo might banned us or something. Wololo, sorry for everything.

          • troll says:

            @spider_monkey eh pinoy ka rin pala, dapat sa susunod isipin mo mabuti mga ipopost mo,wag ka magbabato ng personal.
            saka wag ka basta basta makikipag talo sa troll na tulad ko, dahil ang purpose ko lang eh mang inis/asar. nabasa mo naman siguro yung reply ni wololo sa taas.

            @covert did you meet TN personally? how can you prove that he is only 15? he say anything he want, me also i can say that “oh im only 10 and i can reverse engineer anything”. did you get that?.
            and to be honest, i can code in java, python,perl,c,c++,vb but not deep. i can make simple homebrew.
            and i am sure that only wants fame, napakayabang ni ungas. my opinion will never change.
            about the disgrace thing, watch your post first. amuze and believe to what people say, you are such an i***t.

          • troll says:

            awaiting moderation tuloy, pasalamat ka na lang “covert” di naipost yung reply ko.

  44. forge says:

    yay i love tn

  45. apple pi says:

    I have a hard time believing TN_noob is 15 years old and did this all by himself. Sorry but I call BS. Is this a cover for a group of people or of someone who doesn’t want to get credit.

  46. apple pi says:

    Plus he goes from being a noob 2 years ago getting his first phat and then less than a year later he is “actively looking for a Kernel Exploit and stumbled upon a function in utility.prx” and since “oct 2010” writes the cfw that changes the PSP scene? Am I missing something? No way a 15 yo kid did this all by himself.

    • wololo says:

      You’re just sad to realize some people on Earth are way smarter than us :)

      FYI looking for Kernel Exploits is not more complex than any other hobby, it just requires time and dedication.

      • Lorz says:

        agreed…….. I’ve been messing around with computers and programming longer than TN has even been alive, and there’s no way I could match his skill……… not even close.

        Fully admit TN is most definatly smarter than i am.

    • eric says:

      its for his privacy pls respect total-noob ok!

  47. man_of_power05 says:

    he’s 15? wow amazing how some people can do this complicated stuff at such a young age.

  48. JACK1005 says:

    yeah men…………
    @Tn thanks for those dev apps.

    @wololo great job 😀

  49. troll says:

    awaiting moderation tuloy post ko

  50. kosuke says:

    i would like for TN_Noob to email me i have some questions for you

  51. Anand Abhinav says:

    respect for TN. total respect. @wololo you should have “like” and super like options for the comments and posts. 😛

  52. bmg1001 says:

    VFlame and Coldbirds Big suprise was 6.20 PRO B4, so no doubt TNs suprise will be 6.35 TN-E

  53. Yosh says:

    tn you just totally rock man ! =D

  54. Norml says:

    Amazing what you find out, thanks abunch! This is why Sony is scared, this guys only 15….

  55. Flayer says:

    Damn, im 15 too and i suck at programming because i never have the time to put into writing more complex scripts. 9th grade is like mental torture, and c++ on top of math, science, history, spanish, and english can be a bit overwhelming. T_n i dont know how you’ve managed to single handedly write a cfw in like 3 months and pass all your classes, but you’ve really inspired me not to give up.

  56. kratos1288 says:

    thanx tottal noob for everything

    • Total Noob says:

      It’s nice to be thanked.

      • Mr MaGoo says:

        I know its almost 2 years later but you are still the man. I would like to touch base with you and find out how and where to start. Congratz for everything. I remember watching your interview about the double analog stick. I had one in my fat 1000 and still have one sitting away for a rainy day. UR the man!!!

  57. Ioan says:

    TN HEN-E is out!!! It’s so awesome… go check it out at psphacks or pspgen

  58. alek says:

    i love total_noob, a love wololo, a love everybody, i love my psp3000, im almost *** rsrsrsr

  59. Techni says:

    Please add a shut down menu under USB.
    And integrate that folder plugin.

  60. 10$man says:

    I hate to say this, but how can a 15 year old be finding exploits and writing his own CFW? Sure some kids are precocious but this seems a little much… especially a kid who got his psp 2 years ago :/. Writing a plugin means you know how to code. And hese trying to say he learned how to code AND make plugins in a year or less? … :/ either he has NO life at all, or he is lying or a cover-up for the real total_noob.

    If i am wrong i am truly sorry, wololo and total_noob you must understand how sketchy this appears.

    Good job to TN though.

    • wololo says:

      The fact that 99% of the 15 year old you know wouldn’t be dedicated enough to do that, doesn’t man that there aren’t a few geniuses out there.

      I, too, was a “normal” kid when I was 15, but I had a few friends who were spending their free time writing their own jpeg encoder/decoder, so, you know, probably depends what kind of people you were hanging out with when you were 15, but I definitely knew people who would have been up to this.

  61. nxtuser says:

    this guy aint serious .. 15 yrs Damnn!!

  62. Griwwjack says:

    Hello everybody, this is my first time here. I am bad at programming, it is a hobby and i not have more than 5 hours per week, i just finished Lógicade and Algorithms and i will begin to study C, i am 31 ??years but at 12 i began studying electronics reading magazines, to 15 years i was already technical and repairing radios and TVs, i began programing in Basic with 16 years. two years later I met an 8 year old boy who spent his time reading books on programming in C, I would not have believed it if he did not write and compile a program in front of me. TN, I do not doubt his ability and I thank you for sharing your work with us. I would like you to give us some tips on getting started with the ASSEMBLY or C for PSP, after all with BASIC is not going anywhere .. rsrsr

  63. witness says:

    When do you schedule to have a new exploit and make other users be able to hack?

  64. doppio says:

    First of all, PRO is more a HEN than a CFW and the “perma” patch is more like a wannabe permanent thing. Second, Virtuousflame using Total Noob’s work reversing it is a fact.

    The reason behind people despising TN work and workshiping VF an CB is just the iso loader, nothing more. And that’s sad.

  65. Spider-Monkey says:

    I have a great idea. Why won’t you take his place and try making a CFW because I’m pretty sure you could do it overnight. Don’t forget about school and homework because it’s very IMPORTANT; You don’t want to sound very stupid when you grow up.

  66. troll says:

    it is called CFW firmware because you have modified its firmware(flash0 being the core) and the reason why PRO called LCFW because it is not fully a CFW.

  67. troll says:

    just give me the source and count on me.
    yes school is very important, you and TN must go to school for another 2years to learn good moral and right conduct.
    and don’t plan on replying because i gonna flame/trash talk you till the end.

  68. Spider-Monkey says:

    Trash talk to me? Yeah right. Try me because I could go on forever about this.

    Yeah, I do need 2 more years of high school doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop there. There’s something called college (universities) which probably you never heard of because you never actually go to school.

    Try to reply if you want. Ask your Mom for help, you gonna need it because your messing with the wrong guy right now.

  69. wololo says:

    You shouldn’t take too seriously the comments of someone whose nickname is “troll” 😉

  70. troll says:

    your nickname fits you, because you have a brain like a monkey and thin as a spider web. maybe you go to school everyday but try to listen to your teachers as much as possible. yes listening to your teachers will help you not to spent more years in school.
    and honestly i ask my mom, she said “that guy is freaking pathetic warfreak”.

  71. equis says:

    @wololo: ” You shouldn’t take too seriously the comments of someone whose nickname is “troll” ”
    Just what I was thinking…

    @troll: ” your nickname fits you ”
    Look who’s talking…

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