Aereo – A nice horizontal scrolling shooter for your PSP (genesis compo entry)

Sting18 enters the genesis competition with a good old school horizontal scrolling space shooter.

3 versions of the game are available, in Spanish, English, and German

The video speaks for itself, enjoy :)


Download the english version here (or alternate link here). You can also get other languages, or provide feedback, in the homebrew’s thread here.

  1. Jesuz’s avatar

    ~~ R-TYPE homebrew?
    nice game anyways (:


  2. ererer’s avatar

    YucK!!! ugly game!!!


  3. HackThiefCoder93’s avatar

    Nice game good graphics


  4. barney77’s avatar

    Suerte, Sting, espero y traigas el premio a Scenbeta ;)



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