NewSlide – customize your PSP Go’s clock! (genesis compo entry)


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19 Responses

  1. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    Have anyone tied this yet,i will but i have to wait till i get home from school

  2. pspzac3004 says:

    good news !!!

  3. A.B.C. says:

    a little bit slow…

  4. Chow says:

    I was gonna say, this looks like it has a lot of potential, but after watching the video, it seems somewhat slow. Saying that, I’ll still check it out anyway and will probably make good use of it. 🙂

    I’m very hopeful that Afrothunder will improve upon it, because it’s definitely an interesting plugin. 🙂

  5. frank says:

    hmm…open source
    gonna modify for psp 2000:]cept controlled with buttons of cours…obviously not gonna release tho…notta stealer:]
    on second thought theres a perfectly good tutorial for launching homebrews from homebrews on pspslimhacks
    juss the last time i tried, and failed to compile a plugin was a frustrating experience lol
    C is a bit wierd
    i think imma stick with html and javascript 4 now:P

  6. Techni says:

    Please let us customize the path, I hate messing up the root.

    Just use SEPLUGINS at least. You dont need your own folder

  7. cemadee says:

    nice, but super slow, i wudnt bother with it personally.

  8. Enigma says:

    Same. It looks awesome, but it’s too slow. Sorry D:

  9. me says:

    wow im shock!!!

  10. dan says:

    i know this has nothing to do with psp, but i cant really find anything on it, is there a plugin or somthing for ps3 with cfw to play music in game from the xmb? i know it works with certain games, but its been like a year since the ps3 was hacked and it seems like all there is are backup managers and some emulators, thanks in advance

  11. Rolith says:

    is there a way to put this on a psp go with a 6.37 OFW with the half-byte loader

    • Shinny says:

      no cuz it need kernel mode hbl only support user mode.. i heard that liqidzigong can use the kirk keys on kernel apps.. just w8t…

  12. nick says:

    You havn’t updated in such a long time 🙁

  13. Shinny says:

    wololo where r u??? its boring here…:(

  14. sandesh says:

    wololo, please update.
    come back.

  15. Ricardo says:

    Señor wololo. con todo respeto, hacemucho tiempo que no ´publica nada interesante.. nadie sabe q es de Total noob…

    • equis says:

      Disculpa, y también con todo respeto, ¿no sabes que hay crisis en Japón? Además de que tiene que atenderse la competencia Genesis. Supongo que simplemente con eso es suficiente ocupación.

  16. Beotch says:

    No updates for a while…please update:)

  17. noki says:

    is their a way to just turn off the clock