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Back in Tokyo


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  1. ivanxx says:

    Hello wololo im glad you made it to tokyo! Take care!

  2. Lorz says:

    Welcome back, glad that everything seems ok where you are.

  3. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Just donated $15 yesterday. Hopefully everything is back to normal up there. Also, you said electricity gets shutdown on a regular basis, I wonder what its like for the gamers? Do their system get turned off due to the power shutdown? But anyway, like I said. Hopefully everything is back to normal as soon as possible, also for the Mighty One and his family. (Wololo)

  4. nichikoro says:

    My brother’s and sister’s from Japan we’re with you… i hope u the best wololo… sorry for my bad english

  5. DBZo07 says:

    best will be donate genesis competition money to red cross!!

  6. Shinny says:

    Good to see that u r back….. god bless all Japan ppl…

  7. ptpspDev says:

    Glad things are slowly going back to normal. The way Japanese have handled this crisis is nothing short of exemplary. The western communities have a lot to learn from Japanese people!

  8. Xianten says:

    My prayers are with you. I would also like to remind anyone with a donation to Playstation Networks Japan relief of 2,5,10,20,or 50 dollars you will receive a limited edition PS3 theme, and all proceeds will go directly to the red cross =P and the theme is very cute =P

  9. bob says:

    glad to see you back and i hope everything works out alright over there.

  10. toBsucht says:

    glad that i never feel a earthquake level6 or up.
    Good luck to you, your wife and your baby!

  11. Caio says:

    Let’s give the Facepalm Award to the western press, for exaggerating the facts.

    • SINCaliber says:

      Don’t all media does this anyways? They like to twist words around, giving a false image of a event.


      • Caio says:

        Yes, they are actualling causing a lot of damage with this sensationalism, causing panic even in Tokyo, when actually the only area with potential of harm is inside that evacuation zone.

  12. Tony says:

    TN-D now works with a recovery menu click link below for proof and how to install:

  13. Triompf says:

    Good luck with everything over there

  14. mud says:

    Haven’t heard from you in days, you worried the heck out of us!
    Glad you and the family are fine.
    I hope things get better quickly!

  15. Dallox says:

    Welcome back wololo! How was the wedding?

  16. Alverich says:

    Hey wololo good to hear it, are you scare of the nuclear reactor, is really dangerous for people living there, i don’t like to see another chernobyl in japan, good luck with your family and best wishes.

  17. Just ur Ordinary Homebrew says:

    its not the end with the japans problems
    my dad use to work on nuclear plants
    its just the begging in the end alot of ppl will die =( hopefully the ppl could evacuate them

  18. paKO JONES says:

    Welcome back Wololo, it’s great to hear you and your wife are safe and sound. BTW Congratulations, Mazel Tov, Felicidades, (my French sucks so I’m not gonna try saying it nor writting it) for your baby!

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