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137 Responses

  1. ash says:

    god bless u…take care…

  2. X says:

    This is from Coldbird’s Blog:

    Thanks For Pro-B3! Im Waiting Now For PRO-B4 or PRO-C >:D


    1 TIP: In Recovery Menú on Fake region… Says: Mexique xddddd it´s Mexico -.-

    comment by FakeIMpost — March 12, 2011 @ 9:52 pm

    I love how you put multi page for plugins. FakeIMpost is right it should be “Mexico” instead of “Mexique”.

    Greeting from ‘Mexique’.
    Blessings for Japan.

    comment by inpixies — March 12, 2011 @ 10:05 pm
    Are CB and VF using some resourses in French? *suspicious* or this is just a happy coincidence? By the way wololo: It’s true TN is really done with his Hen-D?

  3. Triompf says:

    I should not go back to japan… Because if the nuclear reactor explode you will also get hit by it. i think…

  4. MuffinHeadicus says:

    Im very relieved to hear that you and your wife are fine.

    BUT, I would very STRONGLY urge that both you and your wife move out of Japan immediately. Im being serious here. Remember the movie, Akira? Well, it looks like fiction may soon become a factual peice of history.

    Wololo, you can always rebuild your lives anywhere in the world. But, you cant do this if you no longer have a life! Dont let material possessions keep you from making obviously sound decisions for you and your family.

    Leave JAPAN. Period.

  5. Asyllum says:

    Wolo cant just Opt-out period.

  6. lox says:

    Wololo oh thanks for god.You’re alive

  7. Norml says:

    heck yeah, good to know, thanks again for all of your hard work & thanks to the rest of the PSP scene, all of you guys rock and do things the Sony would never do and that’s working for free actually for the people. That concept alone is amazing.

  8. DBZo07 says:

    my online friend in japan died!!confirmed death!
    Last time he told we will chat soon!!

    • Shien says:

      next time show some respect to his memory and avoid posting such a thing on a psp hacking blog ok?
      i’m not being rude or anything but this kind of things shouldn’t take place in such a blog

  9. jim says:

    wolo eva eva comeing back!!!!ben the same *** on here for weeks!!!!

  10. toBsucht says:

    damn, damn .. bad game they got some meltdowns and now a very big risk to get a “supergau” this make the megadeath in japan go one for a long time(we don´t need to rember tschernobyl).
    Bad public transfer a lot crash seaports, airports so the food and water (bring it to the people) should get another big problem in the next few weeks.
    Where do they place the radioactive water which the took to cool down the nuclear stuff. .. we allll get a littel bit of it THANKS :(

    • Roberto1 says:

      yes this is true and also did you know our water is recycled and if you dont want to be scared of water then dont read this.Tap/distilled water is recycled.This means that when anything gos down your drain its filltered and let back out.When you use the toilet that water is recycled and you will eventually drink water that had you know what in it.Also most sea water is undrinkable so maybe we wont drink this after all.

  11. Me says:

    is ti possible to install ultimate vsh menu on 6.35 pro-b or 6.20 tn hen d????

  12. Ryder says:

    It’s quite nice to hear that you and you’re wife are fine.

    A minute Silence for the people who died because of the earthquake / tsunami.


  13. Rios says:

    Wololo, happy to hear you and your wife are ok!

    However, although I’ m italian, the situation of the nuclear power station in Fukushima scares me, I hope everything will be fine for you and for your countrymen.

    Good luck Wololo ;)

  14. Divinegate91 says:

    Well the tragedy is quite a hassle and has cause many problems already lets all let this site rest for a moment… Not everyone in the world can actually accept what happen currently but we can always help by donating a few bucks then just complain about it ;D … And once again I am known as an Observer I learn from reading and hearing and say what needs to be said and the rest of it I ignore if I don’t know how to reply or whats going on, so I hope we all can get along just fine =D …

  15. Ton_Werty says:


  16. Ferrari says:

    dont return to Japan for as long as possible coz nuclear radiation may increase in near future

  17. Flayer says:

    I cant believe this happened i was supposed to go to japan for the summer. But glad to hear your ok

  18. aceofspace says:

    Glad to see The Mighty One still alive. No joke that radiation had also tried to take effect after a wave rush and earthquake. They are now doing safety drills in school to prepare for an earthquake. The’ve also been trying to make Japan earthquake proof by the way they build the buildings. Hopefully families and friends get back together.

  19. hello says:

    hey wololo,
    why you not update this blog???
    there are many scene happened including the genesis competition entry

    • wololo says:

      @hello: Japan is suffering a major crisis right now, I have to take care of my family, this comes before my website. I don’t have enough time to deal with my work + my family + the psp scene at the same time right now.

      On top of that I’m in China for now and my internet connection at the hotel is super crappy.

      I hope I’ll be back online soon enough :)

      • hello says:

        sorry because request you too much. yea you should put your family as first priority.
        i would like to see your expert opinion about what is going around in psp scene. take your time and do update when your problem is solved

    • toBsucht says:

      “fukushima” got 3 block with 60t nuclear fuel rods and a 4 big stock with a lot nuclear fuel rods. So they got more than 200t (unthinkable). Minimum 2 other towns in japan with nuclear power plants are very risky or broken to. Not really a good place to stay there but how to move millions and where.
      Buying a aeroplane ticket is now very expensive.

  20. lauren says:

    hi guys i need your help my psp 3001 is running slow and games are laggy i just uninstalled aloder 1.20 and permanent tn hen d and deleted 550 pbp and and the back up of vsh in the root of memory stick when i tried the permament patch

  21. GUSTBRAN says:

    Ojaio gosaimasu oguenki desuka watashi wa colombia jin
    demo Nihon nisunderu

  22. GUSTBRAN says:


  23. paKO JONES says:

    @ Wololo

    First of all… congratulations!! Your baby will be your greatest blessing. Many of us appreciate you and we all hope you and your family soon be in a safer place. We all will pray for you all.

  24. Nickolas says:

    OMG!!!!!This is huge! You are going to be a dad!!! :)))))))))

  25. mud says:

    yes, take care of the family Wololo.
    My hopes for a Wagic update can wait. ;)

    God bless

  26. Zeth says:

    oh man, nice to read that you and your family are ok…i JUST now read this…
    on that note,

    dear wololo,
    have baby, leave japan
    …the end…
    your friend
    zeth fox

  27. Rendarin says:

    My heart go’s out to your homeland. It is my hope that my country, along with the rest of the world, will do our best to help restore Japan and preserve its heritage. I also hope that anyone close to you has made it through this catastrophe okay.


  28. xcanox says:

    Quite ironic. Mass-evac in progress due to radiation, and your wife is stuck there. And you’re not even there with her at the moment.

    Cruel irony, or poetic justice?

    • wololo says:

      I’m not sure how to understand the term “poetic justice” here, but I surely think nobody deserves what’s happening in Japan right now (“justice” implies that people struck by the disaster committed a crime…).

      However I definitely see the irony of the situation, most of my friends flew away, and it seems the people who would need the most help (I would selfishly include my wife in this situation, but I’m also thinking of all the people stuck in the north of the country) are the ones not getting it.

      Going back to Tokyo tomorrow, we’ll see with my wife what we want to do next. I’m not Japanese, but I don’t plan to leave this wonderful country anytime soon.

      Right now to me it seems that Tokyo is getting all the attention, when it should be the people currently dying in the cold who should get help.

      • Caio says:

        Remember that the western press is being extremely sensationalistic. Some experts are pretty confident that in the worst-case scenario only the area inside the evacuation should receive harmful radiation. So, if possible, try watching japanese news, instead of the western ones.

  29. Yosh says:

    Well excellent, but I don’t think Tokyo’s safe anymore to live in !
    The radioactive particles there certainly are a real poisoning threat, please be careful.

    • toBsucht says:

      exactly this is what the most people think right now. Maybe some think they are a littel saver if they use some equickment to keep clean. However, big respect to all who trying to help.
      What´s the maximum wight u can take with u if you fly?
      To do such a trip should give u a really worse feeling. Headsup we have survied!

      The only good thing about that is some nuclear power plant get closed and maybe some will never ever build!!

  30. mud says:

    F#$k xcanox in his face!
    No one deserves whats going on there!
    Poetic justice will be you getting thrown in a wood chipper.

    • xcanox says:

      First; I said “OR.” I never meant that it was poetic justice, unless told that it was.

      Second; lol u mad bro?

  31. ivanxx says:

    Oh well. The PSP scene had to die sooner or later.

  32. hello says:

    sorry because request you too much. yea you should put your family as first priority.
    i would like to see your expert opinion about what is going around in psp scene. take your time and do update when your problem is solved

  33. ALLZACK says:

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    bet is the next in a week if you get the unlock PSP 3001 FW: 6.37, I go out on the street naked with psp in the neck and record a video and post on youtube and on my website.

    Thanks. Hugs from a friend I’m your fan from BRAZIL.

  34. Juju_the_ouf says:

    A minute Silence for the people who died because of the earthquake / tsunami.

  35. toBsucht says:

    Juju_the_ouf ..ok. does it help

    if i have travel there i wanna have a good walkietalkie and a appart to make some power for my electrics. Sure some medical food and securtiy equickment (waterproof-overal),etc.

    .. better get one(2) out than 1 in…. really scaring situation :(:(

  36. jerkoff says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL!!!!


  37. cv- says:

    wololo, quit what ever your doing, go back to japan and help your wife get out of there, because you and i both know those reactors will blow, and the fall out will be massive.

    • DBZo07 says:

      reactor have already blown!!

      • cv- says:

        the reactors have had failures leading to rapid expansions of hydrogen gas (explosions) the reactors haven’t yet gone through a full scale meltdown, when it does it will be noticible no doubt, they have about half a million tons of radioactive waste held in the fukushima plants….. i ve always wanted to visit japan, but i fear the time has come n gone

  38. mud says:

    I’m not gonna lie I’m really getting worried for Wololo and his family, what happened is no joke.

  39. Strider Hien says:

    all this is happening… and some italian politician still want to make nuclear plants! in italy where there’s danger of earthquakes!
    people will never learn about nuclear energy…

  40. Kaio says:

    Hi Wololo,

    I wish you and your family all the best to get through this misery!
    Take care.


  41. jotex says:

    hey WoloLo greetings from Chile,you know…. the earthquake 8.7 in the last year. I hope that your family and you be ok and go back to your country away from japan for the nuclear reactors.
    From Chile send to you a lot of force and hope.


  42. wololo says:

    Unfortunately my wife can’t easily move out of Tokyo for health reasons. I never thought I would announce it like this, but she’s 7 months pregnant and doctors have advised here to not move at all for the past 2 months. If it weren’t for this, I would have ordered her to move to France days ago.

    Pregnancy + Nuclear radiation, the best possible combination :(

  43. toBsucht says:

    … that´s heavy .. i think u/she know how to keep a littel save in such a kind of situation :(
    (big massive walls have a look the the wind put food and water in metal box,..) and leave this area soon if it is possibel. Get a baby is possibel everywhere if no compliction is likely. Good luck! :o)

  44. Dbzoo7 says:

    Hope god protect u and ur wife…n ur baby… I prayed for ur family..
    God bless ur family….

  45. Strider Hien says:

    that’s terrible…
    the happyness of having a child is completely gone i guess…
    i just hope the radiation won’t affect her or the baby…
    if i was religious i would be praying for you.
    i am wishing you best luck.

  46. xcanox says:

    I wish you the best of luck, Wololo.

  47. 0M9H4X says:

    oh god.
    why?… :'(
    best luck for you three.

  48. Shinny says:

    i was thinking if some1 still care abaut other ppl in japan…. i mean if it wasnt for hbl ppl not even mind about wololo… heck guys hes not something special relax…. hes fine and thank god but remember that in japan r more than one wololo that is important as for me im worrie about for Massasi Kishimoto and other mangaks in japan…. god bless them all…

  49. Strider Hien says:

    he is not special? a friend is someone special to you and i guess most of us consider wololo a friend.
    i know there are many other ppl who are actually suffering more (a lot more) than him but since this is wololo’s blog we are talking about him and his situation.

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