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I’m fine


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  1. Yosh says:

    Well excellent, but I don’t think Tokyo’s safe anymore to live in !
    The radioactive particles there certainly are a real poisoning threat, please be careful.

    • toBsucht says:

      exactly this is what the most people think right now. Maybe some think they are a littel saver if they use some equickment to keep clean. However, big respect to all who trying to help.
      What´s the maximum wight u can take with u if you fly?
      To do such a trip should give u a really worse feeling. Headsup we have survied!

      The only good thing about that is some nuclear power plant get closed and maybe some will never ever build!!

  2. mud says:

    F#$k xcanox in his face!
    No one deserves whats going on there!
    Poetic justice will be you getting thrown in a wood chipper.

    • xcanox says:

      First; I said “OR.” I never meant that it was poetic justice, unless told that it was.

      Second; lol u mad bro?

  3. ivanxx says:

    Oh well. The PSP scene had to die sooner or later.

  4. hello says:

    sorry because request you too much. yea you should put your family as first priority.
    i would like to see your expert opinion about what is going around in psp scene. take your time and do update when your problem is solved

  5. Xianten says:

    *** PSP man…. go take care of your family and be strong for your country. Good luck to you.

  6. ALLZACK says:

    Good morning my name is Pablo I am a fan of yours here from BRAZIL have a website hacker well known here allzack.com to hack a site about FPS games, most come here for another reason to propose a wager.
    bet is the next in a week if you get the unlock PSP 3001 FW: 6.37, I go out on the street naked with psp in the neck and record a video and post on youtube and on my website.

    Thanks. Hugs from a friend I’m your fan from BRAZIL.

  7. Juju_the_ouf says:

    A minute Silence for the people who died because of the earthquake / tsunami.

  8. toBsucht says:

    Juju_the_ouf ..ok. does it help

    if i have travel there i wanna have a good walkietalkie and a appart to make some power for my electrics. Sure some medical food and securtiy equickment (waterproof-overal),etc.

    .. better get one(2) out than 1 in…. really scaring situation :(:(

  9. jerkoff says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL!!!!


  10. cv- says:

    wololo, quit what ever your doing, go back to japan and help your wife get out of there, because you and i both know those reactors will blow, and the fall out will be massive.

    • DBZo07 says:

      reactor have already blown!!

      • cv- says:

        the reactors have had failures leading to rapid expansions of hydrogen gas (explosions) the reactors haven’t yet gone through a full scale meltdown, when it does it will be noticible no doubt, they have about half a million tons of radioactive waste held in the fukushima plants….. i ve always wanted to visit japan, but i fear the time has come n gone

  11. mud says:

    I’m not gonna lie I’m really getting worried for Wololo and his family, what happened is no joke.

  12. Strider Hien says:

    all this is happening… and some italian politician still want to make nuclear plants! in italy where there’s danger of earthquakes!
    people will never learn about nuclear energy…

  13. Kaio says:

    Hi Wololo,

    I wish you and your family all the best to get through this misery!
    Take care.


  14. jotex says:

    hey WoloLo greetings from Chile,you know…. the earthquake 8.7 in the last year. I hope that your family and you be ok and go back to your country away from japan for the nuclear reactors.
    From Chile send to you a lot of force and hope.


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