PSP3000′s price goes down to $129.99

Starting today, the official price of the PSP 3000 went down to 129.99$ in the US, which is a nice price cut if you still don’t have one. And you might want to install a Homebrew Enabler or a Light Custom Firmware on it, while you’re at it.

Sony also mentioned in the press release that the PSP now has almost 600 titles to play with, including some major hits such as Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines, LittleBigPlanet, or Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for 19.99$. (Note: as I type this, these 3 games are actually available for less than 15$ on Amazon)

This is probably a way for Sony to get rid of the last stocks of PSP before they start massive promotion of the upcoming NGP, but given the good game library of the PSP and the price, it sounds like a good deal to me (that, and the fact that most PSPs are hackable nowadays, there’s no fear of getting one that wouldn’t run homebrews)

Unlike the PSP Go, the PSP 3000 supports UMD games, which can be found for relatively cheap on the second-hand market. Despite being less portable than the PSPGo, the PSP3000 has many good points compared to its sister :)

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  1. MitMakis’s avatar

    Thats pretty cool for people who haven’t got one yet, what was its original price?


  2. Nakos’s avatar

    $179.99 USD


  3. Rustii’s avatar

    i know in Australia, they are like $189, so if the price drop comes over here it would be a nice little sum you save yourself… maybe a few titles there talking about(if you didnt just buy it to run homebrew’s)…


  4. Caio’s avatar

    Meanwhile… In a certain south-american country we have to pay the equivalent to U$650,00 for a PSP.


  5. Rustii’s avatar

    WOW,What the fuck???
    Send me that type of money i could send u a few psp’s…
    Offers Open…LOl..


  6. LUISDooMER’s avatar

    In Argentina my PSP-3001 cost me 890$ and my PSP GO! cost me 900$…


    1. DBZo07’s avatar

      You are a nut to pay such high..900$ man Retailer Fu**ed for pockets..

      u cud have purchased from ebay..


  7. Asyllum’s avatar

    nice i bought my psp 3k (04g) for 169.99$ USD. with assasins creed blodlines “beat it the first 2 days of play”.


  8. Asyllum’s avatar

    hopfully more people will have psp 3k and some1 might come up with a perminate cfw and keep the psp alive


  9. Spider-Monkey’s avatar

    Damn!, time to get a new one after the harsh usage of my psp(aka Monster Hunting) :D


  10. Raita’s avatar

    but the bad thing is its current ofw..what if the installed ofw cannot be downgraded.


  11. zulzahid’s avatar

    yeah,,i think the new one must be 6.37 ofw……….
    only homebrew can be play………


  12. mr-crazy’s avatar

    i am sure developers would update to 6.37 as they want homebrew not piracy


  13. haitechan’s avatar

    Nice, hope other countries adopt the new price, but is unlikely. My sister bought her PSP 2000 in 2008 for around $350 and I bought mine, a second-hand PSP 300, a year later for $175. Now, a new PSP 3000 is around that price but on retail stores, they still charge you around $300 but it comes with three games: Rachet and Clank, Daxter and some other I don’t remember. It’s even cheaper than a DSi but most kids here in Peru have that, not PSPs.


  14. toBsucht’s avatar

    in a few month the price is probably ~100 us $ for a new PSP 3000.
    I miss ir and bluetooth. PANDORA !!! And soon touchscreen my i buy a ..fx.
    ^u see still to expensive for some people^


  15. Wantspsp3k5.50downgrade’s avatar

    Lol if they wanted to get rid of them they’d release a new ofwq that allows homebrew to be run without hen.



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