Kingdom of War PSP By UnlimitedX (Genesis compo entry)


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15 Responses

  1. AE says:

    First comment who cares nice gamebtw

  2. lumosan says:

    its true ?? TN-D will be not released ?? 🙁

  3. Osumaniac says:

    yup, tn-d will not be released TT

  4. lauren says:

    if total noob will not release it then its almost done for the psp there will be no more support for the psp especially the nearing release of nintendo 3ds

  5. Rustii says:

    ok Tn-D wont be getting released…
    ITS NOT THE END OF THE PSP , there are still great Devs out there going great work…
    And maybe one day we will get Tn-D…but untill then enjoy this game..

    (I am still having problems, but one out of 100 arent bad)

  6. brdzoman says:

    wow i would love to play this but i don’t have wireless i use stupid ADSL

  7. Grassman says:

    Why the heck is it in French? I didn’t have time to check it out much earlier but what I saw was mostly French o3o

  8. Raita says:

    Im waiting for english version! and this must be awesome.

  9. Raita says:

    did someone had played it in PRO-B? because its not running for me..

  10. UnlimitedX says:

    I’ve released a new version of Kingdom of War PSP beta. (V8)

    If you want to try here the link :


    any question? :

  11. Mu1der says:

    I’m so glad I updated to PRO-B like 3 days ago!

  12. UnlimitedX says:

    The beta is closed, that’s why you can’t connect, you have to wait till the new version wich will be released soon.