CFW For Dummies: Install the best Custom Firmware for your needs

With the number of firmwares, PSP models, motherboards, and the speed at which devs come up with new tools, it is very difficult to keep up to date with what’s the best way to install a Custom Firmware on your PSP. Some people don’t even know if they can run a CFW on their PSP or not, or what solutions exist for them.

CFW For Dummies is my humble attempt at making an up to date guide on how to install a CFW or Homebrew solution on all existing PSP models. I tried to cover all existing “up to date” solutions. Like most similar guides, it needs improvement and fixes. Like most guides, it will become obsolete in a few weeks.

But right now it is up to date, and I’ll do my best to update it based on people’s comments and experiences :) And unlike most guides, it is designed in a way to lead you directly to the information you need, based on your psp hardware and firmware. It is not noob-proof yet, but that’s the ultimate goal.

So, if you have a PSP, and are lost as to which Custom Firmware can be installed and/or run on your machine, if you don’t clearly understand what a HEN, CFW, or Ta88v3 are, just follow the guide :)

  1. lauren’s avatar

    is there an update on tn hen d?


  2. Srrs’s avatar

    the guide is missing information about 9g being unable to downgrade in the “downgrade 6.35 to 6.20″ section.
    dummies owning 9g might reach the section, try o downgrade, and be confused as to why it does not let them, or what to do next.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Thanks, I will update this part of the guide


  3. CL’s avatar

    Thanks for this guide I’m sure it will come in handy especialy seeing as it is so up to date (for now). I was on 6.20 but recently downgraded from TN-HEN B to 5.00m33-6 using Hellcats Recovery Flasher. Worked flawlessly on my 100X and now my psp has far more compatability :)


  4. javier_ecf’s avatar

    You did not say what a custom firmware is, or explain the meaning of HEN.


  5. daddy’s avatar

    Nice guide but here are my opinion: 1st, you gave the choice of 6.2 TN-Hen. I think TN_hen is good but lack of CFW and dev support. Doesn’t matter how good is the HEN, a Hen is still a hen and it is useless without CFW. Prometheus and OID iso loader was shitty from begin with, and nothing else support TN-Hen for months. Even, TN switch gear and build CFW, his works still can’t compete against Davee or Chinese dev. So his Hen pretty much will be a dead end. I would recomment downgrade to 5.03 or upgrade to 6.35. With this speed, IMO, 6.35 will be the winner soon.


    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      i hope u brick your go or g9 if u downgrade to 5.03 :p!
      (pspidebt0.73 or ofw-test 01 to get the know how if downgrading is possibel). Prometheus and OID iso loader are working since the beginn of tn6.20a(b) but u aren´t abel to use it so this hen is useless for u [only 4 u :p]. Go anywhere else to set it on fire you are only a noob never total :p. So guys do not update to 6.3x till u know u can downgrade. btw nice tut i hope this stop useless requests (where should i place it? how to extract? what does it do? isoloader?..)


      1. daddy’s avatar

        toBsucht, you sound pissed when people give opinion, and that make you a noob, not me. Here is the fact, I have nothing against TN, actually I like his work, but the HEN is the HEN, it is not much useful to end user. It already fall behind and it will be left behind further in the future. Don’t pissed off at me. Pissed off at the devs not follow up with TN works. That is the fact. Get it noob.


      2. toBsucht’s avatar

        i´m only a littel “pissed” becouse you say TN-iso-loader was shitty from beginn and hen is useless without ctf. This reply confuse people. And no end for tn6.20 hen till toatl noob give use a upper version i prefer to stay with his. Sure you can use 6.35 hen. N p ¸


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