Sepulka (selective Plugin Loader) by C4TurD4Y (Genesis compo entry)


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11 Responses

  1. montu says:

    nice i think ill be using it with 3d plugins

  2. Willz says:

    Nice one, I think I’ll download it… compatible with 6.35 PRO-A4?

  3. patay_ako says:

    is this compatible with game categories?
    having problems with this
    its crashing some games

    • C4TurD4Y says:

      idk. tell me your fw and which games are being crashed by sepulka and i’ll add patch to my plugin.

      • toBsucht says:

        i think this could be very useful if “i” don´t update my plugins often but i do also i have a lot of dayly changes @ ms0. So this is really helpfull if i use a ms without big changes to play my fav. stuff with my fav. prx(driver). I´m sure i could be a very often used plugin in the future if PsP homebrew crew isn´t updating so fast anymore. btw if some problems to run it, i think it is becouse i have not done any configs. I see u update often, too. I hope your app will be getting easyer to use with one of the next upadtes. Good luck with the competion and your cute app.

        • toBsucht says:

          error: 1. it could be.. 2. btw i´ve (tn-c/3004)

        • C4TurD4Y says:

          I’m installing a lot of psp homebrew everyday too, and i think that sepulka is exactly for that emergencies. I wrote it because enabling many jit decrypters *** me off (I’ve got invizimals w/ psp450, which require m33_620 and motorstorm ae requires prometheus) or disabling it if i wanna play hb or older game. Now i can enable plugins and choose optimal cpu speed only for well-discovered apps and experiment with new ones.

          If u have any ideas how Sepulka can be more user friendly, share it on /talk.

  4. patay_ako says:

    i have games categories on
    and a “backup” of mhp3rd with english patch
    running on 5.00 m33-6
    a plugin is needed to work
    the only thing one my game.txt
    is your plugin.
    ms0:/seplugin/sepulka 1
    in sepulka.txt
    i have
    ms0:/seplugin/peagasus ms0:/iso/CAT_game/mhp3rd.iso
    did i do something wrong?

    i haven’t tried disabling game categories
    since if it won’t work with GC
    i won’t use it

    • C4TurD4Y says:

      Ekhm… it’ not caused by sepulka or gc. MHP3 requires 6.37 fw, patch it using newest prometheus modules or install prometheus addon (not recommended).

  5. patay_ako says:

    is there no edit?
    its ms0:/seplugins/sepulka.prx 1

  6. patay_ako says:

    i already have the game running
    since it requires the peagasus.prx to run
    and its the only game i have that requires it
    i was gonna use sepulka
    to load peagasus.prx only when running mhp3rd