Seplugins Manager by 5h4d0w (Genesis compo entry)


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20 Responses

  1. akai1987 says:

    What a nice work from those contestants.

  2. brick_master says:

    this is a useful homebrew…….

  3. Mega_Waca says:

    Is that “signed” ??

  4. DBZo07 says:

    keep it up!

  5. DBZo07 says:

    bt even without this app i cud add/remove plugins with psp write and psp filer..

  6. Zen says:

    Very nice piece of homebrew that way I don’t need to plug my computer in to disable plugins! Thumbs up!

  7. Asyllum says:

    i need help i run the app and get an error ” bad argument #1 to /lines/ (ms0:/seplugins/pops.txt: No such file or directory” i dont get it i dont even have a pops loader or anything on it?

  8. Asyllum says:

    i got it to work. the readme doesnt help at all it says you need three .txt thats it.

    to make it work u need to make a pop.txt and game.txt even tho u dont need them.also u need a vsh.txt but obviously u already have it or u will says whats a “seplugins”? and what is it for?

  9. Asyllum says:

    Seplugins Manager by 5h4d0w RATE= 9/10 🙂 very useful; i dont care if people say u could of used psp file manager “plz shut up this makes it easy for you if you want to edit just the plugins and not everything.” very good homebrew app recomended to any1 who uses plugins

  10. zidan says:

    hope this homebrew is signed but its a good for 6.20 and 6.35 user

  11. aceofspace says:

    They already have something like this called “pprefs”. I yhink this one doesn’t freeze though

    • aceofspace says:

      Its also not a homebrew. You just have to press Select to bring up the menu while in the XMB

    • toBsucht says:

      yes i use this to and i got the same problem to run the plugin manger may they don´t work at the same time. The reason why i use pprefs the nice homebutton function and i found a translated ver to german also it´s now translated to english and may some others. The other reason why use the homebrew and not a prx should be no question :E

  12. 5h4d0w says:

    Sorry about the problems people are having with the .txt files not being found. I should have been more clear on what three you needed instead of just being vague and saying there are three of them :P.

    Newer release (1.1) in original topic. Yes, 1.1 is newer than 1.2; I took the screenshots, and then I set the version # to 1.0 for release.

    Next version will only load the .txt files that exist, that way you don’t need to create them.

  13. fhyt says:

    See it here

  14. batheesha says:

    sorry for being a noob but there was no instruction so im kind of puzzled on how to install this please help thanks.

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