Localizer™ By Draan (Genesis compo entry)


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30 Responses

  1. sooormath says:

    i really don’t understand the instructions, can someone give me some translated in filipino?! thanks!

  2. pablos199 says:

    can somesone give me polish translate?

  3. zulzahid says:


    can u give instruction for using this……???????

  4. pablos199 says:

    @zulzahid this is normal plugin. Search for plugin solucions on the board.

  5. svenn says:

    very nice plugin, congratz & goodluck

  6. kafa1942 says:

    please a create plug-in to extend official mp3 player functionality …
    e.g. select all folders to play …

  7. equis says:

    This Homebrew sounds amazing!

  8. Zen says:

    Question: Can you translate a japanese text XMB to English with/without this?

  9. pablos199 says:

    Sure, you can translate to English.

  10. Irfan says:

    SO it supports hindi

  11. rockfan says:

    we can do it with CTF themes. but they dont work at TN-HEN and Pro hen lol 😀

    • toBsucht says:

      ? ctf theme work with tn6.20 or pro hen…. and the winner is wow …i do need it but wow! ^^ should i make my own lang.file so nobody can ready my xmb 🙂 🙂

  12. the baba says:

    THIS IS TOO CONFUSING tooo use???

  13. cure says:

    amazing psp stuff rising early in the genesis compo.

  14. jammy says:

    Hey I see your very popular on CSPSP 1.82

  15. jammy says:

    Man this is too cofusing. Im not going to use this.

  16. Jorge says:

    All Rights reserved….Really?…come on.

  17. Spider Monkey says:

    There’s 6800 languages!! Didn’t know that 😀

  18. Kagero says:

    DOES PS3 CFW 3.41 SUPPORTS OTHER OS like LINUX? please respond thanks

  19. Apple Pi says:

    PSP in BUSUU! Save BUSUU! A language on the verge of extinction.

  20. Kagero says:

    Does PS3 AMAZEBREAK 3.0 have downgrade capability? Mine is ofw 3.41 want it to downgrade to 3.15

  21. asyllum says:

    @kagero this is mainly a psp site not a ps3 site ” well im liening there were a thread when the ps3 keys came out but thats about it” try googling ps3 cfw im sure geohot got hacks for it but you have to wait “{Cuz im gettn sued by soNy}”

  22. minhjirachi says:

    I think eveybody want to install the custom theme which was on PSP Ghost Of Sparta or PSP Monster Hunter 3rd to their PSP (very special). But no HB can do that.

  23. KAGE033 says:

    cool but i hope someone can create a avi player for psp without changing the resolution to 480*272(I really Hope So)

  24. RV says:

    it Does not work on 5.03 Gen

  25. manobon says:

    Is there a PTF version of that beautiful CTF Flower theme? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be dynamic, but I’m okay with that.

    • toBsucht says:

      yeah i lke it to..
      btw i´ve done a just for fun translation it was not difficult and i writte with 2 finger and my english isn´t good. !hour and i got the main entrie translated. A lot of word are double or 3x. It is just for fun (music=mukke or lala, etc.) and ~50% is in english. Get it here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y1419G8O or @ submission.