Release: 6.35 Pro-A, a LCFW for 6.35 owners


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158 Responses

  1. reapersmist says:

    To scared to try 😛

  2. reapersmist says:

    BTW just seen this on psp hacks was gonna post here g/j wololo 😛

  3. Umi Zumi oooomi says:

    I’m afraid to try it out as I think I won’t be able to downgrade even though my PSP came with 6.00

  4. bmakk205 says:

    what models is this for?

  5. javier_ecf says:

    I used to be in 6.31, but now i am in 6.20 TN-C, but this is too awesome.

  6. Puterolo says:

    I preffer TN… I’m still waiting for the TN-HEN D and PS1 games!! 😀

  7. masterfu says:

    use the fast recovery to go back to the CFW immidiatly

  8. reapersmist says:

    ya i been getting usto the hen/hbl…. as in i dont have the cfw crave(as much as i usto) because i like the ability of not having the chance to brick. since the ability to sign eboots came along that has helped in me not wanting cfw… there are so many possibilitys with hbl, hen, psdisp, isotool, wth.. etc etc
    My psp is the happiest its ever been ty for your site and links
    wouldnt have come this far without ur site.
    (dont mean to bash psp-hacks but there video ad’s are annoying im on satt have “Fair access policy” lol love their site besides that :P)
    sorry soooooooo kinda off topic 😛

  9. Pe4kin says:

    YEEEEEEAA, my ISO – work!!(pacman_minis don’t working on 6.20 TN-C)
    CXMB plugin – no(VSH menu use VSH.txt???)
    Pspident 0.70 – no(Reboot psp).
    sorry for my bad eng.

    • toBsucht says:

      cxmb use a prx file u have to place her in ms0:/seplugins/cxmb.prx
      for go it is ef0:/seplugins/cxmb.prx 1 to enable it. Vsh.txt to the same floder and add the path. I´m not sure if u have to call it plugins with your fw. Or sometimes they say place cxmb.prx in ms0:/cxmb try both and disable other plugins (boot.txt, game.txt, pops.txt..) also u should have a “working” ctf theme (i used 3rd b party and organ u can find more in the forum).

      pspident 0.73? :)

      • Limker says:

        CXMB works on HEN i had tested myself, and so it is for the pspident 0.7, regarding the pacman mini, that i dont know, i havent play that iso, but im pretty sure it can be played…

  10. Icefrog says:

    if i go to a custom firmware i cant go back to official firmware?
    its my first chance to use a custom firmware on my psp that is native 6.35

    the homebrews that need kernel suport now will work using this lcfw?
    i wish to use openbor on my psp but dont know if it wil worth the risk

  11. chris says:

    is it signed ?? do you run 6.35pro-A updater every time you turn on, or 6.35pro ??

  12. slackerforlife says:

    yea, i just tested 6.35 Pro-A LCFW on my psp 2001 and would like to thank you guys for all your hard work, know Madden 2011 works and that all i wanted to play so thanks. know you just have to make it in to a CFW that never goes away after reboot with the PS1 support and i will install it on my psp-go.

    PS: VFlame and Coolbird can you guys start putting up some Tutorial on PSP

  13. prinnydood says:

    outstanding work liquidzigong and coldbird. this is much better than TN HEN. i was using total noob’s for a while, but i feel like this one is more “complete” in a sense. plus, we’re heading in a great direction. a cfw on a pspgo?! outstanding! i hope to see loads of pregress in the far future, for we can only do so much at the present.

  14. dmcybe says:

    It works for me I have psp-3001 4g

  15. evil_iori says:

    one question is this safe to use?
    i mean HBL is also called LCFW by others
    but is this as safe as it says?

  16. Kagero says:

    darn pretty fast, amazing well done coldbird and liquidzigong. thanks also to TN

  17. kidguru says:

    can someone have tested it with remote joy plugin?
    it works?

  18. join says:

    my psp is in native 6.20 and i just neither want to downgrade or upgrade so i am waiting tn-d
    anyway it is awesome to release 6.35 pro-a a CFW

  19. anonymous says:

    is this permanent guys??

    • Spider Monkey says:

      “Keep in mind that this is a LCFW, you will need to
      launch it again, everytime you reboot your console”-Wololo

  20. Nick says:

    Well dam i upgraded to 6.35 hoping to play DBZ: TT but i cant get it to work. Might have to downgrade again.

  21. Jorge says:

    It works grate..on my PSP 3001….now Castlevania the Dracula X Chronicles , Midway arcade treasures and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands are working fine.

    Thank’s Guys.

  22. AE says:

    Virtuous Flame is liquizigong???? im won’t be surprised if i found out that liquizigong is Total_Noob 😛 Or DA btw just tried this its awesome but i have a hackable 2000 so nueron’s is still better

  23. crackers says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no umds work it sucks i have to dump them btw fast recovery is if u brick it itll automaticly load in 6.35 pro-a im guessing dont use it or ur umds r as good as a paper weight

  24. Jason says:

    Did I do something wrong? I have a psp 3001, and I re-updated it to 6.35. Then I ran the signed 635 pro, and once I was running 6.35 pro I ran the 635 pro-a updater, and it said completed press x to reboot into 635 pro-a, so I did, but all it did was sit at a blank screen for a few seconds and then my psp turned off. It didn’t brick it though, because I can turn the system back on, and it boots back into the 6.35 ofw. I would really like to try out 635 pro-a, because I really liked the regular 635 pro.

    • Jason says:

      Well in my quest to find some more information, I ran across a post on the /talk forums, and found out the fast recovery is used if you completely turn off your psp. You run it while you are on the ofw, and it will boot right into the 635 pro-a lcfw… but I still can’t get pro-a to run on my system. It still just turns off the system after sitting at a blank screen for a while

  25. crackers says:

    *recovery lauch

  26. montu says:

    man its great it works on psp 3001 ta090 v2. i tested it ,just run hen first and then updater 6.35 pro A. Its better then 6.20 tn because u can load iso directly from xmb. can some one tell me how to use ctf themes with this pro A cfw

  27. realmofchaos says:

    I can confirm that this won’t brick a PSPGo, however I’m unable to get any ISO’s to run. CSO’s either.

  28. walalay says:

    what CFW can run DJMAXPORTABLE 3? because I tested TN-C, 6.35PRO, i dont know if 6.35PRO-A can run Djmax 3

  29. Alaude says:

    I will stay in 6.20TN-C because any day TN will release his TN-D with psx support!!!!

  30. lostjas says:

    heheheeh… i can run angry birds and theres no lag. soo happy.. all pigs will die. seriously why can i run angry birds with no lag on this but when i play it normally on ofw theres lots. all well no complaints. thanks devs for the hard work

  31. dwi5011 says:

    works fine on my psp 3000

  32. eduardo says:

    lol i laf with you all thanks to davee and TN im on 5.03 and lcfw all plugins isos ps1 games work try people use the tiff once then instal gen-c and after that if you turn yor psp off in the xmb menu when you turn the hen is still there if not just run 5.03 signed exploit and back to gen-c imediataly its the best hack for now and suports games that dont work on 6.20 or 6.35 hen that all i have to say to you all.

  33. eduardo says:

    ps i will upgrade but only when they made a lcfw like i have now on 5.03 and about 2weeks ago i was on 6.35 then try 6.20 tn-c and when i got courage i mad the downgrade for 5.03 and is the best for now i advise who can go to 5.03 to go is the best hen and thont pos that is not because i tried the 3 hens and this is the only one all games work and ps1 games work too

  34. lhei says:

    does anyone have tried this in PSP3004?

  35. lostjas says:

    hey i need some help guys
    after upgrading everything works great homebrews, isos, movies
    my eboots of psn games done work.
    “The game could not be started.
    i had a simliar problem with hen 6.20
    so i went back to 6.31. and it worked fine.
    im stumped
    anyway i was wondering if someone could help

    • lostjas says:

      don’t work**

    • Shinny says:

      the keys r deleted u need to activate it again or download it again or put it back on the pc then use media go to activate them…. i had the same problem whit metal gear solid)))

      • lostjas says:

        sadly it didnt work.
        i re downloaded from the psn network and everything.
        but all well. i’ll just go download the iso’s.
        thanks for the help tho.

        know how to get final fantasy ix to work? i cant find that download anywhere. well a working one anyway. i bought it but now i cant play.

  36. FCB_4_Ever_Nr.1 says:

    Awesome, I tried a game that didn’t run on 6.35 Pro (Darkstalkers cso). With 6.35 PRO-A it runs perfect.
    You guys are really amazing, thanks Virtuous Flame and thanks wololo for always keeping us up to date 😉

  37. Rodrigo says:

    It works great

  38. ZDDM says:

    F***! I downgraded my psp 6.35 to 6.20 today…

  39. Apo81 says:

    I have a psp-3004 with 6.20TN-C, Metal gear Acid is not working, Can you confirm that old games like Metal gear acid or Breath of fire 3 work with 6.35Pro-A? please help!

  40. bluesora98 says:

    6.35 Pro-A would be perfect if it can support plugins and PSX.

  41. xfat7i says:

    i had tried the 6.35pro A on my psp 3004 it just works fine i like it so much
    some isos didnot work with iso loaders with tn-c but this LCWF is the best
    i can say it willnot brick your psp

  42. brick_master says:

    I upgraded to 6.35PRO-A and 5 minutes later i downgraded back to TN-C(now i’m thing about upgrading again……………………………

  43. hacktester says:

    Even though I’ll stick with TN-C for now,I’m still not sure if I will remain on FW 6.20.I think I’ll wait to see which one comes first-TN D or 6.35 Pro B-then decide(since PSX Support is the only thing that I want at the moment),because I’ll always see the downgrading too risky no matter what are the circumstances.I just cant help it.

  44. vetaliq says:

    it’s for all PSPs or only on a firmwared PSPs?

  45. Apo81 says:

    I confirm now that old games such as Metal Gear Acid or Breath of fire 3 NOW ARE WORKING on 635PRO-A!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS I had 6.20TN-C which is also very good hen but I couldnt play some games, Now with 635PRP-A I CAN Thank you Wololo and Virtuous Flame!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Abhinav Tuli says:

    i start dbz ttt in this and after a while it comes that the game could be started please help (it works in prometheus iso loader)

  47. montu says:

    can some one please tell me how to run ctf themes and install in 6.35 pro A. It was first running on 6.35 hen . Please help

  48. Enigma says:

    Well it’s too bad that you have to reboot everytime,and TN-D is coming soon, so i’ll just stay on TN-C. Also, i’m writing this from my PSP Go, Lol.

  49. David says:

    I saw a USB device selection on the PRO-A VSH menu. Does this mean we are able to dump umds onto the memory stick/PC now?

  50. Evil Professeur says:

    Crashes my psp go. I run the 6.35 pro, then run the update and after press x for the second time and down it goes.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  51. Pereira says:

    Why can´t I run the plugins i had on 6.35 PRO (CXMB, PSP HUD…)?

    • donelwero says:

      I think you have to change your plugins to the “seplugins” directory instead of “plugins”.

      That means just change the plugins folder name to seplugins. And inside game.txt and vsh.txt change every line that says “plugins” to “seplugins”.

  52. Molina says:

    It work’s like a charm! Now I can play some games that doesn’t worked before. Thanks a lot 😉

  53. cute says:

    i think tn 6.20 is better
    looks like tn D 6.20 have xmb bootable support
    any one with me as tn 6.20 staying user???

  54. donelwero says:

    Yeah, maybe it’s a plugin problem. Try disabling every plugin and run the update again.

    Or you can try formating your memory card.

  55. yothp2p says:

    Does it work on new PSP 09g model ?

    I mean this new 09g always sucks. (incompatible with Davee downgrader, incompatible with isotool 1.960)

  56. Evil Professeur says:

    I have no plugins enabled, still nothing. it constantly crashes

  57. Dragos Bejan says:

    i’ve tried it on a psp-3004, it loads, but doesn’t run any iso/cso at all; how can i uninstall it from the flash?

  58. Platini says:

    Which one has better compability with games? TN-C or 6.35 Pro-A LCFW????

  59. TORA says:

    I was able to play PSX games on my PSP Go with this (6.35 PRO-A), though the games i tested were actually purchased on PSN by me. I haven’t tested any pirated PSX games though, someone should give it a try, it just might work.

  60. psp_lover says:

    liquidzigong and other devs rocks..

  61. Platini says:

    just cahnged fron TN C to 6.35 PRO A CFW……games i couldn`t `play on TN C now works great on 6.35 PRO A…..LIQUIDZIGONG THANKS…WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE!!

    • Molina says:

      After I patched to 6.35 Pro-A I haven’t found any game that do not worked. Everything is working fine, even those games that did not work on my 6.35 HEN. I found just one problem with Castlevania Dracula X where my iso was compacted with .cso. When I tried to play the original games, they just freezed making the PSP to restart. I decided to unpack the .CSO files to .ISO and this addressed the problem and the original games started to worke perfectly.

  62. Pereira says:

    What is the 6.35 Fast Recovery? I can´t install it!

    • Molina says:

      It is just a fast “shortcut” to avoid having to patch the OFW again. After a PSP restart just start the Fast Recovery and your PSP will be ready again to play your backup isos.

  63. PSP3001 says:

    Wow Thanks.

    I think It need MS Speed function.

  64. biosym says:

    hi, i have a psp 3010By, i buy in december, for this reason i ask first.
    For my model of psp its possible install the 6.35pro-A without none risk??
    This hen 6.35pro-A touch the flash??
    This process it safe for my model of psp or it for model 1000 and 2000??
    Sorry for my bad english!!

  65. Pereira says:

    I can´t use the cxmb in the 6.35 pro -A. Why?

  66. spider-monkey says:

    every backup i have gets the error”The game could not be started(8002013E)” Now what im doing wrong 😛

    • Juan says:

      I got the 8002014E error, when I try to run the backups with an UMD inside the PSP. After removing the UMD from the psp I have to run the backup several times before the error stops (to avoid rebooting the psp). I don’t Know if it is the same case.

      • Spider Monkey says:

        Oops its 8002014E too. I press 3 instead of 4 😛 I don’t want to remove my monster hunter unite UMD but if that’s fixed it then I’ll try it 😀 I really like this 6.35 PRO-A since I could go to PSN and still buy staff. PSNLover give some *** errors when I try to download something off the PSN. And yes, I still buy digital games off the PSN but use backup instead because they’re smaller 😀

  67. The Situation says:

    So to run the ISOs/CSOs from the xmb do we have to drag them into the game folder? If not can someone tell me where they go please.

    • lostjas says:

      in an ISO folder on the root drive.
      i left mine from where prometheus wanted them and tehy work. so i guess it works there

  68. Wesley says:

    So here’s what I’ve found so far.

    1) This broke about half my PSN purchased games. Not only did the flash0 write break the games when inside the HEN, it actually permanently broke the games even when not running HEN (in 6.35 OFW.) No amount of deauthirze/reauthorize or redownloading from PSN seems to fix it.
    2) ISO’s load just fine from System Storage on the Go, but hang at a black screen when the ISO is on the Go’s memory stick.
    3) System sleep and restore is flaky in 6.35 PRO-A when inside games. System sleep still works OK if you load 6.35 PRO non-A.

  69. wat u ma call it says:

    will this work for any psp slim? thx

  70. wat u ma call it says:

    in fw 6.35

  71. MarkMG says:

    Hi, i had never posted, i wanna give feedback on my use, i hope Wololo or any person related to VF can communicate this. Before i go into details i just wanna say this LCFW is Awesome!, the feature to load iso from the menu is really neat and the extended VHS menu is really cool.

    Now the feedback and suggestions: I own a PSP-Slim (2010), as i said the use of the LCFW is really nice but there is one particular thing that needs to be checked. First is the UMD properties regarding the use of ISO’s and CSO’s. I just can’t load any Iso or Cso game with a UMD in the drive, i get an error or the PSP crashes. My guess is that the program is still trying to load the data from the UMD drive instead of the card, this is easily noticed if you listen how the drive lens moves and i even “Home-Exited” the game before it crashed, which resulted in an instantaneos load of the UMD game (not going back to the XMB). I am no noob in the usage and installation of this utilities so its very unlikely that its my mistake, but if anyone has a clue that i’m missing anything please let me know.

    Last, i got one suggestion, and its that i hope VF can add his screenshot feature from the LiteVHS to this VSH menu, i know you can even load both VHS menus but that sucks a lot and seems to make them conflict xD.

    Other than that i think this is awesome, it would be nice if you guys could edit the post of this file and add some more info for other users, things like, that the Hen635-Pro (not the LCFW but the regular HEN) isnt needed anymore after the LCFW is installed, and the installer isnt either, you just need to put the Fast Recovery to load the LCFW if you reboot. That should make the information more clear and avoid ppl asking a hundred times about this.

    Thanks to VF for making this possible and Wololo for having this great site, i hope the info is of any use and can be delivered to the corresponding people. MarkMG.

    • sony can kiss my ass says:

      the reason for booting the 6.35 pro first is cus we can’t sign homebrew to have kernel access. and about the umd thing. my psp have that too. and a other thing they may improve: when you drive an iso and put the psp to standby the umd laser tries to move but when it is at the end you hear ticking sound. and that can’t be good for the umd drive. i can fix this by putting a umd it the drive after booting a game but that is a pretty big pain in the a**

      • MarkMG says:

        Quote from my comment: “Other than that i think this is awesome, it would be nice if you guys could edit the post of this file and add some more info for other users, things like, that the Hen635-Pro (not the LCFW but the regular HEN) isnt needed anymore after the LCFW is installed, and the installer isnt either, you just need to put the Fast Recovery to load the LCFW if you reboot. That should make the information more clear and avoid ppl asking a hundred times about this.”

        Oh dont get me wrong, this part is meant for Wololo, to edit his post and add some more info about the details of usage of the LCFW, in no ways i mean that the HEN PRO non-A is removed as a requirement to load the LCFW, it IS indeed needed to load the installer the first time, but what i meant is that after install then its no longer needed.

        Indeed hope they solve the UMD drive issues it is not only annoying, but as you point, who knows if it could end up damaging the drive. Thanks anyway Wololo for the post and VF and others for the great development.

  72. masterfu says:

    guys, VF said that you need to DELETE the seplugin folder if you have one, this will make it run fine

  73. Spider Monkey says:

    I went back to 5.03m33-6. I really love this TCFW because of the PSN access(full access; download DLC and buy stuff). I’m gonna wait for PRO-B and I might consider updating again 😀

  74. Evil Professeur says:

    One problem: paused ISOs cannot be restarted.

  75. wat u ma call it says:

    how do u reboot your psp?

  76. wat u ma call it says:

    where do i put the sateliite folder?

  77. sony can kiss my ass says:

    just for the guys who don’t know where to put the satelite folder: YOU DON’T NEED IT!!! it says src_satelite where src means source. it is just (a part?) of the cfw before it was made to an eboot. so just f*ck the satelite folder. put the 635proupdate folder in the psp/game folder on the memory stick and enjoy the lcfw :)

  78. sony can kiss my ass says:

    just for the guys who don’t know where to put the satelite folder: YOU DON’T NEED IT!!! it says src_satelite where src means source. it is just (a part?) of the cfw before it was made to an eboot. so just f*ck the satelite folder. put the 635proupdate folder in the psp/game folder on the memory stick and enjoy the lcfw 😉

  79. PhoeNiX09 says:

    Games which had not started,
    work now (sorry for my english i am German)
    ps Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 1 = Perfect work now!

  80. juan321 says:

    for the moment i will stay on the total_noob’s hen

  81. wat u ma call it says:

    hey i press x and it said game is corrpt or couldnt run

  82. wat u ma call it says:

    wat does LCFW mean, i know cfw is custom firm wire, wats the L stand for?

  83. PhoeNiX09 says:

    the L stands for light version
    It is not a full CFW! Is Temporary

  84. wat u ma call it says:


  85. wat u ma call it says:

    how do i run hen 6.35

  86. wat u ma call it says:

    man i am such a noob i am kinda new but i catch on quickly

  87. Tony says:

    The CFW works on psp go i tested it no brick and runs my games driectly from the xmb perfectly but i couldnt install plugins so thats pretty much it

  88. Spider Monkey says:

    So basically you need to remove your UMD disc in order to make your back up to work 😀

  89. Tony says:

    ya because it’ll read the umd instead your back up ill already checked for 3000 works but take out umd before loading a back up anc switch your driver to m33 hoped that helped

  90. Xenom says:

    guys where do i put my ISOs so it could show up directly in the XMB??

  91. NameTaken says:

    how do you uninstall please help

  92. tony says:

    to unistall just reset and after that just downgrade but when u shut it off it will go back to offical firmware to install iso or cso created folder name ISO in the directory after that put your back up games in the iso folder(must be a cso or iso) you must have hen or custom firmware!

  93. ShonnyG112 says:

    Hey guys/gals 1st timer her. I ran this on my PSPGO and it works great. So far I’ve placed the games on the GO’s internal storage and they all load up. The only game that doesn’t work is valkyrie profile lenneth(dunno why). What I want to know is before I go out and buy an M2 storage card, when I put the games on there will the CFW look there for the games as well?

  94. Tony says:

    i shouldnt the lcwf is acually on the system so if you have sytem storage and m2 card it should load just fine if any problems just say on the blog and ill try to help you out ok

  95. Tony says:

    6.35 PRO-A1 released still works on all psp models:

    * [!] fix order of ISO
    * [!] fix large memory support, and now we can unlock the memory 55M
    * [!] cannot run after the fix into the UMD ISO
    * [!] fix USB Device can only be enabled once
    * [+] Merge HEN and installation procedures can be directly installed in the OFW
    * [+] Add Tekken and Soul Calibur patch
    * [+] Add key D9161AF0
    * [+] Add in the RESET VSH VSH MENU

    eatures (via translated readme.txt)

    * Support all types of PSP, which PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-GO is strictly tested
    * Support the unlock 52MB of memory, has reached the level of the times 5xx
    * The NP9660 has a built-in and March33 ISO driver to support more games
    * XMB ISO has indicated support for ISO & CSO
    * Has nodrm engine, support for direct reading of the DLC and the decrypted EDATA / PGD file
    * With VSH MENU, you can view or change system settings, etc.
    * Redesigned NID Resolver, support more home-made software, including CMFr21c
    * Has a variety of patches, such as brightness and video resolution four other patches
    * Support version.txt, put it in ms0: / seplugins / version.txt to take effect

  96. MarkMG says:

    Indeed i just tested the LCFW-A1 in my psp slim 2010 and it seems to fix the UMD issue from LCFW-A, now you can run iso or cso with a UMD in the drive without crashing ^^!!! Hooray!!!. Thanks VF for the update ;D.

  97. jpsjason says:

    Wow, just ran a1 on my psp, and it fixed my biggest problem I was having. Now I run my umd games again, and don’t have to remove them to run my isos!

  98. Xenom says:

    guys how do u put the plugins?? is it seplugins or plugins?

  99. longdechuanren says:


  100. longdechuanren says:


  101. arealn00b says:

    Hi everyone and Wololo.
    I am currently using 6.20 TN-C, and I love it. Is there any reason for me to try the 6.35 CFW? I can run .iso files very easily using prometheus iso loader, and I do not find it to be much of a hassle as opposed to launching them straight from the xmb. I have absolutely no problem staying on 6.20, as I have for the past 9 months or so, and I’d rather not mess with any downgraders or flashing if I don’t have to. Maybe I’m just not understanding the difference between a LCFW and a HEN, they seem pretty similar to me. What is the difference?

    Oh yeah, a big fat thank you to Wololo, Total N00B, Vflame, Neur0n, and anybody else who is working on hacking the psp. You guys all rock.

  102. hey guys do they try to unpack an original update firmware then put some files of cfw so we can have permanent cfw??? i just wonder?

  103. Tony says:

    well no because that cfw is specailly only made for that ofw

  104. juan321 says:

    why on the 6.35 pro A-2 the memory had been downed from 55mb to 51??

  105. asyllum says:

    my opinon on 6.35 lcfw is that it is up there with total noob but total noobs hen is very well programed and if you have iso tool you can make a short cut in the xmb so you can run iso from home screen (xmb)

  106. IFERRARI says:

    6.35 pro-A2 released

  107. Aaron says:

    Well, I downloaded the 6.35 Pro-A2 but it doesnt have PSX support yet =S
    I’m now waiting, I dont care who releases the PSX support first (TN or VFlame) I just wanna play the Tony Hawk Saga!

  108. lhei says:

    can someone give me link for OFW 6.35. i want to upgrade my 6.20 tn hen c to 6.35pro a-2.. tnx in advance

  109. MarkMG says:

    Just to let you guys know that gpSP kai 3.2 stopped working on LCFW 635 PRO-A2, no idea why but it did, at least for me, running PSP-2010 slim.

    The program runs, lets me move around menus and all, but when i load a rom or the BIOS it shows the loading bar, which doesnt move at all cause the PSP crashed, holds for some seconds on that screen, then shuts down.

    Had to change to gpSP 0.9 (signed), which works fine both in OFW and in A2. Hope this info is of any use :).

    • MarkMG says:

      PS. BTW to recover my saved data i restarted the PSP and ran HEN 635 Pro (not A) and it ran gpSP kai 3.2 flawless again as nothing, so the fault seems indeed to be in A2 (and not that my hb got corrupted or anything).

  110. ShonnyG112 says:

    This might sound like a stupid question as I’m new to all this but can you go play games online with any of these 6.35pro, a , a1 or a2 firmwares?

    • Spider Monkey says:

      Since PSN is fully functional with PRO-A, In theory online gaming is possible(with the game that requires a PSN account like Phantasy Star 2 or Ace Combat Joint Assault). I didn’t try myself yet though.

  111. Tony says:

    oh on phantasy star portable 2 and other online gamin works perfectly and doesn’t lag as much

  112. sero33 says:

    i think i deleted something i shouldnt have. right after i installed it i could launch all my ISOs from the XMB. then i deleted the 6.35 Pro-A icon form the game list, thinking i didnt need it anymore, anyways now the games wont appear on the XMB, still have to launch prometheus.

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