PSP Genesis competition: Would you like to win 3200$?


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  1. Nikos0067 says:

    I wanna win cause I have to buy a new laptop!
    The one I have right now sucks.. xD

  2. sav says:

    Wicked prize.

    I’m not a developer, but i am waiting at the edge of my seat for how the competition will play out.

  3. says:

    “100$ for the members’ vote on /talk, A PSP Go for the members vote on” waaaaaaa!!!!!

  4. cmbeke says:

    time to start coding 😀

  5. npt says:

    Yes, it is quite a large number. But, since this is intended to get people coding with a “masterpiece” in their mind, as, by simply winning this I imagine it could mean a lot of different things to different people. : )

    2k11 PSP Homebrew!



  6. Jorge says:

    I don’t think some body got a chance to win if TN whit his HEN is on this competition
    or Liquidzigong’s whit his Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-A……so every body else be prepare to have the 3r Price….or less.
    and Games …good Games ..come out of this competition…..I don’t think so…..not for 3200$.
    The cost of a 3D program like 3ds max to make a character is 4000$..and plus programing etc.

    • wololo says:

      You’re not in the judges’ head, so you don’t know if a CFW would win the competition. I for one have a major preference for games over a CFW/Hen. You don’t even know if liquidzigong or TN will submit their entries, and you don’t even know if they will be accepted (most CFWs are derived from Dark Alex’s work, so we might argue that developers of such work need his authoriation to submit their work to the contest. We might also argue that a new version might not be “new” enough to be accepted)

      I don’t know where you got this 4000$ value…probably from a company who’s taking lots of money for the work done by a designer who will receive 10% of the money…

      This contest is not to “pay” for somebody’s work, but to reward quality work. If you think an independent developer is not capable of producing good games for 0$, you should have a look at the appstore and some of the existing psp homebrews :). The prizes are just additional motivation, not a cause.

      Finally, the second and 3rd prizes of this contest offer more than the first prizes of most homebrew contests I’ve seen so far 🙂

  7. Andrew says:

    Oh man, gotta pull out all stops for this competition, but will 3 months be enough, I wonder.

  8. Lampworker says:

    Speaking of being in the judge’s heads, you can read the topic ‘Meet the judges’ here:

    A thread to get to know a little more about the people involved in the judging. See that they are all unique people, with tastes and ideas just as diverse as the scene itself. 😉

  9. LOSTAROT says:

    wow… I’m going to download every entry and vote.. nice.. There’s still no good snes emulator out there. Adhoc for NESTER J.

  10. lane says:

    damn this is huge. i wont compete in any way however. i have enough *** as it is. besides, i have a psp hacked and thats all i need

  11. StefanoB says:

    wololo would be possible to insert a GSM module in the slot Memory Stik Duo by turning PSP into a phone? Maybe even put Android .. Transforming psp-go in Sony Ericsson Xperia Xplay .. it would be possible or just a dream?

    • jailbust says:

      No, that would require some illegal hacking there. I was an IT developer for phones for 4 years. I helped design Android Froyo, and the basic outline and compatibility modules of Android 3.0. You would require: GSM module, SIM card adapter, An antenna of some sort, A transmitter, and satellite communications. You would need to hack and open a backdoor in the satellite network of a phone company, and rewrite some code to recognize your modified SIM card, and to make it see the GSM module as a phone. Expensive stuff and illegal. Then you would need some hardcore OFW/CFW hacking and some Kick-*** coding capabilities to get the PSP to actually recognize the GSM module, meaning porting some Phone code over to psp code, and then making it think that it is supposed to be there. Or just make some SICK kernel homebrew. Too hard mate, not possible. Just buy the Xperia Play.

      • jailbust says:

        AND, I am going to be in this contest if I can refresh my coding skills. I need to figure out the Ad-Hoc and possible infrastructure stuff. Look out for JailBust!!!

        • LOSTAROT says:

          haha nice… adhoc for some emulators.. but they wont give you credit I guess cause I think your not allowed to just modify others’ code… sad.

    • toBsucht says:

      @StefanoB to use your psp as a wlan phone is possibel with a hb. To insert a GSM module in the slot Memory Stik Duo; i can say it is possibel to change the slot to a multi cardreading port or if u a good to a (limited)usb port.. to use the psp org.usb-port for a GSM module should be much easyer.
      I think this would be a dream 4 most of the psp user!!! 🙁

  12. HAHA says:


  13. Wololoys says:

    Make a Super Street Fighter 4 for PSP and ill donate 1000$!

  14. Shinny says:

    wordlessssss)))) cant w8t to see the winees homebrew))))

  15. kolomootro says:

    can somone make fallout 3 for psp?

  16. kolomootro says:

    or a better youtubing homebrew

  17. asmith906 says:

    if i can learn how to hand code and build a website in a week. I can learn how to code for the psp. Now anybody got any links on where i can start.

  18. sandesh says:

    I hope many people will participate in this.
    more ppl= more ideas= more homebrews! 😀

  19. Fei says:

    Sounds great. I hope to get surprised by some awesome HB’s. *sigh* I wish someone would make a GBA emulator with Ad-Hoc…

  20. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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