Announcing the PSP Genesis competition 2011


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  1. maziah miranda

    hey guys i just downgraded my psp from 6.35 to 6.20 tn hen and i was wondering why we cant downgrade any more lower say to 5.50,5.03?
    do the newer psps restrict such things? somebody plz answer my question
    so maybe angel of darkness is right?

    • brick_master

      the newer psp motherboards(4g) doesn’t support lower firmwares like 5.50,5.03 thats the reason some psp 3k models can’t go any lower……..

      • maziah miranda

        thnx man,but my psps a 3004 and when i use psp module checker it says 3g and theres a videos on youtube where some guy downgrades to 5.03.

  2. williand

    i was just wondering if there is a good plugin for psp 3000 running on tn c hen that would allow me to make a save data on the xmb and then continue on it later if i wanted to like the hib block.prx

  3. ReaperX

    so basically this is the last year the PSP Scene will be alive and no more New Homebrews or Hacks in 2012?

  4. Spider Monkey

    Somehow I felt that the psp scene died out when Davee downgrader was release. Maybe its just me 😀

  5. Wolola

    The NGP and 3DS as the PSP, NDS and all others consoles, will be hacked, in much or minor time but they will be hacked.

    The permanent CFW for PSP3k,Go, and 2k it isn’t impossible, the only reason of at the moment they can’t get it, is because anybody discover the method, let’s think, if sony make a CFW, isn’t it would be permanent? Once anybody discover how do it, then, we have a PCFW on ours PSP, let’s time run…


      makes a lot of sense… sony can update your CFW and its permanent, why not the CFW.. I guess its all about coding and thats not impossible to do. Who would have thought the signing codes for PS3 can be hacked.