Announcing the PSP Genesis competition 2011


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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83 Responses

  1. maziah miranda says:

    hey wololo does that mean youre going to stop developing for the psp after this?.will you move on to the ngp? will they still be psp hackers? aplologies for all the stuid questions

  2. mud says:

    So does this mean no more PSP OFW updates?

    Hey with GeoHots homebrew hack for the PS3 released weeks ago, do you have any plains of porting Wagic To the PS3?


    • james1552 says:

      I agree

      The homebrew scene sucks for PS3 :(

      Though the hack was released only like a few weeks ago, and before that, no one was interested in what CFW’s did exist for PS3.

  3. andrewb23 says:

    this is great, psp scene has never been more alive!!!!

  4. halo says:

    exactly we re couting on you for the ngp….
    if its worth to be hacked XDD
    and thanks to you for making me happy playing psp. for giving me iformation about the new things going on in the scene, tank you for hbl … my first hack on my psp and thank you for being wololo :3
    but i have a question. i am playing with the thougt to make an siple homebrew for my psp … (my programming skills are really bad but a simple programm i can make XD). in which programming language do i have to do it ? and do i need some kind of linux emulators ??
    omg sooo many letters combined with bad english… shame on my english teachers XD
    Liebe grüße ;P

  5. shien says:

    wowowowowowow no!
    before saying good bye to the psp by the last homebrew competition 1 thing is still waited: the tn-hen D allowing pops.

  6. areilly111 says:

    beast this is going to be so fun and cool

  7. JuNyA8971 says:

    Awesome to hear there is a BIG competition going happen! Wow, is all I can say! Wish I was a programmer or coder, I would definitely enter! Good luck to all entering and looking forward to it!

  8. akai1987 says:

    I hope someone will develop a Visual Boy Advance for PSP1. If a Nintendo DS emulator is made, the better. The best part is, the prizes will go to the deserving winners.

  9. This is great!

    I’d love to manage a project in this compo, it’s what I’m good at including brewing-up ideas. But I have no skills in programming. I’m definitely keeping an eye on this to see where some programmers are going and maybe help out some of the teams/coders.

    I don’t even care about the prize, I just want to build an epic piece of homebrew. ^_^

  10. MitMakis says:

    Aw. Im no developer unfortunately. Oh well.

  11. olegv11 says:

    You’re talking as if PSP is already half-dead. I’m sure that there’ll be the same thing like it was with PS2 and PS3 (I mean the majority will stay with PSP for, maybem 2 or 3 years and buy NGP only then. Hell, I still didn’t play all PS2 games that I wanted to!) And I’m sure that “NGP will have no gaems, only movies”.

  12. EvilClown007 says:

    That’s great news! Good luck to all the developers.

  13. eagle says:

    @olegv11 ps3 games can be ported to psp ngp so yeah.

  14. Andrew says:

    finally, an excuse to dig up my half-dead project and complete it :P

  15. Dallox says:

    I might join with phase or a Amnesia clone. lol

  16. shadowhunter says:

    the last thing im waiting for the psp is a tubeplayer for ofw but not even in great era of the psp occur so im crossing my fingers for at least they do this before stopping the development of the psp

  17. sandesh says:

    You guys SAVED the psp scene. THANK YOU!

  18. joejoejoe says:

    It would be awesome if the day before the NGP came out, a CFW was released for all PSP’s
    End with a bang :D

  19. asyllum says:

    will tn-? hen keep on updating or is psp= RIP for good? i hope all Devs dont transfer to the npg psp2.

  20. ololow says:

    I want all entries to be released and tested by us! yey that will be cool!

  21. fishy says:

    Calling this the Genesis competition may be confusing as people might think it is about the Sega Genesis. Sorry to be a Debbie downer. Actually, I’m quite excited for this. I wonder if there’s any good “training wheels” dev-kits out there :D

  22. w7y7a7t7t says:

    @wololo since your a judge, can i assume you won’t be participating?

    • wololo says:

      We agreed of some rules with the other judges, basically if any of us participates, it will be made under a different nickname so that other judges don’t get influenced, but this is just something we discussed quickly and this rule is still not finalized.

      That being said, I have no homebrew project for now, so I have no current plan to participate.

  23. aceofspace says:

    Oh snap. I guess everyone should start buying that BIG sized memorystick because, all the homwbrews for the contest are gonna be BIG. @Wololo, what do you mean by “We will prove that 2011 is the year the PSP scene was reborn.” Do you think the PSP3000 and PSPGo will also have the Permanent CFW unlocked?

  24. Asyllum says:

    @aceofspace i hope so, a Permanent CFW for 6.20+ on 3k and go models would be BAEST! with the <——- A missplaced

    @Wololo what are your plans after this competition? are you going to move on to psp2?

  25. asmith906 says:

    anybody heard anything about tn-d got the urge to play legend of dragoon on my psp go.

  26. angel of darkness says:

    does my permanent cfw for 3000s and 2000 (unhackable) count as homebrew

    • Nickolas says:

      The “permanent CFW for 3000 and Go PSP Models (or the unhackable 2000)” has been discused like 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000
      times! It isn’t possible!! Please stop spreading fake rumors.

  27. angel of darkness says:

    cuz if it does im going to realese it but im not sure if it does count as hombrew cuz its a reconstructed version of ofw @wololo help!!!!!!

    • aceofspace says:

      LMFAO!! You a damn lie!! YOU actually found the code to unlock PERMANENT CFW for the PSP3000 and Go models?!?!?! Don’t make me laugh as you already did. XD XD XD

  28. alucard67 says:

    I’m definitely participating in this one. It’s about time I dust off the psp and get reacquainted with OSLib and Visual Studio 2010 via psplink. I made a Zelda like clone just last year but I’m ready to start fresh. Anything suggested in the rules yet that homebrew needs to be signed?

  29. Alaude says:

    I hope when psp2 has been released, devs(hackers) of psp will still make more project and dont just let psp die.

  30. angel of darkness says:

    im goin to dnt worry….as long as im alive the psp will not be dead

  31. bluesora98 says:

    I dont think the PSP1 is gonna die just yet. I’m still hoping for 6.20 TN-D

  32. naginalf says:

    If sony upholds their comment at the playstation meeting, regarding the playstation android suite and that it may have PSP games, we should start seeing even more people writing for it. If they offer PSP games over it, my first cell phone will be the Xperia play. And if they don’t, well they’re just stupid (oh wait, it’s sony, so I don’t really have great expectations).

  33. angel of darkness says:

    @Nickolas ur fckn stupid 1st of all i already made it
    2nd of all i was going to have wololo realese it but we had some issues
    3rd of all u dnt know wat ur talking about an ur probably just a 10 year old script kiddie or ur not a programer so shut up about stuff u dnt understand
    an fyi they talked about 6.20 hen 100000000000000000000000000 times an how it wasnt possible well now what do we have???
    i did make it im going to enter it in the compo an then ur going to appoligies so pleez dnt say shit about stuff u dont understand……..leave the grown up stuff to grown ups

    p.s shut the fck up

    • Nickolas says:

      Grow up and use metaphores…. The HEN was possible even before TN-HEN was released (5.03 HEN rings a bell?) but a Full CFW is not possible on 3000 2000(newest) or Go because of the Pre-IPL checking Sony installed on the newest motherboards. And of course I am a developer for god’s sake!

  34. npt says:

    I must say I am very excited to see such interest in the compo! This is going to be a heck of a lot of fun!


  35. maziah miranda says:

    most uselful psp homebrews yet to be developed(my dream list)
    !) a fully functional n64 emulator
    2)a fully functional nintendo ds emulator
    3) a bluetooth file transfering/linking program for the psp go
    4)a signed cfw for the psp 3004s and gos (permanent if possible)
    5)an app that uses the psp camera for motion detecting(im just kidding)
    soo developers out there if youre reading this plzz tell me if anyone of the above is possible.saying that i wish wololo and all psp 3004 owners and devs a happy homebrew blast 2011
    r.i.p. psp1

  36. joejoejoe says:

    Angel of darkness is totally bull shitting everyone he’s lying, he has no proof, and it’s impossible, so before you start freaking out, give us proof

    • maziah miranda says:

      hey guys i just downgraded my psp from 6.35 to 6.20 tn hen and i was wondering why we cant downgrade any more lower say to 5.50,5.03?
      do the newer psps restrict such things? somebody plz answer my question
      so maybe angel of darkness is right?

      • brick_master says:

        the newer psp motherboards(4g) doesn’t support lower firmwares like 5.50,5.03 thats the reason some psp 3k models can’t go any lower……..

        • maziah miranda says:

          thnx man,but my psps a 3004 and when i use psp module checker it says 3g and theres a videos on youtube where some guy downgrades to 5.03.

  37. kill.bug36 says:

    I need a homebrew that gets me a girlfriend ;D

  38. totushi says:

    i wanna help out the community with GUI stuff, so if your a homebrew developer drop me a line XD

  39. hdkuk says:

    how ’bout a working gps program with usa maps.. that works with psp-290

  40. frank says:

    sucks for psp
    nobodys hacking ps2
    so nobodys gonna hack psp
    once the ngp comes
    it sucks

    • clockdryve says:

      Well the NGP can’t be “hacked” till they find an exploit. I’m sure there will be plenty of YEARS where the PSP will get attention because of that. And Sony will continue to put out games for it…maybe not all that “good” but something new anyway. After Games have been out for awhile on NGP (stupid name) I’m sure Sony will down convert them for PSP (suck all the money they can)…..

  41. williand says:

    i was just wondering if there is a good plugin for psp 3000 running on tn c hen that would allow me to make a save data on the xmb and then continue on it later if i wanted to like the hib block.prx

  42. ReaperX says:

    so basically this is the last year the PSP Scene will be alive and no more New Homebrews or Hacks in 2012?

  43. Spider Monkey says:

    Somehow I felt that the psp scene died out when Davee downgrader was release. Maybe its just me :D

  44. Wolola says:

    The NGP and 3DS as the PSP, NDS and all others consoles, will be hacked, in much or minor time but they will be hacked.

    The permanent CFW for PSP3k,Go, and 2k it isn’t impossible, the only reason of at the moment they can’t get it, is because anybody discover the method, let’s think, if sony make a CFW, isn’t it would be permanent? Once anybody discover how do it, then, we have a PCFW on ours PSP, let’s time run…

    • LOSTAROT says:

      makes a lot of sense… sony can update your CFW and its permanent, why not the CFW.. I guess its all about coding and thats not impossible to do. Who would have thought the signing codes for PS3 can be hacked.

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