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You can see the 3DS with your own eyes (if you live in Tokyo…)


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  1. Sam says:

    First comment!!

    • xxx says:

      @wololo i wonder if there is some sort of prize for this type of first comments ? …. If there is than its alright otherwise comment to the poster “Wish you could have better use of the first comments………”

  2. Ccorbos says:

    second comment wohooo

  3. Ryuichi says:

    Third comment!!

  4. Caio says:


    On topic: It’s Riiiiidge Raaaaaacer!

  5. Great noob says:

    I don’t see anything existing in this only the 3d screen which you will find it cool for the first 15 minutes then it will be like the other screen ( from my experience in 3d cinemas) and always nintendo devices have alot of bad games such as Mario,sonic,and dogs games that I don’t like at all (and it’s rare for it to get some good games like metal gear solid)
    So I prefer a NGP which have cool games like uncharted ,metal gear solid 4 and have some cool features like a big screen and analogs and lots of cool features. That is my opinion you may like it or not, some people like Mario and this things so they better get a 3ds.

    • Krozoa says:

      dude i know some of you are Sony fans but you cant tell Mario games bad, I know that Sega has fu***d Sonic and Nintendogs is not bad is a great game, but is for the casual, but not for that is a bad game.

  6. Grewolf says:

    How lucky this japanese are, and off course some French guy 🙂 But I prefer samurai swords 😆

  7. akai1987 says:

    When I work in Japan, someday I gonna have this one.

  8. xxx says:

    “I’d love my T-rex to play with my wife’s poodle”

    Thats the best part of the story ha ha

  9. Life in Osaka isn’t that bad either! 😛

    But alas, I’m not talking about where I presently live..

  10. Spider Monkey says:

    Imagine playing Monster Hunter in 3D…epic 😀

  11. paul_kaiser says:

    @ wololo, your right man you got me, i really do wish i live in tokyo with all those cool gadgets available. have you seen the actual 3D effect of the 3DS? if so, how well would you rank it from a scale of 1 to 10? just to have an idea if i would order one since it will take months for that device to be sold in our country.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, I tried it. As long as you are at the correct distance, I must admit the effect is quite impressive (unlike what I said for the Sharp Galapagos…either the technology is not the same – unlike I was told – or I was at the wrong distance from the screen when I tested the Galapagos).
      There are still issues that only long term usage can test: How long can one play before having their eyes bleeding? honestly, the entire Avatar movie was kinda painful on my eyes…
      Can you actually play always at the same distance? Moving a few centimeters makes the effect look not so great (at first when I tested the 3DS I was like “meh”, then I moved back a few centimeters, and I was like “ah, awesome!”)
      How useful will the 3D actually be? sounds cool, but it’s only a gadget…unless Nintendo has some contract with 3D movie makers… ?

  12. MNX says:

    Aw looks fun,

  13. ffdgh says:

    ….gah i realllllly want 3ds. darn freaking march release date >_<

  14. Abdullah says:


    I know that this is off topic but i have an idea about liquidzigong signing kernel stuff. The PSP 3000 has a PRE-IPL which only lets signed IPL onto the PSP 2000v3, PSP 3000 and PSP GO. But if liquidzigong signed the custom IPL applied to permenant CFW (e.g. 5.50 GEN-D3) wouldn’t the unhackable PSPs get a permenant CFW. Would this work? Please reply back.

  15. cv- says:

    ahhh im jealous! is 3D effect pretty cool?

  16. miku!!! says:

    Aright wololo, tell us: How’s the 3D? Is it really good or is it all hype?

  17. Txui says:

    Meh. The current PSP already has 3D, and this is only a slight step ahead of it in terms of power. The NGP………………….well, it’s something else!!

  18. Rudi Voller says:

    Boo! NGP owns this.

  19. xoombie says:

    this is just hype….same games,same *** in somewhat 3d images…now ngp is something different.better hardware,games and a powerful beast.

  20. sandesh says:

    @ wololo, seems to me that yo+u are more and more interested on the 3ds than ngp. haha, you will probably end up buying the 3ds. 😀

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