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Sony’s Restraining Order against Geohot granted


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  1. javier_ecf says:

    Long live to Free Software!

  2. cv- says:

    is geohotz a us citizen? i mean if he isnt and its legal where he is then this whole proceeding is pointless isnt it?

  3. Jorge says:

    Mistake #1 of the Hacker……….Going public.

  4. asmith906 says:

    it is legal for you to modify your property ie something you own example the ps3 hardware. it is not legal for you to modify the software os which is something sony owns you are just basically renting it. what i take problem is if your beloved mr. geohotz had such good intentions for the console why couldnt he release something similar to hbl to only allow homebrew and not piracy. seeing as how is is supposed to be opposed to software piracy. Why dont these people ever try to stop the things that give homebrew a bad name like cheating in online. I have a ps3 and I refuse to hack it as I dont see any compelling reason yet. So far all i see is a few emulators and most of the attention has been put on backup managers. Also if you managed to scratch a bluray you really need to learn how to take care of your discs. Also people who complain about it being too much trouble to change need to be punched in the face if you are that lazy you need to be working out and not playing games. That arguments works for portable because you have to carry games around but no way in heck does it work for home consoles.

    • wololo says:

      Just regarding one specific point: Geohot actually took extra care to not allow piracy in his work, quoted from one of his recent interviews on TV.

    • Lorz says:

      Firstly your notions of piracy are based completely on what the media industry wants you to believe…. I won’t even bother to correct you on them since you seem to be so firmly brainwashed, simply noting that I do not agree.

      Secondly the work MR GeoHot released only enables signing of USER MODE applications, User mode does not lend itself well to what you consider “piracy”, you can’t simply sign an illigally copied eboot and have it work, it doesn’t work that way, Kernal access is required for that….. so whether by accident or by design, “piracy” is a near impossibility with this particular piece of work unless combined with other exploits many of which have been patched in later firmwares.

    • clockdryve says:

      @asmith906, I quit listening to you after I read this “I have a ps3 and I refuse to hack it as I dont see any compelling reason yet”. So although not YET…but you WILL when you see something you LIKE. You Sir are a HYPOCRITE and that’s all that matters….everything else you said is MUD. So shut up and sit back and ENJOY the ride….on someone else’s dime 🙂

      • asmith906 says:

        I said i was against piracy not against homebrew. for example i would love to fun xbmc on the ps3. but since i’ve subscribed to ps plus for the year (which is actually pretty awesome) and i already own i dont see a reason to risk getting banned. seems like when i like for what you can do with with a hacked ps3 80 percent of what i see is people asking for a backuip manager

  5. kill.bug.3.6. says:

    A developer is someone who hacks n sells
    A hacker is someone who hacks, gives stuff out free,n stays anonymous
    A hacker who gets caught is … well, hotz

  6. asmith906 says:

    no actually not. if you go and but a copy of photoshop you are actually just buying a license to use that software. you don”t actually own photoshop.

    • wololo says:

      This of course depends on the license of the software.

      The current problem is that Sony is locking their hardware to their software, giving you no choice to install open source software on your PS3.

      On a computer you have the choice to install something else than photoshop (such as paint dot net) if you don’t like Adobe’s policy.

      • Lorz says:

        Yep….. on a PC you even have the option of installing FREE alternatives to photoshop.

        This is why none of the “next gen” portables interest me, I like to decide what I run, I don’t like the idea of Sony or Nintendo or Apple deciding it for me.

        The question I ask is this…. if they have figured out a way to squeeze PS3 guts into such a small package as the NGP……. why can’t someone figure out how to squeeze mid-end PC guts into a comparably sized package? I know about UMPCs, but those are usually extremly underpowered extremly overpriced, and don’t run most games….. not to mention pretty bulky.

        How crazy would it be to be able to play an MMO on a handheld?

  7. Shinny says:

    hackers r going public???

  8. blahblah says:

    I dont think hackers have to go public for them to get sc***.
    For example wololo’s ip address traced from this website can be used to catch him 😛
    Although I dont think wololo has one anything illegal though 🙂

  9. bluesora98 says:

    It really makes me wonder what Mr.Hotz found out….

  10. Roxxas says:

    i think the way to backuploader is the good one way because if one bluray break or dont wants to load you have the backup just like in the my psp i hated when my umd broke it was the umd of gta liberty city stories and there is no way to fix so the best is a backuploader sure some people will use this to backup the games of others but it is the life…

  11. ololow says:

    We all know Hacking the security is illegal. Just make sure its not in public.

  12. Strangelove says:

    It’s true what you say about DRM. No one with an actual clue thinks it will effectively stop piracy, it slows it down, but that’s it.

    But there is another very good reason WHY media publishers cling to DRM and that’s the control it gives them. It allows them to *** around and dictate their customers as they want. Long gone are the days when you as a customer would simply get the same product from a competitor, your consumer power has been taken from you.

    Want to enjoy a certain movie? Well too bad, the company who owns the IP decided it would only be released in Asia and work on Asian movie players, and so you can’t have it!

    Found a movie that costs halt the price in your neighbor country? Too bad you can’t play the import on you player! You have to pay extra just because you can.

    What would you say if someone told you that your new BMW car could only be driven in the city you live in and that you’d need to buy another model of BMW if you were planning to drive somewhere else? Of course the very same car wouldn’t work on anything but BMW-fuel either, sold by exactly one store and at twice the price. If you tried the competitors fuel it would ruin your car. That’s the car analogy…

    BTW. A temporary restraining order is pretty usual. It doesn’t mean anything other than SCE can argument that the actions in question can harm them greatly. It doesn’t mean the actions were wrong.

    Anyways I hope geohotz gets a good lawyer. Many lawyers are dumb as s**t when it comes to technological issues. As proved by the famous DeCSS case many years ago.

  13. xxx says:

    Sony wants to control each and every aspect of their business model that is beyond peoples imagination. They are trying and i hope in future they will still be trying to mimic the success of Walkman.

    Its a flaw in business model as at every console launch sony tries to subsidies the price of the hardware in the hope that they will recover in software sales. Its ridiculous to see to protect there software they can go to any length. They can’t provide the useful software for there console side by side does not allow others to develop. What the heck are we living in dark ages? curse sony with powerful hardware yet ugly or non useful softwares … long live sony

  14. apple pie says:

    How about Sony fix the PSP before you make the PSP2? You still can’t youtube on the PSP without hacking it…. Seriously, Sony is just being a *** or what? I want to know exactly why there is no official youtube support.

    • Lorz says:

      My guess is that Sony doesn’t care about the PSP or it’s customers, and this has been the case for a couple years at least……. kinda like the way they launched the GO and abandoned GO owners immediatly after launch, updating psn store at a snails pace and providing no means for playing some UMD titles

  15. Enigma says:

    Yes, It’s True, Wololo. He went on G4’s Attack of The Show, and stated that piracy was not going to be supported on his hack. Which makes even less sense that Sony is still going after this. Stupid Sony. They’ll end up losing millions.

  16. lane says:

    Anyone else think this is *** ridiculous ***?

  17. james1552 says:

    Emulators are still piracy, if you are using it to run roms or games you do not own!!!

    It’s still stealing, and I’m sick of people think that “it’s old therefor it’s not stealing”.

    Running a ROM of something like Super Mario World on PS3 IS PIRACY. Period!

    Did Hotz prevent this? NO! He only prevented modern piracy of PS3 backups. Which is good for him but for people to be like “i hate piracy but love emulators” you are the biggest hypocrites ever.

    When talking about iso support for things like psp and ps3, those get you banned from forums or sites like these, but emulation help or support is fully granted. Thats piracy, and you are supporting it, weather you like it or not, and you are a hypocrite to say otherwise.



    • wololo says:

      From a legal point of view you are right. But the factor here is money, and accessibility of the product. I believe 90% of the money made by a game happens in its first year. What happens 10 years later is a much different problem.

      There’s also a moral difference, when you play a game that is not made available on the platform legally. This is the case for most emulators (you can’t buy Super Mario on the ps3 even if you want to), or for Kingdom Hearts on the PSPGo, for example.

      Yes it’s piracy, yes legally you are infringing copyrights by playing a counterfeit, but it’s not like you could buy the game legally anyways…

      • james1552 says:

        True, but it’s the principle. We give pirates a bad rep, when in a sense we all pirate. It’s really ignorant to judge others for what you’re doing yourself, not matter what the situation may be. Old School Emulators may not hurt companies as much but it’s still illegal, no matter how much you sugarcoat it.

        And yes SNES, NES and a lot of other classic games are still being released on things such as Xbox Live Arcade, and Wii Virtual Console, and all the countless remakes and ports. Even though not all are available, pirating games like Super Mario Brother All Stars HURTS Nintendo right now.

        People like Nintendo and Square still care. Remember the awesome Chrono Trigger 3D fan made game, that they shut down due to the port to DS being released? Or the countless rom hacks to the original game that were also shut down thanks to these companies.

        They still care because it takes money away from what is available. In their eyes you want Super Mario Bros? Buy a Wii and use VC or buy the All Stars remake. Want Kingdom Hearts? Don’t buy a PSP without a UMD slot. They don’t care.

        I just don’t like the idea of a pirate who is copying an item from already exists and sharing it being called a thief. We copy data from our UMDs to create ISO’s for ourselves, it’s copying, you are just being selfish with the said data.

        Let’s take a look at store like Gamestop, where you buy used games. Companies get NO money for used games, Gamestop does. Because when someone walks in and trades in a game for store credit, the store takes the ownership right, and sells it cheaper than new games to get other people to buy it instead. When someone does, Gamestop gets all the money from that game. It’s sorta like pirating except tons of people could have owned the exact same disc at one point and took it back, meaning Gamestop could have gotten way more money out of that one disc than Sony or Nintendo or anyone would. It’s just like pirating except someone here is actually making a profit.

        Again, I just don’t like how pirates have an extremely bad rep and a lot of the people here will complain about them when they themselves are pirates as well. We are all quick to judge, and ignorant to the fact that we all are pirates. Blame me for maybe being a little naive to it all…

        • clockdryve says:

          @james1552, you are exactly right…… BUT 😉

        • aceofspace says:

          I understand your conflict, but I see nothing wrong with it. If it was so bad, Sony or the law would’ve shutdown the sites that supports it. Seems that noone cares due to pirating on sites going on for years. Not only are we pirating games, but movies also. Come on now, think about it…….The world going crazy just for a game ran by numbers??

        • ¶???? says:

          I understand your conflict, but I see nothing wrong with it. If it was so bad, Sony or the law would’ve shutdown the sites that supports it. Seems that noone cares due to pirating on sites going on for years. Not only are we pirating games, but movies also. Come on now, think about it…….The world going crazy just for a game ran by numbers??

    • Lorz says:

      If the game in question is no longer in distribution then it is not stealing, and if it is, I would sure like to know who the victim of this “crime” is

      And any company trying to make a profit on a 10 year old game…. they are the ones who are stealing


      • james1552 says:

        Thats the point!

        Pirating isn’t stealing.

        It’s sharing. You didn’t steal anything, you made a copy of ISO, UMD, Rom, whatever your case may be.

        The crime would be you copied data from someone you weren’t supposed to.

        Silly, isn’t it?

        • DarkLion says:

          no, pirating is stealing
          you take Data that is not your own and simply use it which you’re not allowt to, that is stealing
          useing the word “sharing” is just sugarcoating it

          • wololo says:

            Duplicating and Stealing are not the same.
            Pirating is counterfeit, not stealing.
            Those are two very different types of crimes from a legal point of view.

            you should go back to your books before correcting others 🙂

          • clockdryve says:

            He’s correct here…if I write a BOOK and you copy it and distribute it for free or cost…you have CHEATED me (stolen my intelectual property) *or changed it’s FORM to allow distributation (changed to pdf or something)….Just because you “changed” the FORM of the DATA (UMD to 1’s and 0’s) ISO’s or “Book to pdf” doesn’t mean you didn’t steal from me. Okay…..then maybe I should say “you stole from me less”. Right ?? But I’m not saying Mr. GeoHot did any of this. In fact….to give away the INFORMATION on HOW to do this is FREDOM of SPEECH!! There are plenty of places online and in books telling you HOW to do something that “someone” will consider is wrong or illegal. Sony will lose. But they have lots of money to lose. Sucks that a “person” has to fight that big money….and they chose this man 🙁 But what he gave away was NOTHING but information….he didn’t even attach anything to it that would actually do ANYTHING correct??

        • Lorz says:

          Been a Computer geek since the 80s…. sharing software was just something everyone did, nobody viewed it as “wrong”……. and we sure as heck weren’t viewed as “pirates”…… there were true pirates, but those were the people bootlegging movies and other things selling them to unwarry tourists looking for a “deal” and making a profit from it.

          FAst forward to the late 90s, some lame *** rock star gets a hair up his *** because he isn’t able to afford a 15th stretch limo to complete his garage….. he’s angry, he’s looking for someone to blame, someone to point the finger at, it NEVER occurs to him that his music just sucks and no one wants to buy it anymore.

          In his angered rage he spys with his little eye a couple of geeks with a clever filesharing program called Napster, OMG they are exchanging his lame music for FREE, Never does it enter his mind that his music is now gracing the public domain because it is no longer worth paying for to listen to, never the thought that there might be an individual in this crowd that just might buy his cd after hearing a couple songs.

          In all of his anger he summons forth all of the wind from his lungs and with a beastly shout, the word “NEEEEERRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSS” can be heard echoing through all of time and space.
          With his target now clear to him, he sets out on a mission to destroy these unworthy “nerds” in what ever way he possibly can…… having enough money to throw around he is able to sway his friends and the courts.
          the RIAA is soon born, Napster is soon shutdown…. harmless geeks everywhere are suddenly instant criminals, and the term “piracy” is perverted to include and publicly demonize these otherwise law abiding individuals.

          Fast forward to 2011, the persecution of Nerds everywhere(or as they are now known… “pirates”) has spread even further, to the point that it’s nerd against nerd, pointing the finger at one another, trying to befriend this lame *** rock star so they can be “cool” as they view him to be, they have forgotten what they are, where they came from and what they do….. they await the ancient prophecy of a nerd from long lost years to return and unite them as one….. “One nerd to rule them all” to rise up and do battle against this whiny self ritious long forgotten rock star and all of his corrupted minions “One nerd to seal his fate”.

    • Txui says:

      Er..what? I plunked down hard cash for Pokemon Emerald and Tekken Advance, which are the only games I have on my gpSP on PSP and I’ll be damned if I have to pay for the games AGAIN. Yay for emulators and SCREEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW Sony.

  18. Enigma says:

    James is right. Emulators are still pirating. The difference is that people think that just because it’s old, it’s not stealing.

    Wololo also has a good point. What Gamestop on Earth has a copy of ”Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on the SNES? That’d be almost literally impossible to find.

    • asmith906 says:

      also think of it this way nintendo doesn’t care if you pirate nes because they have already made money on it. if you pirate a game that just came out they dont get any money off it therefore it’s worse. even though technically they are both wrong.

      oranges to apples

  19. shadyblue9o9 says:

    so is geohot going to go to jail? or be sued for money that he doesnt have? a whole company suing one person…. this is sad… we should all donate to geohot so that he will have the 1 billion dollars that sony sues him for… :D!
    or maybe the death penalty?

  20. Rodin says:

    Wow. While Sony is dragging geohot about in a case they can’t win, about 20 others have released CFWs that DO allow back-up managers, unlike geohot’s version. What’s the point, Sony? Your console is STILL going to be hacked, the keys are still out there, and if you think you’re making geohot lose money on this case, you’re wrong. There are 1000’s of activist lawyers who are ready to take up his case for free. And he can easily counter-sue, because Sony is purposely ignoring the precedent set in the iPhone jailbreak case to terrorise an innocent citizen.

  21. Txui says:

    Using emulators isn’t necessarily piracy. Neither is homebrew. Downloading copies of games you don’t own is. The tools for piracy are legal, but piracy itself isn’t. If Sony can prove that geohot downloaded a free copy of a game he didn’t pay for, then they have a case.

    • Lorz says:

      You’re forgetting this is the era of big brother nanny.

      If you make a spoon and sell it to someone and that someone decides to sharpen that spoon and go on a killing spree.

      Instead of going after him, they’re gonna be coming after YOU, the person who sold him said spoon!

  22. clockdryve says:

    That’s why I use my hands…I don’t want anyone else getting in trouble, so I just choke the *** out of them 😉

  23. clockdryve says:

    Now I was just playing in that above statement…no need for anyone showing up on my steps in the morning 🙂 might cause me to take out my Winchester…then Mrs Winchester will need to “build another room”. Stupid world 🙂

  24. DarkLion says:

    you’re right, Duplicating and Stealing are not the same
    BUT, Pirating is not simply Duplicating

    if you legally have Data and you duplicate it, then that is totally alright
    but Piracy means taking Data which is not legally yours and that is stealing, even if you got it from a person who legally owns that Data
    (if he would give you the original you wolud have no trouble, in that case he wold be stealing, but it still is stealing)

  25. Joel says:

    When you buy a game you buy only a license to play the game. All the code that was used is copyrighted and so you cannot copy the data even though you own the disc.

  26. Cercata says:

    hilarious !!!! Loved it !!!

  27. sony can kiss my ass says:

    well i just download games to be able to play them at all…. try to find Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow i my country. well i tried to find it. i did go to almost every store i can reach and never found it. well, *** you if you don’t want to sell it then you just don’t. i will found other ways to get it.

  28. spork says:

    In the U.S. marijuana is illegal. Taking a seed from a plant and growing your own plant is illegal. Is it also illegal to take a picture from said plant and carry it around in your wallet illegal?

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